The Gingerfoxxx

Who am i?

                                                                  The Gingerfoxxx.

Just a girl with red hair really.

Therefore i am FABULOUS!
I started blogging a few years ago, because, lets face it - there are not enough fabulous ginger role models in the world.  ( I AM TALKING TO YOU, LINDSAY LOHAN!)
                                                                     *head smack*

I like running, i LOVE eating, I live for celebrity gossip, and i would DIE without frequent opportunities for elaborate costumes.
                                                           eat your heart out, lady gaga

I have a masters degree in industrial design (and obviously an affinity towards bad life choices)  and am currently working in Chicago as a homeless person packaging designer.  I love to cook, and four months out of year i get a bunch of biodynamic veggies from a CSA farm share (we call those the healthy months.)  When i am not cooking elaborate organic vegetarian dishes, i am eating candy.  I LOVE CANDY.  I eat super healthy MOST of the time, but i can never say no to three things - french fries, non chocolate candies, and tequila.  (helluva 3 things, right?)  When i am not running or eating (which seems so rare these days)  I am obsessing over zombies, getttin my read on for the awesome book club i am a part of, or being a lady and pounding beers while watching football with the "ladies football league"

I'm not a runner.  In high school, I think i was one of the only people who COULDN'T COMPLETE THE MILE.  Any one remember that?  Needless to say, athletic abilities is not exactly an area i excel at.  On multiple occasions, i have tried to open a door only to smack into it face first because my weak little arms couldn't open it.  Sweating gives me the heebie jeebies.  So how does the most out of shape girl in the world end up with a blog about running? (and eating, and gossip, and being a ginger)  Because anything is possible.  Just because you can't run a mile doesn't mean you can't run a marathon.  I will prove this. (eventually...)

I started running in grad school as a way to socially interact with others, and regain an understanding of reality (if you have been in grad school, you will understand that you start to lose your god damn mind.)  I was really sad and lonely, missed my friends in chicago, and my dad had just died.  A couple of teachers in the art dept started running a few miles once a week, and one day i just asked to go with them.  And i sucked.  Like, sucked so, so hard.  They were super nice about it, and just kept encouraging me, so i stuck with it.  And here i am!  

Needless to say, i am quite boring, and i question your taste for even reading this right now.  But hey, thats on YOU.....


  1. I never ran a mile in high school either! In fact, I think I was about 27 the first time I ran a full mile! (I also started running in grad school, while I was also working full time!!!)

    I love your blog, and I'm jealous to see the Dublin Marathon on your upcoming races list! I had registered for the Rock N Roll Dublin Half this year, but they ended up canceling it.

    I just subscribed to your blog so I can follow your adventures!

  2. Never ran a mile in high school, nope. In fact, until I did the C25K (which I started last August and completed in November, with a month break in the middle) I'm sure I never ran an entire mile in my whole life. This includes grade school when they used to make us run once around the playground. I was the scrawny little blond girl in the corner crying and struggling to breathe. Needless to say, I didn't stay scrawny.

    I absolutely love your blog :)

    1. Congrats on finishing C25K! Thats a HUGE accomplishment! I keep trying to trick my family into doing it, with no success. I felt really good passing my old high school during my first marathon - considering i failed the mile test, haha :)