Monday, April 29, 2013

My fifth marathon.

Friday night, Matt, Waffles and I packed up the old versa an headed up to central Wisconsin.  I had wanted to write a blog post about my "taper week"  but you really don't taper when you don't train for a marathon.  I had the worst week ever last week, that reached its low point Thursday afternoon as i sat crying in the bathroom work.  Way to show you are the only girl in the office, right?  Anyway, by the time Friday evening came, i was so grateful for two days to get away from everything that i would have run any amount of miles just for the chance to escape.

So we made the 4 hour trek to Wautoma.  I ate in the car (totes the best way to prepare for a marathon) and as we got closer, the roads just got more and more rural.  I had booked us a room in the Super 8 motel which was both dog friendly and about a mile from the start/finish.  Matt kept teasing me, because apparently he thinks he is above staying at the super 8, but it was seriously the best decision ever.  There were SO nice.  We got in around 10:30, and the lady had even printed a little map for so we would know how to get to the race in the morning.  
Coach waffles with a last minute pep talk.
The other cool thing about Super 8 is they have continental breakfast every day starting at 5:30.  I had brought my own clif bar, because i eat one before every marathon, but it was nice to have coffee that wasn't instant.  When i was making my second coffee trip, a girl approached me to ask me which race i was running.  Apparently it was her first marathon, and she was trying to find someone to buddy up with to help her finish.  Her goal was around 5 hours.  I said that i had low expectations because i had skipped most of my training, but that i was pretty sure i could get her there! So, i told her i would meet her at the start line.  There were only 72 runners, so it was pretty easy to find her.

We got there early so i could get my race number (which took all of 90 seconds, so i don't know why i was worried) The t-shirt was long-sleeved (which i actually prefer!) and we got a cute water bottle, and the bag was one of those nice drawstring ones.  They had fruit and bagels for everyone, even the spectators, which was really nice!
pre-race dancing
While we were waiting for it to start, another girl approached me to ask me about my top.  She eventually said she was just making an excuse to find out how fast i run, because i looked like competition.  LOL!  I told her my seriously runner look was all a rouse, and she had nothing to worry about. But, i kind of consider this a BQ in looking awesome.  So yay, me.
Actually, a good chunk of my outfit was new, as in never worn before.  New shoes, bra, and shorts.  Hows that for living on the edge?

They said a prayer for Boston before the start of the race, and we were off!

I won't bore you with the mile by mile break down, but i will say this.  I was so focused on making sure Bethany had a good first marathon experience that i never had my normal "marathon breakdown"  There were no tears, no sitting down on a curb, no vowing to never run a marathon again.  I felt strong the entire time.  Thats not to say it was easy.  It was a hilly course - nonstop rolling hills.  Oh, and i didn't train to run a marathon.  My feet were killing me by mile 12 (it could have been that i was wearing new shoes too?  who knows)  But, despite the difficulty, worrying about someone else took my mind off everything.  I told stories, i made up little songs (like the "f*** you mile 22" song).  I know the last 6 miles were really hard for her.  They are hard for everyone, but i think they are especially hard during your first marathon.  We took frequent walk breaks, i did my best to keep us on pace.  It got a little warm (70!) and sunny.  The police were nice enough to drive along the course to bring us all bottles of water (aid stations were about 3 miles apart, so i was grateful for the extra water in the sun!) We finally hit the home stretch, and i just started yelling at her to run as fast as she could.  Then i started yelling at everyone else that this was her first marathon, and people seemed to get that, and just started cheering and yelling, and i was behind her just screaming "FIRST TIME MARATHONER RIGHT HERE"  in hindsight, the poor girl probably wanted to trip me.  But i will never forget the suck level of my first marathon finish, and everyone should have people cheering for them, even if its 10 people.  And those 10 people ROCKED.  I got her across the finish line in 5 hours and 1 minute.  I was a minute off, but hey - it was my first time pacing someone (and the course was long).  I think she was pleased anyway.  

The aftermath:  I don't want people to think that not training for a marathon is all sunshine and roses.  I am lucky to even finish the race.  My pinky toenail split right down the middle, and i have a sharp pain in my lower back that will not go away.  So, I am not sure if there is a market right now for the "Gingerfoxxx training plan: drink your way to a marathon finish"  But then again, maybe people would be on board with that....I also have the most brutal sunburn i have had in YEARS.  I put on sunblock, but i didn't expect it to be quite so warm and sunny, so i had just put it on around my arm warmers.  I took the arm-warmers off at mile 5 and my arms FRIED in the sun.  I can barely type this actually.  A rookie sauce mistake i will NOT make again.  But seriously, i CAN'T WAIT to run another marathon.  Only i will train this time!

The rest of the weekend:  Since i ran a conservative race, i didn't feel like i was dying the way i normally do.  Matt and i decided to go bar hopping in Wautoma!
When in Wisconsin, you have lots of cheese and beer.  It is known.
We also took Waffles out for a nice hike on some Wisconsin trails, since she was so well behaved at the race.
The next day, we took the long way home so that we could stop by the super remote cemetary my Dad is buried at.  I try and make it once a year, and i usually leave random things there - it's so fried green tomatoes.
Is it morbid to take photos at cemetary?  I always do...
Hopefully he like the race medal.  I thought it was cool!  We took our time on the way back, and hit up some farmers markets, and just cruised through country roads enjoying the scenery and fresh air.  I think the whole weekend did us ALL some good.
She likes the view on my shoulders....
So, in short Jailbreak was a great race.  The course is constant rolling hills, so its a little hard on the legs and feet.  There were 72 runners total for the full marathon, so it will be lonely.  If you need crowds, it might not be for you.  If you like trees, wild turkeys, and amish children waiving at you from a horse drawn cart, then this is totally for you.  I would like to run it again, especially because how fun Wautoma was.  I would run a marathon just as an excuse to visit!!

Countdown to next marathon - August!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I sat down for a minute, and realized there is a wealth of knowledge i should be sharing on the blog that i haven't been.  Housekeeping time for the blog!  SO, if your race schedule isn't packed this summer, get ready for it to be!

Move for the Kids 5k - May 19th
This is a super cute 5k down by soldier field, and its for a great cause!  It's benefiting the Children's hospital of Chicago.  And, it's a run/walk, so if you are a new to the running scene, it isn't a high pressure event!  Please use readM4TK when you register to save $4 - because saving money is cool.  So they tell me.

Zooma Women's Half Marathon & 10k

Its August 10th!  I am doing the half marathon.  As an ambassador, waffles and I got huge care package of runner goodies that i want to share with you.  So come run with me sometime!  (And hurry.  Matt is eating all the protein bars...)(and Waffles is eating the hat.....)

There is still time to enter the sweepstakes - HERE
This baby is a free weekend in the city with a shopping spree.  Do it now.  Don't pass go.  Don't collect  $200.  Just go win this.

Or, if you aren't the lucky type, sign up here and use the discount CHIAMB5 to save cash monies.

Zooma kick off with CARA
4/29 at 6pm Universal Sole East Lakeshore.  CARA will be there talking about their Half Marathon training program.  You don't have to be registered, but you are able to register there if you like - I have always enjoyed the CARA training programs.  And I will have just run a marathon, so you can sit back and watch me waddle through the fun run and have a couple of laughs.

Run for Boston 5k

The Chicago Running Bloggers and the Muddy Monk have teamed up to create a 5k with all the proceeds going towards the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, specifically a charity that works with amputees.  Its June 15th (a Saturday) and i better see you there!  And, if running isn't your thing, or you are injured, or just lazy like me, volunteer!  Maggie, the genius behind Mag Mile Runner is creating a volunteer sign up sheet.  Once i know for sure its finalized, i will post a link for volunteer sign up somewhere noticeable on the blog.

Until then, go sign up for the race!  We even have a virtual race for those who aren't in the Chicagoland area.  Check out all the info HERE.

Team Run for HD

And, last but not least, Team Run for HD is back in action!  We are running the Chicago Half Marathon & 5k again this September.  I wont overwhelm you with threats to join us right now (those will come later), but just know its on the horizon.  Also, that means PARTY TENT IN CHARITY VILLAGE!  You can always click the Team Run icon to the left for more information.  Or just ask me.

Whew!  That was a lot.  I need a drink.  Too bad its 8am.

Monday, April 22, 2013

And her lunch grew three sizes that day...

Seriously.  I would photograph all 5 lbs of it, but 2 lbs were already eaten before 9am.  I have reached that horrible realization that I am running a marathon in 5 days, and there is nothing I can really do at this point to change the outcome.  The training cycle is over, and the whole darn thing was a shit show.  (actually, just the second half….the first half went pretty well!) There is nothing I can do, and no one I can blame for whatever happens on Saturday.
No, wait.  Scratch that.   I blame the dog.  She has been a major contributing factor to skipped runs and lost sleep.  And over-consumption of martinis.  Luckily, thanks to a new combination of meds and about a grand in vet visits, everything seems to be A-ok, and the little chunker feels like she might have even put on some weight – watch out 17lbs, here we come!  Either way, Waffles, this is all your fault. 
I jest (sort-of).  There are a lot of contributing factors to this shitty training cycle – some good, some bad.  And either way, it’s too late to dwell on them now.  Because I HAVE TO RUN AN F***ING MARATHON ON SATURDAY!!!
With the lack of physical training, I only have my brain to help get me through this one.  I actually think this might be the most “mentally fit” I have been going into a marathon.  Now I just have to keep it that way until Saturday…..Welcome to my “serenity now” rampage!
***Also, I would like to see anyone else use rampage and serenity in the same sentence. 
This is mostly towards Matt and Waffles, and I will let you guess which rules go to which, but seriously – serenity now.  Right-freaking-now.

1.        I am going to be in bed by 9:30.  10 at the latest.  If you need an egg sandwich at midnight, you WILL be making it yourself.
2.       Stop waking me up in the middle of the night to go outside.  Repeatedly.  You are just doing it now because I have gotten used to it, and you know there are rabbits outside at 4am. 
3.       NO JALEPENOS ON ANYTHING, GOD DAMMIT!  Stop sneaking them onto my food.  Seriously.
4.       Stop judging me when I try to eat an entire bowl of popcorn.  After dinner.  I’m carbo-loading, you jerks.
5.       I can’t do laundry or dishes this week.  My muscles are regenerating this week in preparation for the race.  Sorry guys.
6.       If I wake up even one night this week because I have been shoved into the crack between the bed and the wall and there is a dog on top of me, you are both sleeping on the couch.
7.       Apple-flavored vodka counts as a fruit, and anyone who tries to argue this point with me is in for a world of hurt.  (Also – apple flavored vodka is on sale at Trader Joes for $6.99 – get on that!!)
8.       And you, Mother Nature.  Don’t. Even. Start with me.  I mean it.

Friday, April 19, 2013

A look on the bright side?

I'm not going to lie - I am about this close from shunning technology and joining some commune in the middle of nowhere.

Too bad i love soap so, so much.

Honestly, it's been a pretty terrible week for all of us - the news has been a non-stop stream of death and destruction.  And thats the way it works.  One thing doesn't go wrong, EVERYTHING goes wrong.  But, these super dark days usually mean something good is right around the corner.  So here are some things i am excited about.

I can't wait to have a mini vay-cay next weekend.  Even if i have to run/walk/crawl/be dragged 26 miles, its worth it for a day off.  Also, i get really excited whenever i get to use the term vay-cay, even if it pisses most people off.

I now have lakefront property, some 30 years ahead of schedule in my life plan.  So round of applause for me!
And i STILL made it to work yesterday!  VERSA POWER!!

I finally caved and bought new shoes.  A week before the marathon.  I absolutely couldn't run it in the shoes i had technically retired last november.  That, and they still smell like giardiniera, and there could be wolves up there in Amish country.
They even match the cute arm warmers i bought from Oiselle!  So as i crawl across the finish line in last place, have no fear - I will be the best dressed one there!

And lastly, i got a surprise last weekend, and got to see my old roommate, who was in town from Spain!  When your friends leave the country, you don't get to see or talk to them as much as you like, so getting to see her was definitely a highlight.  It didn't hurt that when i saw her, we were at an 80's themed house party.
Luckily, i dress like its 1983 on a regular basis.

Chin up folks - everything will soon be on an upswing! (at least it better be, this whole month as been stuck in suck town, and waffles and I are sick of it!)

What looks bright for you right now?

Monday, April 15, 2013

for Boston.

I had a post i started writing this morning, but it seems overwhelmingly meaningless right now.  A lot of the bloggers seem to be taking a vow of silence to show respect for what we lost today, and i intend to follow suit.  Seeing as how the majority of my posts are light-hearted, snarky, whine-filled rants, i will be zipping this lip for a couple days to just absorb everything going on.  But first, i just wanted to say this.

I know we are all still in a haze over the tragedy in Boston this afternoon, but i wanted to point out what we should all take away from this day.  Love will always triumph hate.  Love for our sport, love for our comrades, love for our country, and love for our fellow man.  Nothing is greater than love.

And i love the marathon.  Even when i hate it, I LOVE IT.

And to whoever did this:
Whatever point you were trying to make - it wasn't made.  The meaning behind this?  No one knows.  YOUR message was not delivered.  YOUR brilliant masterpiece was a complete failure.  A few are filled with rage right now, but most are filled with concern, and compassion, and bravery.  I cried today, for my fellow runners, but none of those tears were for YOU. When we find out your name (which will be soon, no doubt)  I will just as soon forget it.  I will remember a lot about this day, but not you.  You don't matter, you aren't special; this is nothing new, or creative, or innovative, or memorable.  Just another insignificant person pouring hate into this world.  Your plan backfired, and only brought out the best in US.  YOU are nothing.  WE are marathoners.

And if your goal was to make me afraid?  You failed at that too.  I will sit here tonight, and mourn the way you violated MY sport by drinking martinis, and signing up for another marathon.  I have never been less afraid, or more inspired.

And for everyone who ran in the Boston Marathon today - congratulations.  This is still your day, and no amount of hate can ever take that away.

Live Half Full

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Firstttttt Worlddddddd Problemsssss!!

Epic, no?

1.  First and foremost, i had the LIFE CHANGING idea today about what Matt and I should dress up as for the Flying Pig (half) marathon.  We have never run a half together, and wanted to make it super fun, and what better way than to dress up as - wait for it - THE WARRIORS!

And, i'm not going to lie - i have too much on my plate as it is right now, and i just happen to have a warriors costume already made.  

Matt thinks this is stupid, but totally reads my blog, so TELL HIM I HAVE BRILLIANT IDEAS!

First World Problems!

2. So i keep whining about my imminent death in a couple weeks as i attempt a marathon with basically no training.  But i have decided to embrace it.  (lies.  i forgot to order new shoes.)  I think i am just going to order the new shoes, and pull a noob and run a marathon with brand new shoes.  Maybe while I'm at it, i will try a new breakfast and eat something exotic for dinner the night before.  WHY NOT?

First World Problems!

3. So i mentioned before that Waffles is doing agility class, and Waffles has been sick.  She missed class last week, and i really didn't want her to miss another one.  Her poop problems seemed to be on the mend, so we went to the class anyway.  Big mistake.  She pooped right in the middle of the course with everyone watching. Between being sick, sleep deprived, and really stressed out, i had a totally normal and predictable reaction - i burst into tears, grabbed the poop and ran out of the class.  I am so embarrassed i don't think i can go back.  WTF is wrong with me??

First World Problems!

4. I almost wrecked my car today day-dreaming about this 30 foot sandwich.

First World Problems!

5.  I know i am a selfish person, but Matt's working late, and the dog is all lethargic from her meds, so i get to come home, and have everyone leave me the f*** alone, and now i can watch Murial's Wedding in peace.  This is quite possible the happiest day of my life.
First World Problems!

6.  The only problem with my indulgence is that during one of Waffles' poop-splosions, she took out the back right speaker of the sound system.  How does one jam to ABBA without surround sound???

First World Problems!

7. Guess how many containers of easy mac are on my desk right now.

Seventeen.  Seventeen containers of orange cheesy perfection.  And i am not allowed to eat them.

First World Problems!

8.  Not that it matters anyway.  When i get sick, my taste buds are the first to go.  I have not had an appetite for days.  Seeing as how food is like the only thing that brings me joy, i am pretty joyless this week....  wompppp, wompppp

First World Problems!

9.  When i was in Senator Durbin's office, i totally stole the Rockford tourism pamplet.  Obviously, i have a problem stealing from senators' offices, but i was totally IN THE TOURISM PAMPLET!!
That pink blob is ME!  and i will be laying on the side of the road exactly four hours after this photo was taken.  #TourismFail

First World Problems!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ginger Foxxx goes to Washington!

As a lot of you know, i spent a part of last week on capitol hill "being a lobbyist."  If i came away from the experience with anything, it's that i am a terrible lobbyist; thank god i excel at food packaging design.

Luckily, i had this incredibly distracting hair wing going on the entire time i was meeting with very important people about a very serious issue
I'm just kidding - i suck at food packaging as well.  Being a lobbyist isn't terrible, i just am not enough of a smooth talker or a quick thinker.  I tend to fumble with my words and make awkward jokes, so don't expect me to be relocating any time soon!
So why was I in Washington?  For the third year in a row, we are trying to get the Huntington’s Disease Parity Act passed.  When someone goes on disability, there is a two year waiting period before they qualify for medicare.  For most, this is not a huge problem, but for HD patients, by the time they are properly diagnosed and able to file for disability, they are so sick that they need extensive and costly medical care.  Their health can decline rapidly in those two years.  I lived this personally, as all of our savings went to my dad’s care during this “gap”  (two years is a gap?  GTFO.)
I went to DC to meet with the offices of Senator Kirk and Senator Durbin to beg and plead with them to co-sponsor, or at very lease support this act.  For the record, Senator Kirk has a much better spread of candy in his office.

Kirk's spread!

The HD Parity Act addresses two things.
1.        The out of date diagnostics.  People are not diagnosed early enough because they only list chorea (uncontrollable body movements, like in Parkinson’s Disease) as a diagnosable symptom.  This is complete and utter bullshit, as the psychological aspects can be just as debilitating, and can set in early.  (i.e. my dad locking us in the basement with no power to protect us from spies.  He was obviously sick, and obviously needed medication, but lacked any physical manifestations at the time, and was misdiagnosed.)
2.       The need for immediate care after diagnosis.  There is no cure or treatment, but there are some really amazing drugs out there that help control the symptoms, and slow the disease down.  But they are expensive.  Really expensive.  Medicare would make these drugs accessible.  MEDICARE GOOD.  And honestly, my dad spent 3-4 years in a nursing home.  People who get the drugs they need when they need them require a lot less professional care in the long run.  This makes sense people.
Why this act is not being passed is beyond me.  It’s a rare disease, so the people who would benefit would really only cost the government chump change.  Yet it goes unpassed.  There are just so many other issues on the table right now.  Marriage Equality, Gun Control, the Sequestration.  This is just not something the government cares about at the moment.  We currently have a 2% chance of getting this bill passed in 2013 (these odds are about as good as me surviving that upcoming marathon.)
The first day I was there, I went to a symposium that celebrated the past twenty years of HD research.  Sadly, most of it was over my head.  These were the people that worked on the genome project, and they are all brilliant.  The famed Dr. Nancy Wexler was there, one of the scientists that discovered the HD gene.  To my knowledge, it has not been made public, but the second I saw her I knew she had HD.  Its extra hard to watch the disease take someone who is actually a genius, and was making a difference.
I had to channel my inner "Loop Looks" for a capitol hill appropriate outfit.
The second day, I was grouped with a few other Illinois folk to go to our meetings.  There was a lot of crying unfortunately, and as the only one who could keep their emotions in check, I was left to do all the talking.  That day drained me in a way that I can’t describe.  There was just so much sadness.  These people’s lives had been devastated by HD, and it was really hard for me not to just fly into a rage over how unfair it all is.  Emotionally, I am still recovering from it, which is why it took so damn long just to write a recap.  I have spent my entire (adult) life drowning all my emotions about HD in booze and binge-sized portions of candy, so facing it head on was very difficult, and a little traumatizing.  I would do it again in a heartbeat though. 
Maybe I won’t need to;  Maybe they will just pass the damn bill so they don’t have to see me next year.  And I will steal even more candy from your office in 2014, Senator Kirk!

The best part of the Senate?  There are dogs everywhere.  Not like drug-sniffing dogs.  Normal dogs that I got to pet.  Who would have thought??
The worst part of the Senate?  The brie and cucumber sandwich.  I was not impressed.  And I was prohibited from photographing it, which seems a little intense.
***Why do you care about any of this?  You probably don’t, but I will put more information on the parity act, and how you can help by writing to your state representatives in the Huntington’s Disease tab anyway.  I will hopefully do it tonight, as I am just too tired right now.

Sadly, there was no time for sight seeing, but i did get to see the capitol building!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Two sick puppies.

Poor Matt.  If i was him, i would have run screaming from the infirmiry our apartment has become...

What is the worst thing that could possibly happen 3 weeks before your marathon?
The flu.
Ok, its probably not the very worst thing that could happen, so I should probably shut up before I jinx myself.  But, I am slightly less than pleased that during what is probably the most crucial week of work outs in training, I have been completely side lined.  The only redeeming thing in my illness is that Waffles has been sick all week too, and has been my constant cuddle buddy. She is having an IBS flair-up, (a particularly nasty one at that) so she has been having digestive problems for the past week (a nice way of saying explosive diarrhea.) 
Between the germ-ridden travel, the stress of cramming 5 days on work into 3 days, the emotional havoc of two days with a bunch of Huntingtons Disease people, and not having continuous sleep since March (Thanks Waffles, you poop monster….) has really caught up with me.  I have a friend (who just ran the Paris Marathon, Congrats Jess!!) that would always function at 110%.  She would get more done in a day than most people got done in a week, and I am still in awe of how she managed to do it.  I have a low tipping point, and whenever I try to go “Jess-mode,” the stress and exhaustion gets to be too much, my whole body shuts down.  My never ending drive to do all the things has left me side-lined on the couch (once again) with Waffles doing NONE of the things, other than eating plain rice and napping.

NAPPING.   Like a Boss.

We did walk down to the park this weekend, since we were both too sick to exercise, but wanted to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.  It was really funny, because all the dogs, hyper as they were, would take a break to calmly come over and lay by my feet, like I am some kind of dog whisperer.  It’s weird the way that animals can sense sickness, and care for you in your own way.  Sometimes I think I am better around animals than people – they just get me. 
***I am still working on my DC post – the whole thing was much harder and more emotional than I thought it would be.  And now I feel like crap on top of it.  Waffles is spending the day with the vet.  Sadly, she doesn’t have the meat on her bones that I do, so where as I can stand to not eat and lose a few lbs (ok.  10 lbs.  I should probably lose 10 lbs.) she is so tiny to begin with that they need to keep her hydrated. 
The really hard part is that I feel guilty.  Guilty that I didn’t run 20 miles this weekend (even though prolonged standing is making me dizzy at this point).  Guilty that I didn’t run yesterday.  Guilty that I am not running right now as I type this.  Guilty that i can't take care of my stupid dog.  Guilty that i can't write a coherent blog post.  I know that it’s batshit crazy to feel that way, but whatevs, it’s how I roll.
Do you get running guilt when you’re sick?  What about marathon flu?  (this will be the 3rd f***ing time I have gotten sick a few weeks before a marathon….what the heck?)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A damn good shot.

This past saturday, after my 18 mile run, rather than this:

like i normally do, i decided to check out Archery Bow Range Chicago.  

This actually not my first time to the range - my dad used to take me to the plug and pellet back in Rockford.  However, they didn't have any bows small or light enough back then, so i kinda sucked big time.  My little 10 year old arms just couldn't handle an adult bow.  I learned on a recurve bow when i was little, because thats what my dad had.  It was lighter, but also harder to draw.  

At ABR, i took an introductory clinic, because it had been such a long time.  I was a little worried it would be a herd of teenage girls hoping to be like Katniss, but i was really impressed with the diverse group they had.  Old, young, there was even a little 10 year old girl!  They suited me up with a compound bow which has little wheels, which makes it heavier, but much easier draw (i.e., easier to aim and shoot).

Just like when i was little, i have impeccable aim, but i tend to flinch when i fire the bow.  When you draw, your hand rests on your face, and i kept thinking i was going to graze my face, which is impossible.  So i either get bullseyes, or the arrow comes flipping back at everyone.  Luckily, our first lesson was bow safety, so even with my wild shots, we were all safe
Not my target.  mine usually consisted of two bullseyes, and one on the floor, perilously close to another archer.
I had a great time.  The introductory class was 90 minutes, and $25.  They provide all the gear, and make sure to fit you with a bow that will work well for you.  They usually have introductory classes on saturdays, and maybe on weekday, but the schedule changes, so make sure to look in advance.  Now that i went through the intro course, i can go to the range at any time and practice, so if anyone wants to shoot, call me!

*I enjoyed the class so much, i signed up Matt and I for a couples archery night next month.  Vwa ha ha!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Marathon training week 14: Baby steps!

Miles: 35
Martinis: 2
Crosstraining:  Shut the front door - this girl cross-trained twice this week.  Once on an "arc trainer" at the gym (some super hard contraption made to make you suffer) and a 4 mile hike with my mom and my puppy-dog.
Strength training: GET OUT.  I did that too.  I took an Archery Class on Saturday!  (entire post to follow)

Overall outlook:  Every week is getting a little easier.  I am taking tiny steps towards a goal, rather than charging ahead only to fall flat on my ass (like i normally do).  I won't lie, the AMAZING weather has helped.  I had an 18 miler on Saturday, and i never even once felt like i would surely die.  I even dragged Matt out for an 8 mile run on Sunday!
Either way, i feel good that i am getting out and moving every day, even if I'm not hitting my weekly mileage.  My marathon is now 27 days away, and seeing as i just booked our hotel, shit is getting real.

My posts will be short and sweet this week (I find that amusing seeing as how i have been averaging 2 weekly posts since i started the new job) but later this week, i will be blogging from DC!  My trip to advocate for Huntington's Disease is THIS WEEK!  AHHHHHHHH!  Also, where did that nice weather go?  It's cold out today!