Races - OWNED

Zion Reindeer Run 5k 12/05/2012  PR 1st in AG!  26:18

2012 DG Turkey Trot 11/22/2012 with WAFFLES!!!!

The Dublin Marathon 10/29/2012 PR  4:18:30!

Chicago Marathon 10/07/2012

Fort 2 Base 09/23/2012

Chicago Half Marathon 09/09/2012

Rock 'n' Roll Chicago Half Marathon  7/22/2012

Go Dirty Girl Mud Run  6/30/2012

Fleet Feet Inaugural Women's Half Marathon 6/24/12  PR  1:59:39!

Allstate 13.1 Half Marathon - 06/09/12

Sunburst Marathon - 06/02/2012 4:27:31

Soldier Field 10-miler - 5/26/2012

The Rockford Marathon - 5/20/2012

Flying Pig Half Marathon - 05/06/2012 Time 2:09:47

CARA Lakefront 10-miler - 04/28/2012 Time: 1:33:48

Shamrock Shuffle 8K - 03/25/2012   Time: 41:45

Get Lucky Half Marathon - 03/18/2012   Time: 2:12:xx

Chicago's Perfect 10 11/12/11  PR  1:29:59

Cincinnati Half Marathon - 10/22/11   Time: 2:02:xx

I get it.  It's fun and challenging.  I ran this the week after the half marathon, per The Dean's request.  The weather SUCKED.  it rained the whole time and was like 50 degrees.  I dressed as a shark, and matt dressed as a lobster, but i ended up leaving him behind somewhere in the middle.  (the too tight lobster costume slowed him down a bit)  I actually had one guy run next to me for a minute say "hey!  your a shark!   you know, i saw a lobster back there tangled in the net obstacle!"  oh, the irony.  The bad weather led to me slipping on one of the obstacles and slicing open both knees and one hand on some gravel.  Lucking it was so cold i felt nothing, but later in the race people were looking at me in horror as i had large amounts of blood streaming down both legs.  It made for a great picture however when i ran through the fire streaming blood.  You could see that picture too, IF i had $30 to spend.  which i don't.  After the race, you had to wait for an hour to be hosed off by fireman.  Cold weather + cold water + standing around with wounds getting more and more infected = ME NO LIKE.  I doubt i will do this again.  If i do, i will probably wear knee pads, and bring my own water to clean off with.  also, i will not trust the midwest weather in sept.  (100 degrees?  40 degrees? we don't flippin know...we're the MIDWEST!)
great idea matt........
I ran it in 31:24, and Matt was fairly close behind me.  Not exactly and impressive time, but i was 96 out of 700 in my age group, so it could have been worse, right?  RIGHT?!?!?

That which i trained for all summer!!  It was on sept. 11, so it was very patriotic, and i felt awesome running for an awesome cause (Huntington's Disease) and dressing up in my patriotic best!
America! Fuck Yea!

My whole family came to cheer me on, and it meant sooooo much.  Especially since it was a 7:00am race, and they all drove in from rockford just to watch ME!  My bestest of best Ray-ray made some amazing signs for everyone, and i might not have been the best runner, but i for sure had the best crew.
Despite my never-ending complaining, i am a truly luck girl.

It was a really nice day.  It got hot towards the end, though not quite as bad as with those 10k's.  The race is actually on Lake Shore Drive, so it was very empowering considering that 6 months early, LSD had been shut down...
revenge is sweet, lake shore drive!
This race was sooooo much bigger than any race i have been in, and that made it really exciting.  I felt great the whole race, and really didn't start to feel cranky and tired until the 12th mile.  (i considered following an exit ramp and peacing out there.  I also saw a lot of people throw up from the heat towards the end which might have contributed to my cranky exhaustion.  I pushed hard, but still only finished with a 2:14:41.  Speed training is in my near future.....

Frontier Days 10k 2011

My second 10k!  I have dreams of grandeur of finishing under an hour and redeeming my dismal time for the previous 10k.  I had two things working against me though.  1 - i had twisted my ankle the week before, missed a bunch of training runs, and was still in ankle brace.  I probably shouldn't have run, but if you have met me, you know that "bad call"  is my middle name.  2- IT WAS HOT! AGAIN!!  The whole week had been beautiful, and it shot up to the upper 80's again. (You are an asshole, chicago)  Matt ran the 5k with me again this time.  He spent the whole morning telling me he was feeling good, and just going to effortlessly run the 10k with me.  3/4 of a mile in, he was like "fuck this, it's hot."  thanks buddy.  I finished in 1:01:38, which made me very sad, as i wanted to run it in under an hour, but it was hot and i almost threw up on the course, so i should just count my blessings and stop complaining.  I could have been one of those people that collapsed from the heat.  My secret?  I thought about this the whole time:
                                         You are really too much, Chicago.  TOO MUCH.

Cosley Zoo 10k 2011

My first 10k!  Matt ran the 5k, so i had him with me the first half of the race.  After the split it went downhill fast.  It was hot.  upper 80's hot.  It turned out there was a half marathon somewhere else in the city that same morning that had to be shut down because someone died, since it was TOO DAMN HOT!  I finished in 1:07:12.  I was just glad to finish though.  It was a neighborhood race, and all the people of the neighborhood brought out hoses to cool the runners down while they were running, which i thought was awesome.  I lived to tell about it, and that was good enough for me.

My first race where i didn't drink myself stupid the night before.  I ran it with my roommate Jessica (who DID drink the night before and seemed to be feeling it that morning.  I ran it in 58:02, and for some reason at the time was really proud of that.  I wore cotton leggings for the race because i just didn't know any better.  During the course of the race, they loosened up from all the movement and started to fall off.  I had to use the pins from my bib to pin my pants to my shirt ALL WHILE RUNNING THE RACE.  They say i am a classy girl (no, no they don't.)
It was a really fun race, and a lot of people dressed up, PLUS there were mariachi bands.  The post race food was about the worst i have ever had.  They promised us tamales, but what they gave us was individually shrink wrapped "corn rolls"  (????CORN ROLL?????).  I got a vegetarian one, and the second ingredient after corn was beef fat.  BEEF FAT?
We drank our beers and Jessica's fiance took us to a tamale stand near his place in little village, and it totally redeemed my faith in all that is tamale.

My second ever "race"  Drank and ENTIRE bottle of champagne the night before.  Did not feel so hot on the race course, but instead of gatorade, they were handing out bloody marys.  Surprisingly, this really helped my performance.  Still no chip timing though....probably for the best.  My mom and matt even came along and walked the race, which made me super happy!

Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot 2009
My first ever "race"  Had never really ran before.  Wore chuck taylors and pinned my number to the back of my shirt.  There was no chip timing, but i guess my time to be around 3 days.  roughly.