Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me & Benny are outta here!

Today's a big day - It's the last day of work for me and Pope Benedict!
It's been a kind of surreal week, resulting in me doing less and less each day.  Yesterday, i went out for a two hour lunch of beer drinking.  Tomorrow, i don't even think I'll get out of bed.  Yesterday i was suffering from a terrible case of "graduation goggles" and was getting all mopey about everyone i am leaving behind - thinking maybe things weren't so bad here.  Then i spent two hours in traffic and remembered.  Oh, did i remember.  Luckily i found a pint (yes, a pint!) of candy hearts leftover from V-day to hold me over.

So it's been a very weird week.  I guess because i can't put a thought together, i will just give you the topline:

The weather sucked to drive in.
But was awesome to dance in.

I ate a falafel sandwich that had pickles and french fries on it, and it was the best decision ever
And i keep getting text messages from what appears to be a bored 15 year old boy.

Yeah, it's been a weird week.  But thus is life, and change is good -right?  I am also excited to explore running on the the southwest side, and i hope to find some nifty trails by my new job to keep me entertained.  

Come on, Benny!  It's time to ease on down the road!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

et tu?

I was going to write a whiney post about how my mom is slightly bonkers and went off on me yesterday on facebook post for no legitimate reason, but i had the honor of going for a run with Kim and Anne, and honestly, it diffused all my ginger anger, and i really don't even feel like ranting any more.
Cheaper than therapy!
At least about anything serious.

Things i will rant about?
:(  I just can't get on board with this pattern/color combo.
The new Mizuno Wave Elixir 8's.

I know that as runners, our primary focus is having shoes that will protect our feet, and appearance shouldn't really matter, but i am super shallow and vain and appearance matters a lot to me!
My wave elixir 7's were so darn cute, and i ran a great and pain free marathon in them!  Why ya gonna go and change to this?  I know shoe companies need to revamp the shoe every year to boost sales, but i do not like this pattern.  Now, i am going to end up scouring the interwebs and snapping up all the wave elixir 7's like a survivalist, because this psychedelic pattern is giving me seizures.  I wish companies would consult me before they change something that i really, really like!  

Have you ever loved a shoe but disliked it's new design?  Am i just being a shallow bitch about shoe patterns?  

(Either way, i still love you Mizuno.  But seriously.  Elixir 7 hoarding starts now.)

Monday, February 25, 2013

Taper, week 9. I was cold, then i was drunk, then i looked at MCM furniture.

Miles: 30
Martinis: 2 (Plus quite a few beers at the Chicago bloggers beer run!)
Strength:  zero again this week.....wompp wompppp
Outlook:  I really don't care.  I might be watching a PR drift out the window, but i am having so much gosh darn fun doing it.  Either way, back to high mileage this week!

Stolen from Anne (don't judge me, i am already 11 miles deep at this point!)
Saturday morning was the long awaited Chicago running bloggers beer run.  Sadly, it was also the day of my long run.  Although luckily, it aligned with a cutback week.  I got up unbearably early, and i ran a few miles alone on the lakefront path, then met with my usual training group for a few miles, then drove down the street to meet up with Bobbi for a few pre-run miles, and ended this whirlwind with the fun run itself!  
Talking Ireland with Cary!
It was so nice to catch up with people i don't get to see nearly often enough!
All in all, i ended up running 14 miles, because my math skills are atrocious.  I had initially made the plan to do the fun run, change at our gracious host, Anne's, house and then get in line for the Half Acre brewery tour.  
Stolen from pete
Sadly, because the tour is in such high demand, we had to get in line right at 10 to make sure we would have a spot when it opened at 11.  As the temps hovered around 17, and i was in sweaty clothes having just run 14 miles, this was not my happy place.  even after we made it inside, i shivered for over an hour!  In the end, i am glad we did do this, as i was close enough to the back to watch them turn people away.  So - if you want to do this brewery tour - get there early, don't be wearing sweaty running clothes, and bring a thermos of piping hot coffee (the guy in front of us was obviously a pro)

Needless to say, i was cold and dehydrated by the time we got in, so drinking on an empty stomach was the greatest idea EVER!!!
Guilty, undergarment in hand 30 minutes into the brew-tour.
True story:  because i was shivering so uncontrollably, like 40 minutes after being inside that Erin insisted i remove the innermost layer so that i could heat up.  Sadly, it was a bra tank, so i was flying free on this brewery tour!

Needless to say, we were all a little drunk and boisterous, and having a great time.  So great a time, that we were shushed by the hipster guy in charge of the tour.    If you don't believe me, here is a picture of the guy yelling at us.
It's totally ok though, because he has an awesome shirt.  And seriously, they give you 3 full size beers.  He knew what he was doing the second he let me in those doors.  Either way, Half Acre can't be that mad at us, because they are getting nothing but amazing publicity, shushing and all.  Go check out the Half Acre Brewery tour.  It's a ridiculously good time.   Thanks so much to Anne and Katie organizing this!!
After some delicious lunch at Bad Apple, we went home so that i could take a nap, and Matt could keep drinking.  In my defense though, I woke up at 5:30 and he did not.  After a lazy Saturday night, we went to go look at a dresser we have been courting for a while.  I have a major addiction to mid-century modern furniture (a side-effect of majoring in design) and luckily, Matt not only tolerates it, but he's right there with me.  We have an MCM guy (no seriously, we have a guy) and he alerted us to this Kent Coffey hi-boy that would eliminate all the problems the great Ikea dresser explosion caused.  

Either way, we need to decide if we want to drop the dough on this baby, or continue living out of random scattered drawers on the floor of our bedroom.  It's so hard having good taste.  So, so hard....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Lame duckin'

Since i handed in my resignation at my job, i am somewhat of a lame duck.  I can't really start any new projects, but i still need to be here just incase shit blows up on any recent work.  (which it won't.  because i'm awesome.)

So, i am spending a lot of time at my desk day dreaming.  So far, i have found Matt and I's dream loft with walk in closets, a fireplace, and a rooftop garden.  I also found the perfect dress i will wear to Oscar night.  (where i will be there, with all by bff's receiving an award for just existing.)  I found a plot of land to start my goat farm in Wisconsin.  I was asked to be the new young sassy american maid for Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey.  Willy Wonka is REAL and he wants me to be the professional taster.  I'm a naturally graceful and not clumsy or awkward at all prima ballerina!  And lastly, i planned out my dream vacation to take a road trip that explores route 66 in entirety!

I'm not gonna lie, my head has been completely in the clouds this week.  
But these are all totally legit things that could happen.

Shut up, they totally could....
What are you day-dreaming about??

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Oh Captain, my Captain!

Recently, i have taken on not one, but two very special ambassador roles!

I am running/ambassadoring the Espirit de She race come July!
Its a 5k & 10k in Lincoln Park on July 18th (a thursday) and it means two very important things.  
1.  Its an evening race.  I don't run many, but i know that i love them.  I am an evening runner.  This is going to be awesome.  (I am running the 10k, fyi, if you want to run along side me)  
2.  Why would you ever want to run along side me?  Because it will be my birthday race!!  This will be my very last race in the 25-29 age group, as my big 3-0 will be the Saturday after the race!

So, come run with me - i will be more than happy the share a summary of my 25-29 life, as i am sure i will have plenty of time, being the slow runner i am.  Plus Athleta is one of the sponsors, so you know the gear will be awesome.  Winning!

If you want to read the details, check out their website:

They also have a triathlon on June 9th, for you BAMF's.  I am trying to volunteer for that event, so if you do want to run a triathlon not only will you know you are way awesomer than myself who will never ever run one, but you might get to see my gross hungover face handing you water (It's the day after Ragnar!)   


I have been selected as the ambassador for the state of Illinois for the Huntington's Disease Society of America!  I am going to Washington DC next month to crack some skulls make some senators understand how important it is to pass the Huntington's Disease Parity Act.  As far as the US government is concerned (specifically the Social Security department) HD does not warrant disability coverage.  As someone who has been directly affected by this, i am now going to make them understand how devastating it is, especially when you're terminally ill, have a family to support, and don't qualify for disability.  They have been sitting on this bill for TWO YEARS.  So i am gonna go get it done!  FOR AMERICA!!

Boom!  Ambassadoring.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Marathon training, week 8. BAMF.

Miles: 38
Martinis: 3
Strength training: 1 boxing class
Over all outlook:  I just might have a chance.  The miles were slow and tedious, but they got done.  I also felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders with all the job decisions being made.  I'm sleeping better, and even woke up of my own accord this morning.  I am slowly feeling healthier and more capable.  We'll see how long this lasts.
You shall be my half marathon shoes!
I have also decided to order another pair of Mizuno elixers.  I have been training in a pair of Brooks PureCadence's, and i love them, but i don't know if they are the right marathon shoe for me.  I tend to over pronate when i get really tired (usually the second half of a marathon) and i don't know if they have enough support for my wonky legs.  I know other people have run marathons in them, but i have to consider my less than stellar form.  I can already feel my legs pronating when i get tired.  I am also having some foot issues.  Of the seven toenails i have right now, one is black, and one cracked this weekend.  What. The. F***.  I never have foot problems, so i am going to try a couple options to solve the problem before i jump to my initial conclusion, which is that i must have leprosy.  

This weekend was really cold, and probably less than ideal running weather for someone like me.  Sadly, as much of a badass as i like to think i am, i was rocking my inhaler all weekend.  It is just way too hard to breathe in this cold!

As a means of escape from cold and bleak Chicago this weekend, Matt and I went to the conservatory. (It's free, BTW!)
It was so warm and green!  I feel like it's good for the soul to get a dose of nature every once in a while.
About a year and a half ago, the Chicago conservatory was decimated by a freak hailstorm.  (It also damaged me and Matt's cars!)  Since the roof was all glass, almost every pane was shattered.  It was nice to see it back up and running again, even if there are still repairs going on. 
We can't afford a tropical get away, but hanging out with these pineapples was almost as cool.

Sunday, i went on a tour of Suburbia to meet up with my friend Bobbi up north for some miles, and my future Ragnar team mates in the south for some more running!  (and planning)  It was nice to get out and run in new places.  Definitely a breath of fresh (albeit cold) air.  I know people who live in the suburbs complain about them, but when you live in the city, the suburbs is a fun adventure.  (Unless you're going to Ikea...)

Now, i am hanging out at work with my assistant, Waffles.  (Apparently its presidents day, so our dog walker had off, leaving us to fend for ourselves.  FWP!)
She gets things done.

Friday, February 15, 2013


On Wednesday, I snuck in a run at lunch.  This week has again been a struggle to accomplish anything,  and i just needed to move my feet for sanity's sake.  The weather was unseasonably warm (40 and sunny!)  and i had to take advantage of that perfect temperature where i can wear just a base layer of clothes, and not be hot or cold.  Thats true joy right there, folks.

Anyway, i went to my favorite path by work, the North branch trail.  But when i got there, i saw this:
All the snow (which was apparently significantly more than we got in the city!) Had melted, refrozen, melted again and formed a treacherous sheet of ice covered in slush.  If i was smart i would have abandoned the mission.  Based on this view, i had no idea how that path would be a few miles in.  I hate not knowing whats coming.  But ultimately, i decided to go for it.

In life, and in running, i choose the path that is less traveled.  Also, paths that could potentially kill me.  I do that a lot.  Either way, it was a slow, but awesome run that brought me clarity.  And an awesome core workout trying to stay upright.

All of this gobbledy-gook is basically just a lead up to the fact that i put in my two weeks notice at work.  I am quitting my job so i can focus on the blog fulltime.

I'm just kidding.  I am going to do the exact same thing i do now, just for a different company.  It was a really hard decision, especially because by leaving my job, it will directly affect people that i work with and consider friends.  But ultimately, i had to make the decision that was best for me.  As a type A nut case, it terrifies me not knowing whats going to happen, and i will constantly question if i made the right decision.  But the icy run on Wednesday looked scary, and ended up being something that was really good for me, so hopefully this scenario will play out the same way.  

It's time for me to grow.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Zombie Day!

You're probably a little confused right now.  The way i see it, there are two different camps of people when it comes to Valentines day.  Those who love it, and those who hate it.  I don't fit into either group.  I am completely indifferent, and i find it a somewhat irrelevant and confusing day.  It's like this religious holiday for a brutally martyred saint, but then we throw in cupid from roman mythology, only the cupid is a weird little baby that flies.  And shoots you?  I don't get it at all.

Either way, I don't like pre-fixe meals, or chocolate, or roses, but i am also not an angry single gal.  Thus Zombie Day was born!!

Zombie day started 5 years ago.  When it comes down to it, I love my friends.  And i love Zombie movies!!  So every February 14th, we all come together to watch zombie movies, and drink bloody marys.  I think it is every bit as nice as romance.  

This year (ok, every year) we are watching "Wild Zero,"  The cult classic japanese greaser punk zombie movie.  There is a drinking game that goes along with it, and it always ends up being a crowd pleaser.

It's gonna be awesome.

Feel free to have your own satellite zombie day parties - All you have to do is watch a zombie movie and drink booze!  Easiest.  holiday.  ever.

So, happy zombie day to all, and to all, "BRAINSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

what the WHAT?!?!

First off, the biggest first world problem in the HISTORY of first world problems has occurred.

My Bff and i see her every year.  I am devastated.  DEVASTATED!
Gaga 2011
Gaga 2012

Gaga 2013   :(  :(   :(   :(
First World Problem :(

2. A bunch of other serious stuff happened, but i was too focused on Gaga's sore joints to edu-macate myself.
Sadly, this is all i can attest to the current state of affairs.  Gaga depression is hurting my brain.  I don't know what the f*** is going on anymore.

First World Problems.

3.  I spent all week perfecting my lady gaga outfit, and now that effort is wasted.  Do you know how hard it is to walk into a Forever 21, and approach the 16 year old folding stuff and ask her to help me choose something gaga-appropriate, because she knows more than me??  It's damn hard, let me tell you.  Also, when did 16 year olds get so tiny?  (or when did i turn into a giant???)

First World Problems.

4.  When and where will i EVER wear this now????
Opportunities to wear things that are wildly age inappropriate and covered in glitter are few and far between.  My heart breaks for this mini-skirt.  It really does....

First World Problems.

5.  So i tried to go to the Dick Pond fun run last night, because i have no one to run with in the evenings, and i am afraid of the dark.  It didn't look that far or hard to get to on the map either.  Fast Forward to an hour later when i am driving around in random circles because park ridge is totally one of the inner circles of hell, navigationally speaking.  Everytime i think i can handle the suburbs, some place like park ridge goes rogue from the grid system and proves me wrong.
Needless to say, at one point, i almost hit ohare.  I eventually gave up and went home in defeat.

None of this is Dick Pond or Park Ridges fault.  I am just an idiot.

First World Problems.

6. During my plight to escape park ridge, i stopped at an Ulta to regain my composure.  I don't know if thats a problem or a solution.  Either way, i spent too much money, but also have an awesome new sparkly eye shadow.  I'll let you be the judge....

First World Problems.

First World Problems

8.  Did you hear that to meet demands, Makers Mark has had to dilute their whisky with water, so now it's 84 proof rather than 90 proof.  Honestly, i doubt the taste or ability to get me drunk will be affected, but just to feed into the stereotype of the drunk angry whisky drinker, and i am going to smash things in protest, and then join in the twitter rampage.  (because i am too lazy to leave my comfy chair in the name of my convictions.)

First World Problems

9.  I went to a boxing class with a co-worker monday night.  It was super hard, and my noodle arms still hurt.  Ironically enough, the class was taught by a super petite woman who could destroy me with one arm if need be.  Also she was 8 months pregnant.  It's questionable if i could punch my way out of a paper bag if it came down to it  (although when will i ever need to??)
First World Problems.

10.  I'm too lazy and apathetic to think up a 10.  Also, running is hard.

First World Problems.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Runner's Reads

For me, "down time" is a rarity i have come to treasure.  I have subscriptions to Runners World, and Running Times, and honestly, they usually sit on my coffee table for weeks before i get the chance to read them.  During my total stress-fest last week, i took some time off from running to curl up on the couch with my laptop, and finish The Ultimate Beginner's Running Guide, by Ryan Roberts.  (a book about running.  Hey - i know what i like!)

Thats right, i don't have a kindle and had to use my 6 year old power book.  So sue me.  

Ryan actually contacted me as a fellow runner just to say, "Hey, i wrote a book - feel free to check it out as you sometimes claim to run on your blog"  (Well played, Ryan...)

Upon learning that he was living my dream life in Alaska, i had to check out what insights he might have for me.

To begin with, it is a beginning running guide - geared for people who might be considering their first race, who are maybe fit but haven't considered running, or people who have always wanted to run, but maybe not made the jump.  That said, I am a firm believer that as i (claim to) train for my 5th marathon, i am just as much a beginner as someone eyeing their first 5k.  I still make mistakes, and i still have a lot to learn.  I have learned some tips in the book that i will now take with on my runs, that i will get to in a second.

Primarily, the book is a confidence builder.  It breaks down the idea of running into a manageable task that any of us can do.  It even includes beginners training plans!  Granted, all running is is "left foot" "right foot" and repeat, but there is a lot of confidence-building, and instructional knowledge needed as well, and this is what the book provides.  In the book Ryan has multiple training plans according to fitness level, and i may or may not be blindsiding my mom with the over 50 plan in the near future.  The woman has always wanted to run, and always made excuses not to.  Honestly, the whole damn book could do her good now that i think about it!  

Some of my key takeaways as a clueless marathoner:
Take that, T-rex arm!!

  • How to banish t-rex arm.  I am a repeat t-rex arm offender.  It's embarrassing, especially in race photos.  My favorite method is "pulling the gun from the holster"  You'll have to read about it, but there is a good chance there will be reports of a rogue cowgirl on the lakefront path.  (of course he explains the benefits, and there are many, of why running like a damn T-rex is less than ideal.)
  • Visualize the success!  I actually learned this at my recent public speaking seminar, but as far as i can tell, visualizing yourself succeeding is a universal win!
  • And lastly, did you know that in hot humid weather, you want to wipe the sweat off frequently to cool yourself?  I was under the impression that the sweat on my skin was cooling me, so i would just let it sit there all grossified.  There is a good chance that this misinformation contributed to my heatstroke collapse at the Rockford Marathon.  Luckily, i now stand corrected!
People who are very new to running, or wanting to start running will benefit the most from this book because of the focus on motivation, nutrition, weather, confidence, shoes, gait, and detailed but easy to follow training plans.  But i think the devil is in the details in that there are key nuggets of knowledge in there that benefit any runner - you never realize how much you don't know until you know it.

So check out Ryans book here:
if you are interested, or know someone who might need a little motivation to take the plunge into the running world!

Most of you are probably way cooler than i and have kindles, but if not, there are free apps that can turn your old brick of mac into a large clunky kindle.   :)

And, i will end this with a question, and a popsicle joke.  Would you ever buy a beginners running book for a friend or family member? (without them directly asking for it)

As we all know, i have been having a terrible couple weeks, but i think this was my sign to  get back on that horse.  And also to stop eating so many popsicles in February....

Monday, February 11, 2013

A week of no training. Week 7.

Miles run: 5.  No, seriously.  5.  5 god damn miles.  Unfortunately, the stress of life just got to me this week, and i barely have the strength to nap.
Somehow pictures of this jerk sleeping are always appropriate.
Martinis:  0.  You know there is a HUGE problem when i am too tired to drink.  I am proposing a hypothesis that more martinis = more miles.  I am buying vodka TONIGHT.

Strength training: obviously also a zero.

Overall outlook:  Bleak.  Very bleak.  Basically, i have this week to get my shit together, or i might have to bump down to a half marathon come April.  

Plan of Action:  
1. Like all of my plans, this one is half baked.  First and foremost, I am calling it for the advanced training plan.  I tried.  I failed.  I will re-attempt this summer.  It's not in the stars for me right now, and the past seven weeks have shown me that it's going to kill me.  I never said i was good at this.  Hello, intermediate training, you old so-and-so!

2. Sadly, my personal drama has carried into this week.  I have to make a major decision about my job this week.  This is stressing me out to no end.  I actually have hives all over my body from the level of stress its bringing me.  I can't make decisions.  It takes me an hour every morning just to figure out what to wear, and i don't even have that many clothes.  I am hoping to have all major life plans finalized by Friday though.  So there is a dream of a return to normalcy.

3. Re-engage.  I have been completely isolating myself from everyone lately.  I seriously need to stop that shit.  I was venting to my mom a couple days ago about how i didn't know what to do.  Her advice was to check my horoscope.  Naturally.  Either way, it said that only my friends can guide me through separating the good and the bad.  So priority number one is acquire friends!

In other news, i have been working on a trends piece for work, and in doing so, i came across an article that really resonated.  It said the 34% of millenials (ages 22-34ish) can't deal with the pressure of day-to-day life.  That seems really high!  A third of us can't deal with life??  I mean, i totally am part of that 34%, as we have all witnessed over the past week, but geez, are there people out there as crazy and stressed as me?  If so, i pity you.

In short, I am about to go all Jillian Michael's on this week.  It's my last chance at a spring marathon!

Are you part of the 34%?  
Do you leave major life decisions up to horoscopes?  Especially really lame ones like Yahoo Horoscopes that instructed me to "throw a party to take my mind off things?"  (f*** you, yahoo horoscopes!  You're advice is total malarky!) 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The worst blogger ever, and celebrity sightings!

I feel like i owe everyone an apology, because this week has been a fail at both blogging and marathon training.  I have been participating in this workshop through work on how to be a better presenter using drama and improv techniques.  Its really fun, and effective (i hope)  but being a better presenter is making me a much worse blogger and runner.  Yesterdays session was over 14 hours long!  Needless to say, i wake up, go to the seminar, and then come home and sleep.  The real bummer is that it is a technology free space.  No computer, no phone.  I snuck away for like two minutes to try to post something, but then a tray of delicious mini cakes went by, and i lost all my focus.

In fact, this morning was the first time i have even gotten to say to words to Matt!  Luckily, those two words were "Happy Birthday!" Matt's only desire for his birthday is to have the best chicken wings in Chicago.  Sadly, i have no clue where that would be.  So if anyone has any great chicken wing recommendations...

As a part of this workshop, we got to grab a quick bite at Goose Island, and then take in a comedy show!  While at goose island, i ran into celebrity number one - Lauren!  Apparently her Triathlon group meets there once a month.  Monthly beer outings almost make me want to learn to swim.  Almost.

After stuffing my face with beer and appetizers, we went next door to IO for some improv, to inspire us.  But, aside from being so hilarious i was crying at one point, there was a second celebrity sighting!  Jack Mcbrayer!  (The actor who played Kenneth the paige on 30rock!)  I was so excited i snapped many terrible and awkward photos of him.  He was performing with one of the improv troops.  Apparently, a lot of big alums of comedy will come back once in a while, just for a refresher of improv.  I'm just glad it wasn't Tina Fey, as i would have probably peed myself with excitement, and awkwardly walked out.  
Just because i have an iphone, doesn't mean i know how to take pictures with it!

Today is my last day of the workshop, so i will gladly be reunited with the interwebs tomorrow.  I feel like i have no idea what's going on in the world!!!

Have you ever spotted a celeb, and then took creepy spy photos like mine?  Where ARE the best chicken wings in Chicago??

Monday, February 4, 2013

Marathon training, week 6!

Miles: 22
Martinis: 2 (and quite a variety of cocktails on Saturday night.)
Strength training: 1 p90x session
Mental breakdowns: 2
Overall feeling:  I have a lot of knee pain right now.  I always have joint issues in the cold, so i know it will get better, but it definitely sucks right now.  I am terribly overwhelmed as of late, and really struggling to manage everything.  Fingers crossed that things are looking up soon.  ***On the plus side, compared to last January, i ran 20 additional miles.  So thats cool!  I also like to think i am running more quality miles.  Miles where i feel strong and work hard but efficiently, rather than puke on things and wheeze.  Every day, there is a little more daylight too, which is encouraging.  

Last week was rough.  I am sure you can tell by my lack of blogging, but i have some life challenges going on right now, and it is somewhat dominating my time.  The worst part is, the only thing that really makes me feel better is talking through everything.  Thats why i have a blog in the first place!  Sadly, all my problems right now surround my job, and it is never appropriate to discuss that in a public forum, no matter how few people read my blog. 

In summary, it's making for poor and exceptionally whiny blog content as of late.  I'm sorry.

I almost skipped my long run this week because i haven't been sleeping, or eating right (skittles is a fruit, right?), and i am just feeling drained.  I woke up and saw the snow on Saturday morning though, and decided to suck it up - i loveeeee snow!

It turned out to be the smartest decision of the week.  I ended up just venting about my tragedy of a life (seriously - i should have gone into drama!) but in the end, it felt really good just to purge all the worry and negative thoughts over the course of 12 snowy miles.  It also helps to have other people to give you feedback and perspective; i generally have considerably less common sense than everyone around me.  

In then end, its just therapeutic to know there are people on team Sara.
I plastered these stickers all over West Lafayette Saturday night, in accordance to the "fake it til you make it" principal.  Royal cat swag is the official logo for team Sara.  

I also went to my alma mater on Saturday night to celebrate Matt's "pre-birthday"  It was great to reunite with old design friends, and it turns out, a lot of people i went to school with don't even have jobs to complain about right now, so it really put things into perspective.  That, and it was determined in my last post that drinking solves everything.  All the time.  
Have you ever had a Baltimore Zoo? It's like a Long Island iced tea, with extra booze added for good measure.   Go Ravens!  :)
So, sorry the blog has been so lame lately.  Come run with me if you ever want the full deets on my drama-fueled life.  I have high hopes that good things are on the horizon, and i will soon have awesome things to talk about again, like how much i hate speed training, or how fast i can eat a baguette.  (Which sheds light on the overlooked "baguette speed training")