Wednesday, October 24, 2012

FWP - i whine a lot.

First and foremost, an update:

I'm alive.  I am slowly starting to feel like a living person again, and lucky for me, plain rice, noodles, and broth are basically my favorite foods anyway.  And, as an extra bonus, by Monday morning, my stomach was as flat as it has ever been!  It was fleeting however, as i am the only person alive that can pack in like 4,000 calories worth of soup.  Take that, third world!

1.  I am boarding a plane to Dublin Friday night, and i have not packed one. single. item.  I haven't even dug out my suitcase from the closet.  Not that its a big deal, because there is not a single article of clean clothing in the house.  We have a pile of dirty clothes towering over 3ft. in the closet that has lovingly been nick-named "laundry mountain."  The dog actually burrowed into it yesterday like a gopher and I LOST TRACK OF HER.  She eventually came out having eaten most of a dirty sock.  I am officially in crisis mode.


2.  Waffles and i have spent much time on the couch together recovering.  She seems to be back to her old self, which is good, because she leaves tomorrow to spend two weeks in Cincinnati with Matt's parents!  As i was writing out the novella that is her feeding directions, comprised of two types of food, microwaving, supplements, and not making eye contact with her when she is supposed to eat, i realized my dog is a total diva, and i have spoiled her rotten.
Microwave food.  Don't make eye contact.  Step away.

3.  I was super excited to start obsessive-compulsively checking the weather for the Dublin marathon on Monday, but it remains the same.  Every time i check.  No wild swings in temperature.  It has remained steady at 47 degrees, and hasn't moved.  I just don't know how to deal with this!
Obviously, it's some kind of trap.


4.  As excited as i am for this trip, I am really terrified about two things.  

a. - currency.  I don't understand american money, let alone money in any other country.  I have actually had to stop and try to remember if a dime was 5 cents or 10 cents.  Thats how hard it is for me. Now, i will be in another country (two actually) where i have to deal with not one, but two different currencies!  This will be a disaster!  And, I'm the responsible one!  My mom and I got in a fight and she demanded to know when the republic of Ireland switched to the Euro.  (Seriously Mom??  1998!!!!!) we're in trouble.

and b. - driving.  actually, Matt is the only one qualified to drive, as i do not know how to drive a stick. So we are all relying on Matt.  The entire time.  And i hear the roads are scary.


5.  Actually, make that three things.  I forgot about that whole Dublin marathon thing.  I don't wanna, I don't wanna!  Its not even the rolling hills, or the heartbreaker at mile 20 - it's the fact that it is a bunch of speedy men i am running with!  I am going to look like the slow, fat american girl in this race.  I am sorry if i embarrass you, America.  And, i don't even know where all the good bars are, so i can't just stop for drink when the going gets tough.  


6.  I seriously have so much to do right now, but i keep finding myself obsessing over this morbidly obese doxie named Obie.
Unfortunately his elderly owners suffered from dementia, and as a result he was extremely overfed and ended up clocking in at close to 80lbs.  (doxies should be around 25!)  He is with a foster now, and is already down to 63 lbs!!  This dog is seriously my bff, and i love him so much.  Look at those eyes.  Follow Obie's weight loss struggle here:

FWP (for both me AND Obie!)

7.  My coworker is seriously kicking my ass at halloween right now.  How did i NOT think of this????

8.  I had to vote by absentee ballot because I fly back the day of the election.  I sent in my vote yesterday, but when you vote as an absentee, you do NOT get the little "i voted sticker" that allows to to walk around judging anyone who didn't vote.  I want my sticker dammit!  And since i don't get one, i am posting it here.  I voted!  Yay for me!

9.  I won a bottle of "Transylvanian" (read=Hungarian) wine in a silent auction at work yesterday, and I don't get to drink it until after i get back  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(  :(

Look at how spooky the bottle is!!  And, none of it is in english, I don't even know what kind of wine it is!


10.  You are all going to have to go a week and a half without hearing from me, because i wont be blogging during my trip, and i am too lazy to arrange guest bloggers.  And after that, there will be at least a weeks worth of blog posts talking about my trip.  Haha, sucks to be you.


(Don't worry, i am sure i will have a few things more to bitch about before i cross the pond on Friday!)  :)


  1. I can't stop watching Obie! How adorable is that dog!?!! We have used pumpkins in a similar fashion at my office. Use what you have, amiright?

    Best of luck on the big DUBLIN marathon!!! Can't wait for the updates!!

  2. We missed you at Zooma! So sorry you were sick but you're right puking at a cheer station is no bueno. Have a blast in Dublin and try to avoid the sheep that are invariably in the road. Hit up Bono's bar at the Clarence Hotel. Ll think of you as I death march through Marine'll be done!

  3. Going without hearing from you is a FWP for sure. I can't wait to hear about this awesome experience :)

  4. Oooo, I am SO STOKED for all the updates about the trip! I have not been to Ireland and cannot wait to hear about it!

    I have read a few recaps of foreign races and it sounds like there are some walkers at marathons, so I bet while there will be a bunch of men in funny outfits running really fast you won't be slow or alone :)

    LOL. I love what a diva Waffles is. LOVE IT!!! :) TOo bad Waffles cannot guest post while you are gone. Ha!

  5. Our mini dachshund is currently 7 pounds and almost 6 months...I can't imagine one THAT big.

    I can't imagine going to Dublin to run a marathon....really I just want to run 10 miles again...FWP (yea, had to add that) what you will be doing AFTER your run...can't wait to see and hear about that post!

    Have FUN!

  6. I am going to have to trick or treat at your coworkers desk! That is freaking awesome!

  7. Where do you work that a coworker has a pumpkin full of booze and they raffle off wine. A very cool place, obviously!

  8. It does suck you'll be gone. GOOD LUCK!

  9. OMG that dog is so cute and pathetic looking!

    GOOD LUCK IN DUBLIN! Hope you have a great race and a fun vacation.

  10. Good luck in Dublin!

    I early voted yesterday, we're cool people.

  11. Oh man, currency is a mind f*&$....I just pretend like money doesn't matter when I travel since it's a "life experience". Doing a destination race is scary....and kilometers....don't even get me started!

  12. Good luck, maybe you should go kiss the blarney stone for some extra luck for the race :)

    Can't wait to hear the fun had on jealous right now!

  13. Good luck & have a blast! I probably wouldn't want to drive and the currency would probably confuse the eff out of me too. I guess drinking will make all of the confusion go away? Who knows. All I know is that I want to go trick or treating to your co-worker's house! :-)

  14. Good luck on the marathon!!!! It's gonna be an amazing experience regardless of what happens :)

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