Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Free is always better!

If i learned anything last year, it's to stop signing up for way too many races, because opportunities will present themselves to win entry in those races.  I am imparting this wisdom onto you my children!  Don't be a bonehead like me, sign up to win!

Here is the direct link to the sweepstakes: http://zoomarun.com/2013sweepstakes/

The Muscle Milk Light ZOOMA Women’s Race Series is calling all women runners to Run to Chi-Town for a fit girlfriends’ getaway this summer, and will award the grand-prize winner of a national sweepstakes an all-expenses paid trip for two to Chicago on August 9-10 for the inaugural ZOOMA Chicago Women’s Half Marathon & 10K, including luxury accommodations at The Langham Chicago, travel expenses, and a fitness-and-fashion makeover from the contest’s sponsors.

The sweepstakes is sponsored by Oiselle (women’s running apparel), Sherpani (sporty bags), Handful (sports bras), and FlexPower (performance and recovery cream), who will be also be providing runners’ up prizes.

ZOOMA Chicago, to be held on Saturday, August 10, is the newest race in the five-event women’s half marathon series designed to inspire women to live healthy and active lives.  Other ZOOMA races are in Austin, TX; Annapolis, MD; Cape Cod, MA; and Amelia Island, FL.

The sweepstakes is open until May 3, and winners will be announced on May 7 on ZOOMA’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/zoomarun).  

Not to be a bossy betty, but you should probably all enter this, because oiselle clothes are super cute, as are the sherpani bags.  And i am not one to give advice on bras, but the chestier ladies seem to swear by handful bras.  And you know, MAKEOVERS IN CHICAGO!  I would totally run 13 miles to get this.

Good luck!


  1. No more Lake Geneva? Anyway, it would be cool to run a half in Montrose Harbor. Maybe someday this one will be open to guys...

    1. Run the F^3 race next January. It starts in Montrose.

  2. I entered! Thanks for posting about it!

  3. I've never been to Chi-town! This sounds awesome!!

  4. I might have to enter this just because I really want an excuse to visit Chicago. This seems like a terrific excuse to me!

  5. I was so tempted to registered when I found out about this race. Especially since they were offering a discount if you were the first 100? The PR medal got me. But still too much for my debt. lol def gonna enter

  6. No! The Hanfuls are to make us non-chesties CHESTIER! Plus when you're really hot you can pull one of the boob pads out and you've got a sponge!