Monday, March 18, 2013

Marathon training week 12: (wo)man with a plan!

Miles: 23
Strength training: I went grocery shopping all by myself?  All that candy is heavy!
Cross-training: Bowling!
Martinis: 2
Outlook:  I am excited about exercise, but not so much about this marathon.  I can still always bump down to the half.  I feel like that makes me a loser though.  Luckily, as a planner (code: nice way of saying OCD) i have multiple contingency plans in place for every possible scenario.

The past week, i have been getting my life back into order.  It kind of blew my mind what a rut i had gotten in, and i had been letting things slide.  Aside from returning to my derby roots, i signed up for a membership at the ymca i pass on my way to work.  I had a membership to xsport that i finally cancelled because they suck so hard that just driving past it brought me rage.  Now i have a place to go when the weather is bad, or when i need to pretend to lift weights.  Winning!  And, not only am i making it easier to get in shape, i am dragging waffles down with me - she starts agility training on Tuesday!  (Not that waffles is out of shape, she just needs something constructive to do that doesn't involve eating her collar off of herself!)  

My long run on saturday (16 miles) went great, especially considering the windiness/ice falling from the sky.  I was tired at the end, but i didn't feel like dying this week.  Although i did have a brush with death when a few of us were almost hit by a car down at navy pier!  (Considering the fact that they had IU flags on their car, and i had a Purdue headband, i am convinced that this was a hate crime.)  

I also went bowling with about a dozen of my cousins this weekend.  My arm is still sore from carrying around that 8lb ball AND a bloody mary.  Irish strength-training!
Matt and Waffles were out of town for the weekend, so i finally got the chance to clean without someone stealing socks from the laundry basket, and licking all the clean dishes as i unload them from the washer (Matt.....) Of course i missed them, but it was really nice to have the Sara time!

And they had a fun weekend in Cincinnati, so good times were had by all.

Lastly, when they did come home last night, Matt was bearing this beautiful Easter basket from his parents!
I am SOOOO ready for spring, and these beautiful flowers did just the trick!!  I am definitely starting to feel like a new person (insert spring themed metaphor here).  Now time to go out in the freezing rain....(booo!  hissssss!)


  1. I love your attitude pretty lady! I get into a funk every once in a while too, but then once things start falling back into a place I realize what I loser I was acting like. I can get very cranky when I am not happy. Not good.

    Good luck to Waffles in agility too. I am sure that she will be the star of the class!


  3. I have been horrible doing strength training lately, shoveling snow for an hour counts...right? I need to do though as I'm starting to get IT Band pain again and I absolutely hate it!

    I may be free on race day and I could maybe run with you for some miles if lacking in motivation.

  4. Waffles ate her own collar while she was wearing it?! Unbelievable. I hope it tasted good and she didn't get an upset stomach afterwards! :-) By the way, Bloody Marys + Bowling sound like a fun combination. Plus the Bloody Marys would likely help improve my pathetic bowling scores.

  5. Sorry, I got stuck on your "grocery shopping = strength training because candy is HEAVY" comment. I AM SO USING THAT!

    Pretty please, Spring?? I know I'll be bitching about heat soon, but right now I MISS YOU!

  6. Such a good idea joining a gym on your commute! Now if only I could buy a Metra car and turn it into a bar/gym. That would make my life pretty close to perfect!

  7. Love the flowers! And heck yes for a nice run! PS Go, Waffles! Hope the class works out for him :)

  8. martinis and running. are you my soul mate? <3

  9. Days with weather like today make me REALLY excited for spring!! It honestly cannot get here soon enough!!

  10. I love it! Good for you for kicking yourself into action. I need that motivation.

  11. I think I'm going to have to make bowling a cross training session. It covers all the bases that I need covered.

  12. What a beautiful basket!!!

    We went bowling this weekend too. WHY IS MY ARM SO SORE?!

    WTF happened with almost getting hit? I am happy your 16 was still awesome and you are having such a great week!

    I want a weekend all to myself! LOL :)

  13. Beautiful flowers!!! Yay for the YMCA membership and I laughed out loud about the candy being heavy during grocery shopping (I SO understand!!!)