Monday, March 4, 2013

Marathon training week 10. Ouch.

Miles run: 24
Martinis: 3
Strength: 0
Cross-training:  A lot of walking!

Outlook:  Well, it happened.  I would call it a full on injury, but my minor training aches and pains turned into shooting pains that have been making it difficult to walk, and are even keeping me from sleeping at night.  The main culprits are both knees, and my left foot.

It's my own damn fault too.  As i was having a total breakdown during my long run, and cutting it short due to pain, my training leader asked me if i was foam rolling enough.  To which i responded, "I haven't touched the foam roller since November."  Couple that with absolutely no post run stretching (It's too cold!) and attempting long runs in shoes that are probably not supportive enough, (especially for all the ice chunks!) and you've got one hot mess.  Needless to say, this week my focus in on learning proper recovery - I have been a bonehead for far too long.  This week is about stretching, foam-rolling, foot massaging, and eating of nutritious, protein filled post-run snacks.  It was arrogant of me to think that my body would run a marathon with me treating it like crap.  My mangled, tender foot and grapefruit knees have humbled me.

Seeing as how all my running this weekend was shut down, i got to spend the weekend at home, in a pain-killer induced haze doing my favorite activity besides running.  Cooking!  Matt bought a giant bag of arugula that is too much for two people to ever eat, so our mission was to have it for every single meal.  Some of my favorites:

Thats right, i learned to poach an egg.  and it was delicious.  And waffles ate like a queen on all the eggs i messed up.  She had herself a little doggy benedict!

Do you ever make training mistakes despite KNOWING it's a mistake?  I am a serial just really catches up to me in the cold winter days.  


  1. I love the fiestaware plates and all of this food looks amazing. Can you come cook for me? THANKS!!!

    1. And I hope your injury is helped by some old fashioned foam rolling and stretching! :)

  2. Your arugula creations look yummy! I hope that you aren't really injured and just need to stretch and foam roll on a more regular basis. Can you stretch inside somewhere so that you don't get cold and are more likely to actually do it? I used to think stretching was such a drag until I get injured. Now I swear by it. I stretch even on my off days.

  3. Your meals look delish!

    Ugh! Foam rolling. I keep telling myself I am going to, and don't. Sigh. I am using this as a reminder to recommit! Thank you!

  4. I am with you right now. I didn't stretch or foam roll after my 16 miler yesterday and today my left knee is NOT HAPPY. You can bet what I'll be doing tonight!

  5. I am horrible at foam rolling afterwards!! I only seem to do it when I can really feel the pain, like it really matters much at that point.

  6. I haven't been foam rolling either and I started to feel it during yesterday's run. I feel like I was SO diligent with doing everything "right" when training for the Chicago Marathon, now that I'm "only" training for a half, it's like I can just wing it. My body thinks otherwise.

  7. Shoot....I am out for long distances period. I can't even recover right after running 6.5 a week ago. I guess my hip doctor last year summed it up when he told me my hips were not built for running ....and if I try to push it DON'T push it more than 3-4 miles a time and give yourself recovery time in between.

    Yep...I have been feeling my hip twinge ever since. ;-( Time for more cycling, walking, and swimming....I will leave myself 5k's and that's it!

  8. Sorry to hear about the knee pain. That sucks. Anyway, the former "Runner's World" M.D., Dr. Sheehan, figured out knee pain in runners almost always stems from the foot. Anyway, here is the page in "The Lore of Running" that tells the story how he "cured" knee pain in one week in a runner who was told by another doctor to take over a year off from running: Hope it helps.

  9. Switching out my shoes from Brooks Pures to Hokas helped my leg pain. And everything was hurting. Achilles, knees, quads, hips, everything. Now, I still don't foam roll since I need a new one and still feel like I don't stretch enough, but the change in shoes made a world a difference!

  10. I sure hope you are feeling better soon! Try epsom salt baths as well...they work wonders.

  11. I understand about injuries..I don't stretch or work my core enough.

    I will say what helps my foot the most, (because I can't get V to give me a good foot massage) is to go get a pedicure, and pay for the extra massage..and have them really go at it. It is best to go early in the morning, when their hands aren't tire.