Wednesday, May 15, 2013

a forwardish motion

True story - I started this post Sunday night.  Have you ever had one of those days that feels like your Monday is dragging, and lunch will never come, and then you realize it's actually Wednesday already?  Yeah.  That's what my week has been like

If you've reading my blog, first off, i'm sorry - because this blog is lame.  But you will have noticed that i have been having a bad time keeping my running and training on track.  I would love to say that now, post marathon, it is a new day, and i can start fresh, and blah blah blah blah.  But the truth is, we are still going through a lot of changes over here.  Matt is starting his new job, and we are going to have to move this summer.  Change is stalking me.  But i am proud that over the past few turbulant months, I have managed to keep up with about 20 miles a week.  Granted it should be more like 50, but sometimes that is just not in the cards.

So, looking ahead, i can promise you nothing more than a somewhat forwardish motion.  My next race on schedule is Ragnar, so at the very least - there will be double run days.  I actually enjoy doubling up on runs.  I just don't have time usually for an 8-10 mile midweek run unless i wake up at 4am, or stay up past my 10pm bedtime.  But, i can usually swing breaking it up into a morning and evening run.  I really need to focus on bringing my mileage up this summer, and improving the quality of the miles.  It doesn't help that summer is the worst time ever for me for training.  The heat, the sun, the pollen - blergh.

Just to prove i am still running, i have started forcing people to run with me as proof - I got to run with Bobbi on Saturday, and my newly-wed friend Eric on Sunday! Eric and i hit the trails down in Palos, where i stubbed my toe so bad i flew face first into a pile of leaves.  Now my good toe is also turning black.  Totally ready for this trail marathon in August.  TOTALLY.

And just to keep this as a running blog, (on a technicality) i ran last night.  And i saw a deer.  And the deer was eating a cake. I didn't have my phone, but here is a reenactment of the scene.

Did i mention the cake was on a pedastool wooden display thingy?


  1. LOL!!! Great drawing skills! No really, my stick figures make toothpicks look like they have full figures!

    There has been lots of - ugly runners foot - mentions in blogs lately. Someone should make it a photo challenge.

    At least you found some running buddies to hold you accountable!

    Summer, where you either run early to run, or run during the day to watch people run out of energy in the sun, right? I've never been a night runner.

    I hope things settle for you nicely this summer and you find a nice new place!

  2. Love the drawing of the deer eating the cake, much better than a phone pic. I googled "pedastool" and yes, your drawing gets the color accurately!

  3. That drawing has it all! your hair, your sunglasses, CAKE (!!?!?!)

    I didn't know deer ate cake. Learn somethin' knew every day...

    Thanks for running with me :)

  4. LOL at the deer eating a cake. What the what?

    As long as our team is the cutest at Ragnar, we win.

  5. What kind of cake?!

    Why do you feel like you need to be running 50 miles? 20 sounds great! I think you are doing great... and shouldn't be so hard on yourself!!!

    I love doubles!!! Are you excited for Ragnar?

    Move up by me! :)

  6. Loving the MS paint-style drawing. Classic. It sounds like you have a good plan for your Ragnar training. Good luck with the doubles, and I hope you continue to have encounters with woodland creatures eating pastries that you can sketch out for us. ;)

  7. I am baffled at this deer eating cake thing. What the heck kind of cake was this? And I think deer around here are freakishly calm and non-skittish. Seriously the deer in Iowa do not just stand there when you run or bike by.

  8. Your poor feet! I finally painted my toenails so they wouldn't look quite so awful. The paint kinda makes them look normal again. At least I braved flip flops over the weekend.

  9. Sunglasses at night. you are too cool. hahahah

    love the drawing. I saw a birds eating cake once.. but not on a pedestal.. and it wasn't a deer haha.

  10. cake always belongs on a pedistal. Just sayin;

  11. A cake eating deer -- your life wins!

  12. Could you just start a blog where you illustrate things like deer eating cake? Because I'd follow that.

  13. I have frequently gone through times when keeping up with the running just does not happen. But it makes getting back on track very rewarding. Good Luck!

    I totally love the drawing BTW - I cannot draw to save my life...

  14. I feel like this week especially I'm not running enough. But then I'm like this is a prerace week. I'm doing a half this weekend with my mom. And then its like a battle in my head because I want to run another marathon on June 2nd. One that will not be as much fun as the first cause I won't have you or Scarlett keeping me going. So I should be training hard?
    ugh. I know how you feel about not enough miles especially with the new found heat. /:
    But I love the drawing and how you prove that your are actually running with your peeps. (:

  15. know I dislocated my shoulder by running in a trail and tripping and falling directly on it, right? Not in Palos though. I'll be running there this weekend. I get nervous running dirt trails now-a-days! Only ran one once since dislocating my shoulder!!

    A dear was eating a ... cake?... on a pedastool...??? Weird!! I need to run with you! lol

  16. I know I spelled that wrong :/
    Love your drawing btw!

  17. Which Ragnar are you running?! I'm jealous and need to live vicariously!