Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The stress fracture scare of 2013

I was a little lax on my blogging last week.  Two reasons:  

1.  Rachel and I put hella man hours into Team Run for HD.  I think its going to be a really awesome fundraising year for us, and we already have a few great events on the calendar!  So pumped!  (and exhausted!)

2.  I started having foot pain.  Not like "awwww, my feet are sore", but more of a "this spot feels broken" sort of pain.  Obviously, having just run two races i was severely undertrained for, my mind instantly jumps to stress fracture.  (for the record, i thought i had skin cancer the previous week, but it turned out to be melted chocolate.  Because thats normal too.) I think i jumped to that conclusion because that's the worst thing that could happen right now.  I am starting to feel great about running finally, because i am not stressed or beating myself up, and i am enjoying the shorter, faster runs without a marathon looming in the near future.

Don't fear, Ragnar teammates, it's most likely not a stress fracture.  But i do have a dilemma on my hands.  Between roller derby, running, and summer walking, my feet will only allow me two out of three.

The helmet is filling in for my skate because i am too lazy to walk down the street and get my skate out of the car
We all know running is hard on the feet.  And so is roller derby - you shove your feet in uncomfortable skates, and you stretch all those foot muscles as you try to stay standing.  And then summer sandals - don't get me started (or even worse - toms! so painful!).  I have a desk job, so it's not like i am on my feet all day, but i do spend a lot of time strolling the streets with waffles, and gladiator sandals do not provide the foot support you would assume they would with a name like gladiator sandals.

Which two would you choose?  I am naturally going to kiss my fashionable sandals goodbye.  But i am not happy about it.  What am i supposed to wear all summer?  Don't they make supportive sandals?  Like nurses shoes in sandals form??

Woe is me.

But seriously - what is on your feet this summer?  Or should i just make a statement and go barefoot everywhere?


  1. I wear Chaco flip flops pretty much all summer - they're fairly supportive for sandals. I also like Privo (by Clarks) for walking around. They're cushy and sometimes a little cute :) I hope you can find something comfy, not wearing sandals in the summer is no fun!

    I'm envious of your shorter runs, I'm so looking forward to not training for anything big!

  2. I have already made the transition into "old lady" sandals. Kohls actually has some really cute ones!

  3. So happy your foot is not busted! Ha ha. I have had a few summers where I had to wear tennis shoes because of plantar fasciitis (too lazy to look up spelling). I hated it. I wear somewhat padded adidas flip flops now. I just want to be comfortable!

  4. I bought a pair of flip flops that you put in the oven to warm them up and then they mold to your feet! It's kind of like having running shoe inserts attached to your feet. I bought them at Fleet Feet a few summers ago.

  5. Guy here, i hate all thonged flip flops, they always irritated my feet and cut me. I have to get some ugly cushioned things with a strap over my foot.

    I have a pair of pumas for casual walking, but they also end up hurting my calves since they are so poorly cushioned. I end up using an old pair of running shoes I didn't wear much.

    The skin cancer scare reminded me of what happened about a month ago with our daughter, we suddenly noticed this blueish green thing on her gums and though she had some horrible tooth infection, freaking up, trying to reach a dentist... it was a blueberry that got stuck on a new tooth. WOMP!

  6. I second the Chaco suggestion! They are super comfy and have great arch support. And if they get smelly, you can just chuck them in the washing machine. I hope your foot starts to feel better soon! Hopefully it's just tendinitis or something more minor.

  7. I wear a pair of crocs sandals. Yes...crocs...and they are flats. Super comfortable! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! There is a Crocs store in the city. These don't look like crocs. No one even knows that's what they are! Check it out!

  8. My fave flip flops are I crew. But prob not enough support

  9. I wear flip flops and Toms all summer. No wonder why my feet are freaking killing me. I actually have an appt. on Tuesday have my feet looked at. :/