Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dead week and mixology magic.

If you follow me on daily mile, you may notice the big fat goose egg that has been sitting next to my name this week.  Yeah, it's driving me crazy.  But honestly?  I have been training my bootie off for the past 10 months, and quite frankly, I'm exhausted.  I'm not so much physically exhausted - it's not like i have ever (or will ever) put in a 100 mile week, but i am mentally drained.  For me, the hardest part about running as much as i have this year is everything i have to skip to make it possible.  Working and commuting as much as i do doesn't allow you bundles of free time, so every morning i wake up, and if i want to run, i have to decide what to skip.  (Spoiler: It's usually laundry)

So, this week i am catching up on sleep, dishes, laundry, housework, cooking healthy meals, training my monster dog, visiting with old friends, and just a crap ton of stuff i have been putting off (I'm looking at YOU broken tail light!)  I am also in the process of weening myself off the horrifying levels of caffeine and sugar that have sustained me the past ten months, as well as the 4000 calories a day that i really don't need right now.  I could always just run another marathon, but i like to think that taking a little me time right now will set me up for a stellar year next year, where i will be faster, stronger, more organized, and will succeed in keeping laundry mountain in check.

While major changes to the diet are a huge struggle (how do i feel so deprived on 2500 calories a day?  I would die in the third world. FWP.) There have been two really easy transitions.  One is weening myself off of candy.  I always have it in the car during my 2-3 hours commuting every day.  I am not banning candy - it's just not allowed in the car.  The second is soda.  During marathon season I enjoy a full sugar soda a few times a week.  To me it's almost the same thing as gatorade only 10 million times tastier.  It's also quick and easy carbo-loading. (nutritionists, please pause - i know there are different types of carbs.)  However when i am not running 40 miles a week, all that sugar is just extra calories i don't need right now.  I am also not a huge fan of diet soda.  It is not the same thing.  Thats why thanks to Coca-cola and there new freestyle machines (have you seen them? They look like soda robots from the future!), i have made up a few "compromises" that have less calories, but still taste deeeeelish!

Ignore the fact that i look homeless, it's been a long week.
 Basically, these machines let you customize your drink.  You can literally make hundreds of different combinations, so its pretty sure to please everyone, even picky divas like myself.
You can locate machines through their website HERE.  We found one that was supposed to be at the walgreens by our place, but sadly, they are still remodeling and the machine wasn't there yet.  Luckily, i bribed Matt to go with me to Potbellys by offering to buy him a beverage and dream bar.
 My #1 drink is "The Gingerfoxxx"  It's half coke zero, half cherry coke.  Unfortunately though, we went in the evening, and i was worried the caffeine would interfere with my 9:30 bedtime.  So, i improvised with:

"The Nightfoxxx!"  A caffeine free and sparkly alternative.  Its 2 parts Dasani raspberry sparkling water, 1 part Sprite Vanilla, and 1 part Seagrams club soda.  It's delicious, and slightly reminiscent of cream soda! 
I also created a drink for Matt that we named the "Deans Delight" which was half Hi-C raspberry lime, half Seagrams club soda (we're big club soda people.)
Both of our drinks had less than half the calories of a normal soda (Matt isn't running these days either) and were still really tasty.  I really hope to see more of these machines, because to me, mixing soda flavors kind of comes naturally.  If one flavor is good, 4 flavors will be even better.  I vote to see them in 7-11's and gas stations.  And i told them this.  But until then, you can find them at some of the new "Super-Walgreens", Burger Kings, and some of the "fast casual" restaurants like Potbellys, Go Roma, Noodles & Co, and Five Guys.  And some movie theaters too!

So cheers!  Go forth and create awesome drinks.  Or if not, just try the Gingerfoxxx, you won't regret it.  It's totally a thing now, because i said so.  Orrrrr, try to make something better- what crazy combo can you think up??

***Also, It looks like the coke freestyle team will be at the Northwestern/Illinois game the weekend after thanksgiving - go check them out, and go Illini!


  1. OMG..I haven't drank soda in weeks...I finally don't crave it and don't need it...but, this machine may just make me weak in the knees to go back and try fun combinations!!! LOVE IT!

    1. They have lemonade, flavored waters, and powerade zero too! As well as some other juices. I would never be able to give up soda, I love it way too much. You are a trooper!

  2. I don't keep soda in my house for a reason, the only time I end up having it is if I get fast food and I just hate myself afterwards. I also don't drink coffee so you should see my caffeine high!!

    I loved taking a break after my marathon, except I didn't adjust my eating and the few pounds gained motivated me into hitting the pavement.

  3. I've never been a soda drinker, but these look amazing. I am thankful that I am NOT training, because I have finally DROPPED 8 lbs!!

  4. You deserve the rest! Dont you dare feel guilty about a few goose egg weeks. :)

  5. I LOVE these machines! They have them at Five Guys and you can make awesome combinations :)

  6. I have never seen a freestyle machine before Pretty cool concept. I bet they have them in Seattle somewhere. I highly doubt they will be coming to Spokane anytime soon. Enjoy the rest of your week off. You deserve it!

  7. OMG you are hilarious. lol. But WHAT!?!? I've never seen those machines!! How cool is that!
    But I've been mixing some cherry coke or rootbeer with diet coke for year. Just put a quarter in on the top and there you go! Not a plain diet coke but something with some flavor!

  8. I rarely have pop. I haven't tried this machine, I want to try it badly, so should prob skip it.

  9. Wow, those freestyle machines sound amazing! I love any kind of "Make Your Own [fill in the blank]" so I could probably spend hours entertaining myself with one of those machines (at least until my stomach exploded from the carbonation, LOL).

    ENJOY your rest time and take as much time off as you need. You DESERVE it!!!

  10. Wow, is there anything that Coke can't do? How about a gin and tonic machine?