Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Guest post!

Hey everyone!  Waffles here!
Mom's been busy at work this week with a presentation, so being the amazing dog that i am, I decided to come to work with her so i could help out with administrative things like blogging and trying to knock bagels out of the interns hands so that i can steal them.  

I'm a little nervous because tonight we are all driving to Elmhurst, (which for a dog is really REALLY far away) so that i can run my very first 5k tomorrow!  Mom and Dad are even running it with me!  I have never run in a race before, and i have all the same concerns that anyone has before their first race.  
I figured i could vent on here-

1.  What do i wear??  Mom bought me an ugly dog sweater at target, but i panicked when she tried to pull it over my head and ended up karate chopping her in the face.  Now she is going to have to modify it so that it velcros on, but that will take a couple days!  Luckily, it's supposed to be a warm thanksgiving, so i think i will be ok.

2.  What pace do i run??  I don't have much training, but i am naturally very fast.  WAY faster than mom and dad- they could never keep up with me!  I think i could beat a greyhound if i was taller!  I have tried running with mom before, but i like to tug and that annoys her....but she really should run faster.  Sometimes dad will sprint with me, but then i will see something cool that i have to sniff, and i will stop suddenly and end up tripping both of us.  I think we can run the 5k in 40 minutes tomorrow (even though it's untimed!)  If i can ditch mom and dad though, i think i can do it in 15.  If i could stay on the course...

3.  What do i eat?  I have IBD, so a lot of food makes me sick.  I think my meals will all be prepacked for me.  I think i might get some treats on the course though to help keep me focused!

4.  What do i do after? I heard there might be lots of food.  Sadly, my parents are really strict about table scraps.  I'm hoping that if i am really good, i might get some turkey under the table!

I am both excited and nervous.  Since the race isn't competitive  I am just going to try and have a good time, and use my sighthound abilities to  spot the bloody mary station, because mom was so hungover last year she missed it.  I think my mom might take me for a quick shake out jog at lunch too, because i keep running around the office like a maniac and she looks pissed.

I hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving!!!


  1. Waffles, at least you WILL run! Unlike a certain fat cat I know who could stand to lose a few pounds.

  2. Hahaha!!!! That was the BEST POST EVER! Thanks for the laugh Waffles!! Enjoy your first race and let us know how it goes for you!

  3. Waffles, great to hear from you! I totally get you when you say that you like to sprint fast, but then need to stop suddenly to sniff something. Happens to the best of us. Don't be nervous about the race, just enjoy yourself, enjoy the Bloody Mary bar and just think of all the table scraps you'll be getting later on. By the way, your English is perfect. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Waffles!!! You are hilarious and also so considerate for helping your mom out at work!!! Have a great time at the race tomorrow - no need to be nervous, just enjoy yourself and the festivities. Be sure to pose for all cameras so your mom and dad can get great photos of you!!!

  5. I Love hearing from you waffles, so glad you are able to join mommy for a day at work and love on all her co-workers!

  6. Hi waffles, CB here...

    I'm jealous. My mommy and daddy won't let me run with them until after I go to the vet for my checkup on Saturday to get my stitches removed. Boo to them! I'm fine!

    I think you are cute with or without a sweater. And I know what you mean about the humans holding you back. I'm convince I could win any race around here if they had a squirrel leading the way. That's the only way I'd stay on course...

    I think your race plan should be to just pull them the entire way and go at your own pace. Hell, if you need to stop and sniff, I totally get that. Maybe you'll get your parents a PR!

    Good luck! Can't wait to hear how your first race goes.


    1. CB- We should totally hang out! There is a dog park right down the street from me with grass and everything!!

  7. cute post and last picture too...have fun tomorrow!

  8. Great post, Waffles....and best of luck at your Turkey Trot tomorrow! I'll be running one as well, so we'll be able to compare times afterwards.

    Tell Sara when you can that I hope she and Matt have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  9. Go Waffles you will do great! Just have fun tomorrow and run your own race, but at your mommy & daddy's pace of course. Remember to smile because they will probably be taking lots of pictures. Be sure and stay hydrated and eat a snack before your race in the morning AND after I am sure they will give you a treat because they will be so PROUD of you!!

  10. Waffles, I think you should take off and try to win! Let Mommy and Daddy lag behind. Ha! Good luck!

  11. haha how cute is this!
    Hope you had a great thanksgiving!

  12. oh Waffles, how did it go? I ran that one in the past, except it was so crowded you couldn't run it. I hope you didn't get trampled.