Monday, November 26, 2012

Obvious Solutions

I was going to write all about waffles' first turkey trot, but then i left my camera at home, and what is a waffles story without adorable pictures of her.  #FWP, for sure.
Instead, here is a photo of Matt and I wearing candle wreaths on our head for  one of our thanksgivings.  Have you seen the Ref?

Anyways, i was trying to think about what would be a relavant blog post today, but i have been such a cranky bitch for the past two weeks, i was afraid that the second i opened the type window, it would just become a pile of whiney word vomit.  "I don't have time to run, I can't stop eating, It's cold out, My house is a mess, waaaaahhhhhhhh"

Then, as i was sitting at a light waiting to get on the jam-packed highway so that i could whimper for an hour about my commute, a light turned on in my brain (finally) - I had once again packed way more food than a single person should ever eat in a day, and there was my favorite underpass transient scavenging for food and change.  So i gave him my apple.  


I know this doesn't seem like rocket science, but it got me thinking - what else is making me miserable despite obvious answers right in front of me?  For example, i am simultaneously depressed about the lack of sunlight preventing me from running in the evenings, and my lack of extraneous cash preventing me from going out to lunch everyday.  Wait for it - since i pack a lunch, and hoover it down in less than 5 minutes, what if i started running at lunch??  HOLY CRAP, i'm on fire!

To top it all off, every thanksgiving, visiting my moms cluttered house sends me into a maniacal cleaning spree, only this year rather than throwing away my gently used running shoes and cardigans that Matt has shrank, i will be trucking them to goodwill, so that some very tiny person can hopefully use them this Christmas.  

In the spirit of all the upcoming religious holidays, what eureka moments are YOU finding to help give back, and appreciate what you have?


  1. way to turn around your waaaahhhh post to waalaa!!

    I donate all year long and it always feels good to give away and declutter.

    Any ideas on what to get 70 and 67 year old parents who have every thing? We will be celebrating Christmas in two weeks with them....Aaahhhhhh!

  2. I really love this post!!! Thanksgiving was a big eureka moment for me, it definitely made me stop and think about all the great things in my life. Also, I had one of those magically perfect weekends that was fun, relaxing, productive and eventful all at the same time. It got me really, really excited about continuing this feeling into Christmas. On Sunday I made my hubby sign up at church to volunteer with some charity gift giving drives-I'm excited!

  3. I was at the movies in Evanston yesterday, leaving a showing of "Hitchcock" when I heard this touching moment holiday of holiday spirit:
    Homeless guy: "Hey man, I need $1.90."
    Man on the street: "I'll give you a dollar."
    Homeless guy: "But I need $1.90!"
    Man on the street: "Forget it then."
    Homeless guy: "Okay, I'll take the dollar."

  4. I wish I could run at lunch! So glad you found a solution!

    I, too, had a eureka moment. I actually signed up to do some volunteer work next weekend as a result!

  5. Hooray for turning negatives into positives! The holiday spirit must be rubbing off on you. I really wish I could run during lunch because running at night after work is awful!

  6. I am cleaning my closets out this weekend and making a goodwill trip on Saturday or Sunday. Of course I mostly need to do this so that I can put all of my NEW clothes in my closet. OOOPS.
    How did Waffles turkey trot go????

  7. I just passed on ALL the baby stuff to a friends daughter who is having twins. Now Michael has been telling everyone for 2 days that his mommy is having a baby. Ummmmm, no F'ING way but that would be totally my luck.....

  8. I wish I could run at lunch but that would mean schleping even more crap on the train. And I have a Hulu Lunch Crew. We watch TV shows via Hulu on a lap top + projector in our conference room (which has couches instead of chairs) while we eat lunch. But at least that solves my problem of not having time to watch TV. However, I still buy my lunch pretty much everyday which I know is stupid, but I'm lazy.