Thursday, February 28, 2013

Me & Benny are outta here!

Today's a big day - It's the last day of work for me and Pope Benedict!
It's been a kind of surreal week, resulting in me doing less and less each day.  Yesterday, i went out for a two hour lunch of beer drinking.  Tomorrow, i don't even think I'll get out of bed.  Yesterday i was suffering from a terrible case of "graduation goggles" and was getting all mopey about everyone i am leaving behind - thinking maybe things weren't so bad here.  Then i spent two hours in traffic and remembered.  Oh, did i remember.  Luckily i found a pint (yes, a pint!) of candy hearts leftover from V-day to hold me over.

So it's been a very weird week.  I guess because i can't put a thought together, i will just give you the topline:

The weather sucked to drive in.
But was awesome to dance in.

I ate a falafel sandwich that had pickles and french fries on it, and it was the best decision ever
And i keep getting text messages from what appears to be a bored 15 year old boy.

Yeah, it's been a weird week.  But thus is life, and change is good -right?  I am also excited to explore running on the the southwest side, and i hope to find some nifty trails by my new job to keep me entertained.  

Come on, Benny!  It's time to ease on down the road!


  1. Hahahaha, it's hard to say which is more awesome - the picture of you and the Pope, or the texts with your new BFF.

    I had an awesomely fun day with my co-workers yesterday, and those do always trick me into thinking my job itself isn't so bad. But hey, you can still be friends :)

  2. OMG. That text. I LOVE IT. You are so witty. :)

    And I love you and Benny together. Ha.

    Sounds like the perfect week, minus the snow and almost feeling sad about leaving ;)

  3. I AM DYING at that text. I love how he writes:

    Text me back.


  4. This entire post is hilarious! Mostly because I totally understand graduation goggles. I still get those sometimes about my previous job even though I've been gone almost 6 years!

    But I also laughed out loud at your PS skills and your txt BFF.

  5. If that is a 15-yr. old boy....he is loving his new BFF's attitude and spice of life may have a stalker for ever! ha!

  6. Change IS good! Love the BFF convo hahah

  7. That is an awesome text! Hilarious! Southwest side?? Ooohhh that's where I live!! :)

  8. Your new bff sounds like a hottie. Maybe if you're really nice, he'll ask you to prom. :)

  9. OMG that photo of you an Benny... EPIC

    Your new BFF is better than the guy who called me asking for "Sherri" or something last week. I said, sorry youve got the wrong #. And he was all WTF?!?! When are you coming to the bar??? I dont have the wrong #, lemme speak to her. I said, no seriously, this is not her. (I contemplated for a minute telling him she hates his guts whatever, but decided against it...) UM YEAH awesome.

  10. Nice picture with the Pope! I didn't realize you were so close, LOL. Hilarious about your new texting buddy too. Random, but it is funny. :-)

  11. Two NYE's ago I had a 30 text long conversation with who my drunken mind was CONVINCED was my best friend's boyfriend stealing her phone. The guy kept saying "this is not who you think it is" and I kept saying "Clay, stop messing with me" basically all night. OMG SO EMBARRASSING.

  12. LOL! Your posts always make me smile. We so have to meet up for a lunch of beer drinking. Sounds fab!

  13. Was "Ease on Down the Road" the only hit from the Wiz?

  14. OMG that sandwich..OHHH that sandwich. Fried ON a sandwich and you can never go wrong.