Sunday, October 30, 2011

The run of the dead!

Yesterday morning some of my friends and i got up to run the "carreras de los muertos"  or the "run of the dead"

A lot of factors were in play to make this a terrible race.  To me, 5ks are pointless because i am slow and steady like the turtle.  Plus it was cold.  plus i had a hangover.  plus, we were out of granola bars.  Like a trifecta of bad news.  I even debated not going.....i think the fact that my professional like was in chaos would be excuse enough to skip a 5k.  My friend Aaron however shared the fact that he had only gotten 4 hours of sleep, and had franzia and pizza for dinner.  I decided to stop moping and go.  We got there at the perfect time...we were a little behind schedule, but still made it to the race on time, and it meant less time standing in the cold.  My friend Katherine was running with us, and is a new runner, so that is really exciting.  I ended up not dressing up because none of my friends did, and i regret that now.  There were some awesome costumes!  I am  for sure running it next year, AND dressing up.

Matt, Me, my neon green sports bra, Aaron, Katherine, and Marcie.
The race itself was pretty awesome for a 5k.  It was a fun run/walk, so people weren't too serious.  There were lots of fire dancers and bands along the course, which is amazing!  Katherine was worried that we would zoom ahead and abandon her (no one has ever put "me" and "zoom" in the same sentence"  so she was the official pace setter.  It was actually really nice.  I have been obsessing over pace and getting faster lately, and it makes running hard and sad.  This slow super easy run was just what i needed.  We were all able to talk to each other, and laugh and look at costumes, and enjoy the nice chilly weather (mid 30's, yikes!).  It was really nice to not care at all about what time it was!  After the race, we got free tampico and churros!
putting that hangover in its place!
Anyways, i cannot say enough nice things about this race.  The only downside is that i have to wait an entire year for it to come back.  LAME.  At least i have the awesome shirt to wear.

I think i also loved this race because it was just what i needed.  To remember that i actually really love running, and that i have come pretty far in the 6 months i have been doing it.  I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately (mostly from my job!  DAMN YOU JOB!)  and my running has been suffering in the wake of my stress induced exhaustive state.  This race inspired me take the rest of the weekend off.  No worrying.  no errand running.  just laying around, reading, watching movies, and maybe, but only maybe, i will go for a nice easy run today!

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