Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'mmmmmmm Backkkkkk!

I didn't bring my computer with me for thanksgiving, and it was actually kind of awesome :)  I will spend today trying to catch up on all the amazing posts i have.  STARTING WITH:

The Annual Elmhurst Dan Gibbons Turkey Trot!

I left work early on Wednesday to beat the traffic, and pack for the holiday.  Before we left for my cousins, i made Buffalo Chicken dip:

and Rolo Turtles:

Then Matt and i packed up the car and headed to my cousins house in the suburbs.  I proceeded to drink an entire bottle of wine, and go to bed around 2:30am.  Then we all woke up for the annual turkey trot!  This year only Matt, myself, my cousin and his wife ran.  There was a brand new course this year, because we had 8,000 runners.  8,000 runners for an untimed turkey trot!  THATS INSANE!
True to our style, we were late to the race.  Like, really late.  We actually heard the race start from way down the street.  I started running to try to catch up with the runners, but got tangled in a sea of walkers, strollers, dogs, old people, fat people, girls in leggings and boots, etc.  It took me about two minutes to finally be able to start running with out trampling anyone.    This is such a fun race, and a lot of people dress up.  I am going to try to find a turkey hat for next year.  Along the way, i saw this pilgrim:

And these smurfs:
and i faked this smile despite running with a wine hangover:
The one downside about the new course is that i did not see bloody marys.  It could be that i missed them, who knows.  Apparently their was a mimosa station, but i missed that too.  To be safe, next year i am going to wear a race belt with flasks filled with my own personal bloody mary, and mimosa.  

The one thing i hate about racing in the cold, is that when you finish, you have to stand around in the freezing cold, trying to find everyone.  Of course they had a heated tent where my group was waiting for me, but i was much to stupid to find that giant yellow tent that was visible from space.  To keep warm until we met up with my cousins, Matt and i had to dance.
And dance we did.
5K - 27 minutes (ish) (the start was a little jumbled and i didn't know when to turn my garmin on)

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