Thursday, December 13, 2012

A year of records

No, not me.  In fact, i am mediocre at best at almost everything i attempt.

I'm talking about the weather!  What's going on with you weather?  I won't even go into world wide weather phenomena over the past year, but just Chicago alone has been all over the place.  Between the mild dry winter, the 80 degree days in March, the 100 degree days in June, and the 71 degree day just last week, I am a little concerned.  Don't get me wrong.  The fact that it is sunny and 50 degrees right now is awesome.  You know what isn't awesome?  I am drowning under a sea of year end deadlines, and looking outside is only making it harder for me to focus on this mountain of work (especially since it is dark when i go in, and dark when i leave.  It's a vampires life for me!) I would feel much better about all of this if it was snowing right now.

Why hasn't it snowed yet???  We already smashed the record for longest amount of days without measurable snowfall.  In a couple more days, we will smash the record for latest day in December without seeing snow fall.  What's going on up there??  Is somebody asleep on the job?

Well, as someone who loves running through fresh snow (when it is less than 3" deep) and leaving her tracks all over the city, I am begging you, Chicago...


Little baby snows....

Big fancy snows.....

Even blurry snows that get in your eyes and sometimes cause temporary blindness....
I am lost and depressed without you.  I'll take anything at this point.  How are we supposed to show what badass winter runners we are when there's no snow??


  1. Yes yes yes!!!! What you said. All of it.

  2. I knew this snowfall drought would happen when I bought my cross country skis last year with dreams of skiing down the unplowed side streets to the lakefront! I guess as soon as I sell the skis back to Play-it-Again sports it will snow!

    1. You are going to have to sell them. For all of us!

    2. She's right, Pete. Take them back! Make the return for the sake of all of us snow loving Chicagoans. :o)

  3. Ha ha ha! I love this! I was thinking about writing a post today "WHO ELSE WANTS SNOW?!" You are NOT alone. I want to get my snow shoes out! And go ice skating. Le sigh, weather, le sigh.

  4. You are all invited to my house...ugh! More than enough snow in MN (or so I think) here's hoping we don't get more on Saturday and it remains only rain. ;-)

  5. Bah on snow! LOL! I am so glad we don't have any yet!

  6. We got 3-4 inches last night in Spokane. It also snowed on us yesterday when we were freezing our bums off at the football game. Want me to send you some???

  7. For the first time in my life I am cheering for snow...I WANT SNOW SNOW SNOW! snow > rain