Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Things we take for granted.

There will be no first world problems this week, because even though they are presented each week solely for the purpose of trying to make just one person somewhere laugh (usually me...), it's really hard to complain about spilling my lunch, finding an apple from two months ago under my car seat, and waffles' pooping shenanigans when there are much more serious problems in the world.

I am not going talk about the horrors of past week, instead, i want us all to focus on the little every day things we take for granted.

Like thumbs.

I don't know why, but i had the worst craving for a bagel with lox last night. Probably resulting from my attempt to disrupt an ugly sweater contest last week by pawning off an ugly blue sweater as a Hanukkah sweater.  (the link leads to Maggie's blog which has photos of me AND my competition!)

Either way, I have been so frantic at work lately that i accidentally bought unsliced bagels.  Big mistake.  While trying to slice that baby, i somehow missed the bagel and went right into my thumb.  It was deep too!  Luckily, the bone/nail stopped the knife before i actually severed the thumb - otherwise i would have to change the blog to "nine-fingered runner!"

Obviously, a serious cut produces a lot of blood, but luckily, both Matt and I have degrees that forced us to spend a LOT of time in the wood shop.  (i.e., i have seen way too many kids slice off fingers with a bandsaw.  It really happens more often than you think!)  It's really hard to stitch fingers, so usually even if you go to the ER, they will just super glue the wound together and let nature do it's thing.  Sadly, we were fresh out of super glue, so we taped it shut until i got to work this morning, field medic style.

Did you know you use your thumbs for EVERYTHING?  I couldn't even get my pants zipped up!  (and not just because of my rapidly expanding waistline!)  It has taken me like three hours to write this! Seriously thumb, i am VERY sorry for taking you for granted.  You do a lot.  

When my coworker came in today, he was nice enough to glue my thumb shut for me.  Now that is a good friend.  It almost looks normal....
Anyway, the moral of the story is, thumbs are really important, be careful when slicing food, super glue is way cheaper than stitches and just as effective, and pre-sliced bagels are TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY!

Take the time to appreciate your body today - it puts up with a lot!


  1. Ouch, that looks like it hurt. My favorite bagels (Natural Ovens) used to be unsliced. Then they switched over to being pre-sliced and I was upset because I thought that when they were unsliced it kept the middle softer for longer. Now that I see your thumb, I have changed my mind and am glad they are pre-sliced. Thumbs up to pre-sliced bagels!

  2. See, where were you and your field medic knowledge of sliced up fingers when I did THE SAME THING to my index finger last year? I went to the ER and after 4 long hours they finally glued it shut. Which didn't hold for more than 24 hours. Because, yeah, you use your index fingers for everything, too.

  3. Totally agree that thumbs are really important!! Ouch!! And I still giggled. Sorry to laugh at your misfortune.

  4. Oh nooooo!!!!!!! That must have been so painful!!! And I totally relate on thumbs being much more important than we realize until we don't have use of them. It's hard to do things as simple as opening a door. I wish your thumb a speedy recovery!!!

  5. I know what I'm bringing for next year's yankee swap...a bagel slicer...yep that's it. Forget the hanukkah sweater, I'm still coveting that ephemeral orange Nike rain jacket number you were sporting at the run. You know the one I was pawing at.

  6. I took have been attacked by a knife-yielding bagel!!! Which is to say, I sliced my finger while cutting a bagel. Of course I freaked the F out about it, like a big baby. I don't do well in emergency situations. (And then at my wedding shower someone got me a bagel "guillotine.")

    Also, lox & bagels are delicious. I always go through breakfast ruts where I eat the same thing every morning for weeks, and for awhile (when I was all fancy and spending too much $$) that was my breakfast.

  7. Oh gosh! Ouch ouch ouch! I tell ya, slicing bread is DANGEROUS! But I am happy to see as a designer you didn't wimp out. My sis and I both have design degrees and our fair share of "that time I cut my finger in studio" stories ;)

  8. hahaha! Not about your cut ....just in general the thought of it being the little things that mean the our thumbs. Just never really give them that much credit I guess.

  9. Yikes- that looks like it hurt! I will definitely spend the extra $$$ to buy pre-sliced bagels from now on.