Monday, December 17, 2012

The busiest weekend EVER!

I might have over extended myself this weekend.  Just a little.

Friday night was my work holiday party.  I thank the heavens that there are no pictures from that night. My over competitive self was tricked into drinking too much via a "who can finish this beer faster" challenge.  I seriously need to learn to accept defeat.  Any way, it just went on a downward spiral that resulted in a few of us somehow finding our way to boystown in the wee hours of the morning.  Needless to say, i totally embarrassed myself.

Even worse, i had the Chicago running blogger meet-up the next morning!
This involved very little sleep, and drunk guacamole preparation.  I showed up super late because i had forgotten my gift, and only made it in the nick of time for the fun run, which was a 3 mile rainy run through the west loop area!  As always, i am a model of healthy living.  
Stolen from Erin, the hostess with the mostest.
Erin, of LoopLooks, was nice enough to host, and wow, there are a lot of us!!
We had a Yankee Swap gift exchange.....
And i made quite a few enemies  by stealing the coveted Saucony gloves - with bonus socks!!  (Sorry Cary - don't hate me!)

After that, i met up with a coworker, to try and sort through the details of our drunken night, and then i had to get things ready for Sunday.

My BFF Rachel and I got to attend an amazing salon to see a child prodigy violinist perform.  We are hoping to work with the family over the next year to help with Team Run for HD fundraising.  After the salon, we hit up the Christkindl market for some spiced wine, and amazing smells.  Neither of us eat sausage, but damn it smells good!
Boot scandal.
Upon returning home with my little boot, i realized that the boot is about a 1/4 inch smaller than last years boot...I am on to you, Christkindl market!!
I had just enough time to tidy up before my cousin Sherry came to visit with her daughters!  Her youngest daughter Trinity is at work with me today to learn about design.  She heads off to college next year, and is thinking about graphic design as a major.  So obviously, we are all talking her out of it.   J/k.  Maybe.  It was super nice to have my family in town - no one ever comes to the big city.  In the 10 years i have lived here on and off, there is only one cousin brave enough to visit - Ammanda, who ran the 5k in September for HD!  We spent the night chatting, and waffles became very attached to Sherry, and insisted on laying across her shoulders most of the evening!
Dog scarf.
Now Trin and i are working hard - we even went to Starbucks for her first time :)

Needless to say, very little running got done - there is too much going on right now.  Luckily marathon training starts next week, just as Christmas ends.  I heard on the radio this morning that in the month of December, we spend more time away from home that in our home - do you think thats true??


  1. What's up with the smaller boots at the Christkindlmarket? It is such an outrage that they are shortchanging people on mulled spiced wine! I am drafting a letter to the German chancellor! You work at a very cool place even though you were "tricked" into drinking too much. A chugging contest at your holiday party?! Awesome. :-)

  2. I suppose I can forgive you for stealing the running gloves. At least I know they're going to a good home. :)

  3. yes...b/c we are either....driving to the stores to shop~shopping~driving home from the stores~driving to a party, partying and driving home from the party only long enough to eat, sleep and repeat with a little work in between to pay for it all.....

    Tis The Season!

  4. I want a dog scarf.

    Also, my work holiday party was held at a bowling alley but we weren't allowed to drink. Even if we paid for our own drinks. (We asked and were basically told no.) That's just WRONG.

  5. I had a busy weekend too. We had two Christmas parties to attend on Sunday night. Who plans Christmas parties on Sunday night. I had to be good and limit my wine drinking. :/
    Your work party and running group party sounded like fun. Sorry that your Saturday got off to a rough and slow start. It happens to the best of us.

  6. Ooo, I bet that is true about spending more time away from home, unless you are hosting! ;)

    I am so happy to hear your family came out. And fun that your cousin's daughter was shadowing you!

    How was this violinist? I bet that was really cool to hear.

    So happy I got to see you this weekend! Even though it was only for a short bit ;)

  7. The blogger party this past weekend was a blast! It was great to see you!!!

    I've actually never been to the Christkindlmarket but I keep hearing so much about it. So I think I am going to check it out sometime this week (even despite the boot scam!)

  8. Those boots are definitely not cheap, it would be a shame that if they start scamming even more! Yikes!