Thursday, August 8, 2013

Rave (suburban) runs

Before i go all sass-mouth on the suburbs, i figured i would highlight some of its redeeming qualities.
The main being, there are a shit ton of places to run.

When a runner moves to Chicago, and they are like, "hey - where do people run around here?" the unubiquitous answer is the lakefront path.  Its the place to be.  It's a little more complicated out here because there is not a "go to" spot where all the runners go.  Instead, there are a variety of places, all offering different things for a runners needs.  SO, since i wish there had been a "running in the suburbs for dummys" guide, i am just going to make one myself.

First up is Meacham Woods!

Meacham Woods is technically in Bloomingdale, and meets up with the North Central Dupage Regional trail.  Matt chose this as his favorite, and while i wouldn't call it the best, i do like it.


  • There are a couple nice limestone loops that are fairly wide.  These go around a lake though, and have no shade cover, so think about that unless you want to end up a little fried crisp, like i did.  
  • If you want to go off-roading, there are two wooded areas with tons of bike trails.  Just be careful, as they are not marked, and you can easily end up lost and going in a circle for an hour.  (guilty.)
  • There is a giant hill.  It is covered in runners single track trails, because obviously, a runner must run up a hill.  Over and over.  It also has great views.
  • Like all the Dupage forest trails, its really quiet.  You will see a couple people, but not many.  
  • Because its nature, there are wild raspberries growing everywhere, and YOU CAN EAT THEM.  Who needs GU when there are BERRIES.


  • The only bathroom is a porta-potty.  gag. 
  • It's not huge, so if you are looking to run more than 6 miles, be ready to retrace your steps.
  • There is just one water fountain, and maybe two garbage cans on the trail.  This one is a big deal to me because i have running with waffles, who poops once a mile, so even on a three mile run, i can be carrying three bags of poop, which really sucks.  And, i know i could use the same poop bag  (but thats gross) or just leave the poop (but thats gross. and illegal!) or just stop feeding her so much (who poops that much??)
  • There is a giant hill.  Seriously, i almost threw up on it.
  • Apparently, there is a "unidentified wild feline" roaming the woods.  Here is the picture they released, so judge for yourself

Seriously?  maybe my eyes are going bad, but that looks like nothing to me.  And, based on the size of the trees there, i feel like that is just an obese house cat at best.  Either way, i am on a mission to find it.  
You've been warned.

So check out Meacham Woods!  (but don't go when i go, because its mine.  ALL MINE!)

unubiquitous answer is


  1. I imagine your next post is about marking your territory so other runners stay away!
    I expect to start seeing wildlife photos from your runs posted!

    1. i left this out because its gross, but Matt and waffles have both marked their territory along this path

  2. Maybe the "unidentified wild feline" is a fox?

    1. that would be awesome! I have been searching for it for weeks with no luck :/

  3. I love love love all the trails in the suburbs. I don't think I could ever leave Lake Co, for that reason! We don't have berries, though!

    1. ughhhh, i miss the lake county trails! its so pretty up there!

  4. All I see in that picture is a tree. Are they worried the tree is going to attack?

  5. There was a report last summer of a pack of coyotes on the Great Western Trail in my town, we received phone warnings about it. We also have seen one about 20 feet from my car one morning on my way to work. V was about 2 at that time. We love the Prairie Path, there are wild berries on it too. We also love Twin Lakes..for a short 2 mile jaunt. Another place we like to visit is Morton Arboretum. We are members.

  6. I love finding new places to run. I am sure that you will find even more fun areas to explore.

  7. Lovely!! Personally if there were reports of an unidentified wild feline, I would stay the heck out.