Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Weekend Warrioring

First off, have you entered my giveaway?  Because you should – it ends tonight!

Secondly,  I just wanted to recap my adventurous weekend!  I forced myself to leave the safety of my troll bridge not once, but twice this weekend.  I met up with Bobbi to explore a new trail in Deer Grove.  I was impressed by how big it was, and pleased with the variety of terrain.  There were single track forest trails, as well as a giant paved bike path.  The transition was slightly awkward though, because you leave the cave-like safety of the trees very suddenly, and are spit onto a very open prairie like bike path.  It’s about as close to being on the Serengeti as I’m ever going to get (I think??)  We didn’t start out with a specific mileage in mind, but we ended up lost repeatedly, and made our way back to our cars almost 11 miles later.  I really think Bobbi and I should go on a road trip sometime, just to see what happens. 
So, Deer Grove is awesome, but bring a compass, or a trail of bread crumbs or something, because all the trail markers are labeled black.  That or I have gone color blind.
This map is useless.  They all say black.  Seriously.

Secondly, I bribed some of my friends to come all the way out to the suburbs for the All Night Flea Market!  I didn’t mention it on here, because I had never been, and I would hate to tell people to go do something and then it turns out to be horrible.  People would be like – don’t listen to Gingerfoxxx, she has the WORST ideas.  (wait a minute – people already say that!)

Luckily, it turned out to be awesome.  I mean, being drunk and haggling over fiestaware at two am while Hacksaw Jim Duggan signs autographs in the background, awesome.  I didn’t end up buying anything this time, but there is another one in October.  Plus, it’s a great excuse to get some use out of those headlamps that are stored away with our winter running gear!  (seriously, everyone was super prepared and wearing head lamps!
Matt met Chewbacca - look at the wonder in his eyes!

That was a lot of interaction for me for one day, so I spent most of Sunday binge-watching “Orange is the New Black” and it was divine.  Laura Prepon is a revelation.  And Kate Mulgrew ain’t bad either!
No seriously, it is.
I'm just really glad to have interacted with other human beings this weekend.  And to run with someone that isn't Matt or Waffles!  (no offense guys)  

Have you seen Orange is the New Black?


  1. My favorite were the markers completely without a color. Like "you have to GUESS which trail you're on bitches!"

    Seriously tho, it was super fun running with you...thanks for venturing out to hang with me :)

    Chewbacca! Ahhh! Kim will be so jealous!!

  2. Bobbi is right, I am totes jealous!!! :) :) :)

    I am looking at that map wondering if I have run there, because I remember a park in that shape and me continually wondering where the eff I was (and before the time of smart phones).

  3. WIfe and I are about 3 or 4 episodes into Orange is the New Black! LOVE IT!
    I think there should be a Chewbacca 5k, see how many PR in that outfit!

  4. All night flea market? Do they have a bar? I wonder how Waffles would have reacted to seeing Chewbacca?

  5. I was at Deer Grove on Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. An all night flea market? Sounds like it could be fun, although 10pm and beyond is way past my bed time. Old lady here. :-)

  7. So awesome that you got meet up with Bobbi and explore such a cool new place to run (despite all the complexities)! That all-night flea market sounds AMAZING!!!

  8. We met Chewbacca too. How was the scene in the middle of the night? It was packed when it opened.

  9. I'm loving OITNB! I've watched all but the finale over the course of a couple days, I'm excited to see how the season ends! I just love how dark but hilarious it can be.

  10. OMG I LOVE Orange is the New Black! I can't wait for the 2nd season..but I heard Prepon isn't going to be in it?! Noooo! So freakin good...along with House of Cards- have you seen that? Netflix Originals are amazing so far!

    1. Steer clear of Hemlock Grove though - it lets the Netflix side down badly! OITNB and House of cards were aces though. I particularly love Robin Wright's character in HoC - she's a long way from Princess Buttercup :)

  11. I've gotten a little lost at Deer Grove too. I tried to take the yellow loop but then near the end all these other color paths starting showing up and I swear they weren't on the map. I did make it back to the car eventually.

  12. Drunk shopping is my fave, but so far I've only done it online. Also, I love Fiestaware. So hit a sister up next time.