Friday, September 21, 2012

Everyday i'm tapering!

Thats all i have for today folks - Taper on!

**Kim pointed out that i am making grammatical errors left and right - does anyone else feel "less sharp" during taper weeks?  I am not brightest bulb to begin with, but man, tapering makes me feel physically AND mentally slow!  It's like my brain is on vay-cay...hopefully somewhere nice!

In the meantime, more coffee!!!


  1. LOL! Or is it more 90% mental, 20% physical? I still cannot figure out the mental part.

    Apparently, proper use of "you're" gets hard in the race too! I know I can't talk straight most of the time, especially at the end of a race. Was it you I was trying to explain my relationship to Kovas and I just kept messing it up?!

    1. haha, i remember that, we were just like wait, who is he?? haha. I am usually speaking straight up jibberish by the time i reach the finish line.

      of a 5k.


  2. rock on, GF......enjoy the dummening! 2 weeks to go!!!!

  3. Speaking of doing math in a marathon, don't we all try and do a little math in our heads at around mile 20? For example, I say to myself "I think I only need to run a XX:XX pace for the last 6.2 and I will meet my goal." Then, at mile 25, I realize that my calculations were way off. Math skills are just one of the bodily functions to go out the window during the last half of a marathon! :-)

  4. Math + running = no bueno. I can spend 2 whole miles trying to subtract what I've already run from my total and by the time I figure it out, I'm 2 miles farther so I have to start over.

    Also? HUNGRY ALL THE TIME!!!!! Off to eat again...

  5. someone told me when you hit mile 20, you are to count, so you stop thinking about "things"

  6. I am normally good at navigating and directions, adn this past week since my 20 miler have been mixing things up! My phone will tell me to turn left, but instead I'm turning right!

  7. Woohoo to taper time! I hope that you don't get as near as cranky as I do when I taper. I am an absolute bitch- hands down. My poor, poor husband. Haha.

  8. Yay for taper and for coffee. No taper for me though just yet. I need all the running I can get.
    I think it's been proven the brain totally shuts down at mile 20. Mine sure does. At mile 24 I stopped and filled up all of my 3 fuel belt bottles. Dork.