Friday, September 7, 2012

Miracles can happen!

And they do.  Every day!
Apparently, i need to make a trip to target.
I have nothing much to say, other than that my goal race is this Sunday, and i have had such a hectic week that i have only run 5 very sad miles, and i actually had this for breakfast yesterday:
Candy Corn and diet coke - the breakfast of champions
Technically, it was the gourmet halloween candy mix, because i am a classy bitch.

Either way, i am obviously in no way prepared to give a PR performance on Sunday.  But thats ok, because i know a lot of you ARE.  And i encourage you swing by the HDSA tent in the Charity Village at the Chicago Half Marathon this Sunday either before or after you PR.  Just be prepared to wait if you want to see me, as i will probably be taking 3 hours to finish this dang thing in the condition i am in.  We are smack dab in the middle of the charity row! (booth number 18)

Hope to see you there, and good luck to all the people running it this weekend who haven't spent the week not sleeping or running, and only eating candy corn!


  1. You got raped on that Gourmet Candy. Expensive shit! Last week I ran like 5 miles the entire week. Okay maybe 12 but my long run was supposed to be 13 and so you see where I am going with this. You will do just fine. I see a PR in your future with this cool weather we now have!

  2. I so wish they made vegan candy corn! Maybe those oreos will be a nice substitue!

    I am taking the race slow. You will still be ahead of me! Don't worry about that! :)

  3. What? Are those Candy Corn Oreos for real?? They could taste be really good or really bad. If you eat a few of those Sunday morning you should be flying high for the race. I will look for your tent.

  4. I don't like Oreo's normally but this new flavor would be worth a try...yum!

  5. Sometimes your body knows when it needs some rest. Don't worry about a PR, simply worry about doing your best!

  6. Seriously? Candy corn Oreos? How did they know I would love this combo???

    Hope the half was a success!

  7. Oh man..i saw those advertised but I am really afraid to buy them because I can only imagine the bad things that may occur...