Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday, i love you!

I seriously did not think Friday would ever get here!

First and foremost - Make sure you go visit Kim's blog, and wish her good luck on her first 50k!!  And then swing on by Charlyn's blog to wish her good luck this weekend as she runs a boston qualifying time at fox valley!

Neither of these ladies actually needs luck - they are both amazingly talented runners, but sometimes it's nice just to hear it anyway!!

Today, i would like to bring you another installment of "Weird shit people google to randomly end up at my blog"  (Kelsey at Ready, Set, Feast gets enough weirdo's to do a post like this every Friday - and it's amazing!)

1. "indian summer" guy in gym  All i know about Indian Summers is that they piss me off, because it usually manifests itself in the form of a 90 degree day in October.  Why are you in the gym and not outside if it's an indian summer?  Or, are you in the gym when its freezing out wearing bootie shorts, wishing it was an indian summer?  I swear, if you are causing an indian summer, i will knock you right off your treadmill, american gladiator style.

2.   aspaeris pivot shorts crotch sweat   Ummmmm, eww? I don't think thats normal.  Maybe try shorts with a little more ventilation?

3.  because those goddamn zombies  Because they what?  BECAUSE THEY WHAT???

4.  god damn raccoon trailer park  Is this a trailer park made for raccoons, or a trailer park over run with them.  Either way, this one made me re-google it.  In doing so, i found this picture and it made me lol.

5.  happy you made it through accident  This HAS to be a someecard....
6.  mumps gone wild  ......i don't have words for this one...

7.  which circle of hell do gingers go to  If they are in IKEA, then all of them...

8. +"i had to pee" +"i still had to pee"  Maybe you should try peeing!

9.  feeling tired, malnourished & pissed off   Welcome home, my children, welcome home....

10.  how to run a 1:55 half marathon   Have you read my blog?  Obviously, i have no freaking clue on how to do this.  Obviously...

And lastly, my favorite:

what would happen if i just got up and ran 20 miles

you will DIE.  the end.

Happy Friday!


  1. LOL. That is pretty random sh*t. Mumps gone wild? Seriously?!
    TGIF- I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  2. Those are funny. Love the Raccoon Trailer Park. My searches have not been so random. I did get someone searching for Bob Harper Porn last week.

  3. Oh my gosh I had the crotch sweat in those shorts too...Like bad! It was dark out and I felt like I was really sweaty and me and my running buddy had a good laugh about the embarrassingly noticeable crotch sweat!

  4. Aww, thanks so much for the link! You are a sweetie :)

    I like the zombie link. I think we must do a zombie run together someday. They are so expensive though... maybe we should make up our own? Instead of customs we can just not wash off our makeup from the day before (or take showers).

  5. dying. these are great. i think some of my regulars who constantly searching peeing are not ending up on your blog too! your welcome!

  6. Hey, I only have a 20 miler this weekend too. I'll be thinking of you and all the other people doing 50k's and 50 milers. I will have no reason to complain when I think about them.

  7. I'm usually feeling tired and malnourished. I wonder what the cure is for those symptoms? Hmmm, maybe I'll google it! :-) Have fun during your 20 miler this weekend. My last long run is tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you down there!

  8. Oh my word, I LOVE THIS POST! I always get "girls with veiny feet". Like, that's IT. Sad.

  9. I die. These are hysterical! My favorite- mumps gone wild. Can we capitalize that and make it a reality tv thing?