Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hardest Week.

23 days.  23 days.  23 days.

I knew this would be the hardest week of marathon training, but now that its here, i can confirm:

This is the hardest week of marathon training.

I don't know what it is, but it psychs me out.  I have been dreading it for a month now!  Every run seems so long, and arduous, and exhausting.  I just want to call in sick to work, and sleep all day long.  Everyone talks about how terrible taper madness is, but for me, this week (super high mileage week) is much worse.  BUT, surviving this week is good practice for surviving the marathon.  Provided i don't fall asleep in traffic or murder anyone at work.  It's like i need some kind of magic super woman energy drink....

It's not even that the mileage itself scares me - its the time involved in scheduling this much mileage into an already packed week!  This is always the week where i hate people who literally have nothing to do other than just run.  I also despise super fast people, because they finish their runs twice as fast as me, allowing them more time for laundry, dog-walking, and food preparation.  Why don't you share the wealth and come do some of MY laundry with all of your free time?? You suck, fast leisurely people.  

Obviously, i am totally kidding.  But i am really tired and "overwhelmed" feeling - like i am sure all of us are who plan on running the Chicago Marathon in 23 days. And i am reminding myself how much harder it would be with kids.  When i got home last night, i seriously gave waffles a chew toy and told her to leave me alone for the night (not that she did anyway) so i could catch up on domestic tasks.  I am 90% sure you can't do that with kids.  Although maybe you can.  Thank god i don't have kids....

In other news, i finally went and bought the oreos!
They are delicious, in case you were concerned.

I had to go to Target anyway because i had to pick up some baking ingredients, because some how, i am in charge of throwing a surprise bridal shower for our receptionist this week (why anyone would put me in charge of this task is beyond me).  I am making cupcakes tonight, and i made truffles last night...
i wish.
I love these little truffles, because they taste amazing, and are really easy to make - therefore making me look way more awesome and together than i am.  They are a must for when you get caught needing to provide treats during high mileage week.

In times of need, refined sugar will always be there for you.  Always.
Hang in there, everyone!


  1. You are so crafty I love it!

    At least you'll get to see my smiling-non marathon running face at some point during the marathon as I hand you water or gaterade to quench your thirst :)

  2. I thought my mileage during my wedding week was bad, and I only had a 17 miler that weekend. Hope tapering week feels awesome and you are able to sleep.

    Totally despise the speedy runners with how fast they finish their long runs too!!

  3. I haven't really followed "traditional" training plans for any of my marathons which I think helped keep me from feeling overwhelmed. Although, I'll admit, I was pretty burnt out after Milwaukee last year and was kind of regretting signing up for Vegas which was two months later. It all somehow works out in the end though!

  4. Hey...I was just at Target myself and guess what I also bought??? The same candy corn Oreo's...go figure...I haven't opened them yet ...I guess I will let the kiddos try them first for fear I will eat the entire's not very big ya know!

    Share the "EZ Truffling" recipe pls... ;-)

    1. I embedded a link - just click on "i made truffles" That website even has photos!

  5. I've never seen those oreos!!
    And yes, I concur...the hardest week. I had 10 to do yesterday. So working ALL DAY, then coming home and running ALL NIGHT (yes all night)....I mean really??? Super mentally challenging!

  6. Definetly a hard week indeed, I am also finding it hard to keep things on schedule. And the mental mind game is kicking my butt!

  7. I am not going to lie..having kids put limits on everything. But I love my love bug.

  8. I'm so jealous you found Candy Corn Oreos! I have been looking at every Target!