Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Holy crap, it's fall!

Just when i entered the darkest hour, the universe presents me with fall.  Well played, universe, well played!

I know we still have a little more time before it's "officially" fall, but i turned the heat on in my car this morning, so you better believe it's time to hook up a cider IV, buy a cart full of candy corn and spend some quality time on my couch watching all my favorite shows that are starting up again!

Reasons I am crying autumn colored tears of joy:

1.  I can now wear scarves to cover up the ridiculous collage of sports bra sunburn lines.

2.  My 8 remaining toenails on my hideous feet can be shoved inside woolie socks, and then further shoved into adorable boots, ensuring the world will never, ever have to lay eyes on them.

3.  I seem slightly less weird with my incessant zombie talk.

4.  Pumpkin beer is flowing into my mouth like the mississippi flows into the gulf.

5.  I can finally go for a run without a sweat towel for my car seat.

6.  Pumpkin muffins, pumpkin bread, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin EVERYTHING!

7.  I am eating an entire squash as i write this.  No, seriously.

and finally, 

8.  Candy corn.  It's everywhere.  If this doesn't bring about world peace, then i don't know what will.

Are you as excited as i am??  Did i miss any awesome perks of fall?  Are you also celebrating, or are you one of those weirdos that actually likes summer?


  1. YES! I am as excited!!! And celebrating!

    I really like wearing long sleeved things in the fall! And socks. And taking hot showers!

  2. NO! Summer is EVIL!! I'll celebrate when fall finally gets here, which might be sometime in November.

    and yes please to THIS ----> "Pumpkin beer is flowing into my mouth like the mississippi flows into the gulf"

  3. One sure treat I bake during the fall for the family are soft molasses cookies (to go with the pumpkin beer and lattes!) YUM!

    (and yes, I love summer b/c I dislike winter in MN....except for last year b/c it was a mild one)

  4. I bought a butternut squash for 1.99 yesterday at jewel. it was like 5lbs. SCORE. I LOVE FALL

  5. I LOVE fall!! This weather is amazing!! I had to laugh at #5 because I still have my sweat towel in my car but today was the first time I didn't actually need it in a long time! :)

  6. I love fall! You forgot hard cider and football season!!! And chili!

  7. Cannot say enough about this weather for running in. I actually wore long sleeves on my run tonight cause it was only 52 degrees!! And I love that I don't have to try to carry a gallon of water on me at all times.

  8. Gotta try this pumpkin beer you speak of! Yay fall! :-)

  9. WhooooooHoooooo! Welcome, Fall. I love you! I say YES to pumkin everything. We love apple picking, pumpkin patches & corn mazes. Plus my girls are KILLING it in Cross Country. I'm one happy lady/momma right now.

  10. I'm super excited to go the Long Grove Apple Fest. It has become a yearly tradition for me & my sis-in-law and whoever else we can drag along. I just like that it means it's time for FALL! Plus those are the freshest damn apples ever. And I like cute little towns. And I love carving pumpkins. And any excuse to watch The Nightmare Before Christmas. And eat tiny-sized candy bars. And hang up and obscene amount of Halloween lights. (How early is too early to decorate my office?)