Tuesday, July 3, 2012

fashionably late photo challenge!

whoopsies!  I missed the cutoff again :D  (Sorry Maggie!)

Here is my "who do i run with" photo challenge anyway!

I am very lucky in that i get the privilege of occasionally running with some really awesome people.

But the truth of the matter is, my schedule sucks.  Between the long hours and the commute, it is really hard for me to make plans and keep them.  So as much as i love running with all these people, it is a rare treat that i always look forward to.  

There are a few people though, that i get to run with every day.

I don't even always have my ipod with me, but i always have the music.  It just plays in my head whenever i need a pick me up.  Last night as i shlepped my way down the running trail in the 101 degree heat, i just kept singing "Summer in the City" by the Lovin Spoonful, because it just made so much sense.  People probably thought i had heat stroke, and maybe they weren't entirely wrong, but i couldn't help but think "you are all crazy for NOT singing this right now!"  I know a lot of people are anti music when it comes to running, and to be honest, i usually don't have it on purely for safety reasons, but music is awesome!

How can you not finish a run when the boss is talking about tramps like us?  And i would like to meet the person that doesn't pick up the pace by at least 30 seconds when paradise city is on.  And you cant help but feel like a champion when Freddie crones on about triumphing adversity to be the champion of the world.  There is a song that can match every mood, every run, every weather condition, every trail, and i couldn't imagine running without these folks being on my side.  


  1. Nice photos! Love that you sing outloud to your music! I do it in races sometimes, sometimes with arm movements... Hehe

    1. I don't want to live in a world where people DON'T dance when they run!

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  3. I don't think I ever sung out-loud when running, but when I used to listen to music on my runs I would occasionally bust out some random dance moves. Nothing too crazy (think random fist pumps haha) but it definitely increased my motivation!

  4. Dammit you mean Tina Turner is 2 timing me?

  5. I can relate to always having a song playing in my head while running. Usually it is just a short, catchy verse/tune that plays over and over. It's an earworm that's actully good to have, because like you said, it provides a pick-me-up when doing circles around the park or the track.

  6. I love running with good tunes too! Sometimes, the songs make me want to dance, and sometimes, I actually do. I'm sure I look awesome while doing it too

  7. Love both your running buddies collages!!! :)

    I am having a hard time fitting runs with other people in to my schedule lately too. I miss it.