Monday, July 9, 2012


You may have noticed a severe deficit of posts last week.  Mostly, it was because i was having a bad week, and i try to limit myself from using the blog to vent about poor lil ole me and my super hard life.  But, incase you were wondering what the heck i did last week, here is a brief glance!

1.  On Monday, i went out to my car to drive to work, only to find that a tree branch had fallen on the back side of my car during storms.  It smashed the tail light, and scratched up the whole back side :(
That tiny stick in the picture is not the branch i am referring to

2. Matt and i decided to embrace the 100+ degree weather, and run a 10k on the fourth of July!  We ran the Deerfield Family Days 10k because it is right by my work, and would be small.  When i signed up the week before, it was supposed to be 89 that day, which is lame, but manageable.  However, the second i signed up the high for the day jumped from 89 to 104 (with a much higher heat index!)  I was bummed, but i had to run that day anyway for training, and Matt is behind on training for the RnR half in two weeks, so we decided to suffer through it.  When we showed up, we ended up running into Bobbi and her friend Sarah!
I am pretty sure despite the smiles, Bobbi wants to strangle me for hexing this race with my heat-wave curse.  My bad!  This is probably the only 10k where i had to apply body glide and take a salt pill.  I also strapped a ziploc of ice across my back, and ran with a bottle of ice water (you know it's serious when this girl carries water with her during a race!)
I'm not going to lie - this was rough.  It was so hot and steamy....the heat index was in the 90's at the START.  On the plus side, as a small neighborhood race, there were lots of people out with hoses and sprinklers doing their best to keep us cool.  I was dumping so much water on myself it was crazy, and ended up causing a delightful blister on my toe from getting my shoes soaking wet.  Neither Matt or i came anywhere near winning.  Or even PR'ing.  Actually, since the course was a double loop, that involved us passing the car, we both thought about jumping in the car and just taking off after the first three miles.  But we didn't!  Mostly because Bobbi would have probably seen us.
Rocking the shirt cape
A melting pot of emotions....primarily, "sweaty"
We went home to grill with our spoiled pup
3. We incurred some damage to the door on the office in a freak accident and it needs to be replaced.  They don't make them like they used too.  Add it to the tab, i guess.

4.  Then, the pup got sick.  She had been throwing up all week, and finally we had to call the vet, because it obviously wasn't random puppy pukes.  Maybe we should stop feeding her foam hot dogs.

5.  She went to the vet, and they couldn't figure out exactly what was wrong with her.  They asked what she had eaten the past week aside from puppy food that could have upset her tummy.  And i replied:
- about half a cup of dirt
- a bowl of fancy feast cat food
- pool water
- lake water
- a green onion
- part of the aforementioned foam hot dog
- a stick (okay, 3 sticks)
etc, etc, etc.
In the end, it was determined that puppies get sick and eat things they shouldn't, and a general antibiotic would treat whatever it is.  It also cost a ton of money to find all this out.  And buy the antibiotics.  And buy special wet food to mix the antibiotics into.  And to buy toys for her because of how guilty i felt that she was sick and had to spend a day at the vets.

6.  I tried to do a 10 mile run on saturday (in the blistering heat/humidity) and only made it 7 miles before failing miserably and suffering an asthma attack.  Luckily Sunday was a blissful 78 degrees.  I almost cried during my run because i was so happy to not feel like i was dying.

So that was my week.  It was impressively stressful and expensive.  This week looks to be much cooler and calmer - so here's to much easier training runs, and possibly a new part-time job as a pan-handler to pay for some of the expenses incurred last week!


  1. I have missed your posts :) But I decided it was too hot to blog last week. So I didn't. It was great to see you on the 4th, and I TOTALLY didn't blame you for the heat *cough*lie*cough*. Much. But you way rocked the shirt cape. And you beat me. So you are the WINNER.

    I hope Waffles is feeling much better. And I hope this cooler weather sticks around...

  2. Congrats on finishing the 10k in that heat. Sounds like you know how to run in the heat - lots of ice and sprinklers! When it gets cooler out, racing will seem so much easier. When my dog is sick, I always feel like it was somehow my fault. Also, doesn't it seem like the vet office is a good place to have money leave your wallet? Anyway, I guess I am glad to hear I am not the only person having difficulty breathing while running during the hot holiday week. It felt like I smoked a pack of cigarettes for about 24 hours following my run, then I would run again and have the same feeling all over again. The lungs are getting back to normal with the cooler weather, but we shall see...

  3. Poor waffles! I hope she is better now.

    Poor car! Stupid mean tree branch.

    Poor 10k on the 4th of July! At least you guys finished in the oven like temps :)

    Sunday was sooooo beautiful! Never thought high 70's would ever feel so good.

    Cheers to a hopefully better happier week for you!

  4. have been busy spending money in all the wrong places...then again, ya gotta spend it on the pups and maybe insurance will take care of your car sooooo ya done good girl!

  5. I did a 5k on the 4th and thought I was going to die!!
    And yes, I did look at the little stick by the car thinking...that stick did all that damage? lol
    Poor puppy!!

  6. You look awesome in your cape! We must get cape pics together at some point. OOooo! They sell those Wonder Woman capes at Great America. Bobbi has season passes. She can pick up three. Cape triplets!

    Sorry that your week was so damn sh*tty and hot and expensive. So happy to hear Waffles is okay, but I hate going to the vet when they take forever to figure sh*t out then it's expensivo. Sigh.

    Hope this week is better!!!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your crappy week ;( It only means one thing - this week will be much better (*knock on wood*)! Congrats on completing the 10k..maybe you're finally conquering your heat curse?

    1. Also, what salt pills do you take? I'm on the hunt for some for the RnR in two weeks

  8. Poor Waffles and poor car! It sounds like you did have quite the week. I hope that this week is better and that it cools down. We finally got some heat in Spokane. So far I have been enjoying it, but my opinion might change next week. :-)

    I am currently going off of 4 hours of sleep because we had to take one of our dogs to the pet ER at 10pm last night...getting home well after 11:30. She is okay now, but it was scary. Turns out she had some weird grass in her little ears? They had to take it out and give her ear drops. It's always something.

  9. Hope Waffles is feeling better and that you've recovered from another scorcher!! Temps are finally falling here too! But with it comes storms...mucho trees down here as well. I feel yo pain.

  10. Poor doggie. Your story kind of reminded me of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Maybe you should write a kids' book about all the things she ate. :)

    Hope you're feeling recovered from yet another hot race.

  11. I may or may not have taken all of last week off...whoops! But yesterday started my 1/2 training for the Chicago Half, and I'm pumped it's not 100!

  12. Oh my! Poor car, poor puppy, and poor heated runs! You deserve a vacation, or at least a drink!