Thursday, February 7, 2013

The worst blogger ever, and celebrity sightings!

I feel like i owe everyone an apology, because this week has been a fail at both blogging and marathon training.  I have been participating in this workshop through work on how to be a better presenter using drama and improv techniques.  Its really fun, and effective (i hope)  but being a better presenter is making me a much worse blogger and runner.  Yesterdays session was over 14 hours long!  Needless to say, i wake up, go to the seminar, and then come home and sleep.  The real bummer is that it is a technology free space.  No computer, no phone.  I snuck away for like two minutes to try to post something, but then a tray of delicious mini cakes went by, and i lost all my focus.

In fact, this morning was the first time i have even gotten to say to words to Matt!  Luckily, those two words were "Happy Birthday!" Matt's only desire for his birthday is to have the best chicken wings in Chicago.  Sadly, i have no clue where that would be.  So if anyone has any great chicken wing recommendations...

As a part of this workshop, we got to grab a quick bite at Goose Island, and then take in a comedy show!  While at goose island, i ran into celebrity number one - Lauren!  Apparently her Triathlon group meets there once a month.  Monthly beer outings almost make me want to learn to swim.  Almost.

After stuffing my face with beer and appetizers, we went next door to IO for some improv, to inspire us.  But, aside from being so hilarious i was crying at one point, there was a second celebrity sighting!  Jack Mcbrayer!  (The actor who played Kenneth the paige on 30rock!)  I was so excited i snapped many terrible and awkward photos of him.  He was performing with one of the improv troops.  Apparently, a lot of big alums of comedy will come back once in a while, just for a refresher of improv.  I'm just glad it wasn't Tina Fey, as i would have probably peed myself with excitement, and awkwardly walked out.  
Just because i have an iphone, doesn't mean i know how to take pictures with it!

Today is my last day of the workshop, so i will gladly be reunited with the interwebs tomorrow.  I feel like i have no idea what's going on in the world!!!

Have you ever spotted a celeb, and then took creepy spy photos like mine?  Where ARE the best chicken wings in Chicago??


  1. Can't help you with the chicken wings but I can tell you that my husband's birthday is the same day as Matt's.

    That's all I got.

  2. Oh gosh, I spotted Robin Williams in a book store in NYC and took creepy pics and posted them on my blog. LOL.

    Happy Birthday to Matt! Get the Native Foods chicken wings (totally kidding ;)).

  3. Ohhh Kenneth! I saw him once at a concert with...wait for it...John Hamm...nearly died, revived, pissed myself, then died again. Luckily, I was able to ward off pending death and say hello to Kenneth (not so much to the Sex God though, that probably would've taken me over the edge) and he was so sweet! a little tipsy too, so it reaffirmed many of my life decisions

  4. Yay that you saw Lauren but I have no idea who the dude in the pic is, nor have I ever watched that show. Yes, I live under a rock.

  5. So cool to see Kenneth! HYSTERICAL. Happy birthday to Matt!

  6. HEY! Jack McBrayer came into the office building I work at this afternoon! I work the visitor's desk so I got to talk to him and see his ID and he was SO NICE and smiley. And he thanked me and wished me a good day when he left.

    A lot of famous peeps got started here in Chicago at Second City, so they love to come back here. One of my teachers was in a group with Chris Farley, Tim Meadows, Bonnie Hunt, etc.

  7. I think I saw David Schwimmer at Jewel once buying booze. At least, my boyfriend at the time told me we did. I wasn't really paying attention. And I didn't own a cell phone, and definitely not a cell phone that could take pictures.

  8. We were in Florida and we spotted Greg Norman. I was in hot pursuit of him, snapping away. He was quite annoyed.

  9. Your workshop sounds like a lot of fun! I have seen a couple of celebrities before and I probably made a total as* of myself. Haha.

  10. OMG I love Kenneth.

    My best celeb sighting was Dave Coulier on a plane from Chicago to Detroit. He 2 rows behind me and my friend and when we got on the plane flight attendant said "OH, young people! Did you watch Full House?" and we identified him.

    When we got off the plane, we waited for him and got too nervous to say hi. We followed him, and then I tapped him on the shoulder on an escalator and he turned around and I said, "Uncle Joey?" and he said, "Dave Coulier? Why yes I am." My friend's boyfriend at the time was there waiting for us and took a picture of us with him, but his finger was in the corner of the pic. She later broke up with him, I would have too.

  11. Ah, improv. I LOVE improv - I took three classes at ComedySportz and they literally changed my life. We are so lucky to have the best improv scene in the world right here in Chicago where it all started!!!

  12. Ahhhh! All I have ever wanted in life is to spot a celebrity in Chicago! I am majorly jealous!

    As for chicken wings - hmm. I am totally drawing a blank. But, Happy Birthday to Matt!