Tuesday, February 26, 2013

et tu?

I was going to write a whiney post about how my mom is slightly bonkers and went off on me yesterday on facebook post for no legitimate reason, but i had the honor of going for a run with Kim and Anne, and honestly, it diffused all my ginger anger, and i really don't even feel like ranting any more.
Cheaper than therapy!
At least about anything serious.

Things i will rant about?
:(  I just can't get on board with this pattern/color combo.
The new Mizuno Wave Elixir 8's.

I know that as runners, our primary focus is having shoes that will protect our feet, and appearance shouldn't really matter, but i am super shallow and vain and appearance matters a lot to me!
My wave elixir 7's were so darn cute, and i ran a great and pain free marathon in them!  Why ya gonna go and change to this?  I know shoe companies need to revamp the shoe every year to boost sales, but i do not like this pattern.  Now, i am going to end up scouring the interwebs and snapping up all the wave elixir 7's like a survivalist, because this psychedelic pattern is giving me seizures.  I wish companies would consult me before they change something that i really, really like!  

Have you ever loved a shoe but disliked it's new design?  Am i just being a shallow bitch about shoe patterns?  

(Either way, i still love you Mizuno.  But seriously.  Elixir 7 hoarding starts now.)


  1. Aww, I am happy our run distracted you, but I could use a good family rant... since I can't write them on my blog.

    Okay. I can get behind a cray cray pattern but those are FUG. Sorry, Mizuno. Do they all come in a crazy pattern?

    Hmm. I haven't had this happen to me with my shoes. I wish my neutral shoes had MORE crazy!

  2. I hate how all female running shoes seem to have two options: boring snooze fest blue/white/grey and bright/obnoxious/pink... Why can't we get something in between? Not everyone likes these crazy bright patterns but that doesn't mean we want the snooze-fest orthopedic-looking option. I would like something in the grey area, please!

  3. Just today I decided against having the new Ravenna 4's to be put on hold for me, because they were the light blue (boring) like the 3's I already have! NO WAY JOSE, I want the cool colors!

  4. I like the colors together, but the pattern is too much. And though I'm personally a fan of bright shoes (and amazed I can ever find them to fit my big, wide feet), I totally see what Kelly mentioned - there's not a lot of options in any given style. Hopefully you can find the 7's out there! I'm on my second pair of wave inspires, and though I did upgrade to the 9, I want to buy up a couple pairs of the 8's because they're cheap now :)

  5. The pattern is too much. I like the colors though :)

  6. I wish someone would make my boring motion control shoes in fun colors! I'll even take that eye-searing combo above over my boring choices of white with blue trim or white with pink trim.

  7. Sorry about your mom situation, I hope that everything will be okay. Glad you got a good run in though!

    Um...those shoes are interesting. I am all about pink, but I am not a fan of that pattern....

  8. I had to go order the last version of the Saucony Guide 5s. Not b/c I didn't like the new color choices but the toe box has changed and not working for those super long, inhumane runs.

  9. Hilarious. I love that Mizuno is using super bright and cheery shoe hues but those are loud! The way I see it: If I am not fast, I might as well pretend and feel like I am because I am wearing killer colored Mizuno's!