Monday, February 25, 2013

Taper, week 9. I was cold, then i was drunk, then i looked at MCM furniture.

Miles: 30
Martinis: 2 (Plus quite a few beers at the Chicago bloggers beer run!)
Strength:  zero again this week.....wompp wompppp
Outlook:  I really don't care.  I might be watching a PR drift out the window, but i am having so much gosh darn fun doing it.  Either way, back to high mileage this week!

Stolen from Anne (don't judge me, i am already 11 miles deep at this point!)
Saturday morning was the long awaited Chicago running bloggers beer run.  Sadly, it was also the day of my long run.  Although luckily, it aligned with a cutback week.  I got up unbearably early, and i ran a few miles alone on the lakefront path, then met with my usual training group for a few miles, then drove down the street to meet up with Bobbi for a few pre-run miles, and ended this whirlwind with the fun run itself!  
Talking Ireland with Cary!
It was so nice to catch up with people i don't get to see nearly often enough!
All in all, i ended up running 14 miles, because my math skills are atrocious.  I had initially made the plan to do the fun run, change at our gracious host, Anne's, house and then get in line for the Half Acre brewery tour.  
Stolen from pete
Sadly, because the tour is in such high demand, we had to get in line right at 10 to make sure we would have a spot when it opened at 11.  As the temps hovered around 17, and i was in sweaty clothes having just run 14 miles, this was not my happy place.  even after we made it inside, i shivered for over an hour!  In the end, i am glad we did do this, as i was close enough to the back to watch them turn people away.  So - if you want to do this brewery tour - get there early, don't be wearing sweaty running clothes, and bring a thermos of piping hot coffee (the guy in front of us was obviously a pro)

Needless to say, i was cold and dehydrated by the time we got in, so drinking on an empty stomach was the greatest idea EVER!!!
Guilty, undergarment in hand 30 minutes into the brew-tour.
True story:  because i was shivering so uncontrollably, like 40 minutes after being inside that Erin insisted i remove the innermost layer so that i could heat up.  Sadly, it was a bra tank, so i was flying free on this brewery tour!

Needless to say, we were all a little drunk and boisterous, and having a great time.  So great a time, that we were shushed by the hipster guy in charge of the tour.    If you don't believe me, here is a picture of the guy yelling at us.
It's totally ok though, because he has an awesome shirt.  And seriously, they give you 3 full size beers.  He knew what he was doing the second he let me in those doors.  Either way, Half Acre can't be that mad at us, because they are getting nothing but amazing publicity, shushing and all.  Go check out the Half Acre Brewery tour.  It's a ridiculously good time.   Thanks so much to Anne and Katie organizing this!!
After some delicious lunch at Bad Apple, we went home so that i could take a nap, and Matt could keep drinking.  In my defense though, I woke up at 5:30 and he did not.  After a lazy Saturday night, we went to go look at a dresser we have been courting for a while.  I have a major addiction to mid-century modern furniture (a side-effect of majoring in design) and luckily, Matt not only tolerates it, but he's right there with me.  We have an MCM guy (no seriously, we have a guy) and he alerted us to this Kent Coffey hi-boy that would eliminate all the problems the great Ikea dresser explosion caused.  

Either way, we need to decide if we want to drop the dough on this baby, or continue living out of random scattered drawers on the floor of our bedroom.  It's so hard having good taste.  So, so hard....


  1. Running ~ Brewery Tours with BEER ~ and friends ~ only thing better would be if you were warmer but, by the sounds of it the BEER kept you warm enough eventually!!

    From now on all my runs will be beer related or a beer after...who needs water? Bananas? oranges? Unless, the fruit is in the beer of course! ;-)

    Why didn't I think of this??? (As I am sitting here icing my hamstring after my pathetic attempt at 6.5 miles yesterday b/c I have a stupid 10 miler Irish run in 2 weeks!) Until Sundays run I hadn't run more than 3 miles in months...and running is good for what again??? Oh, remind me of the muscles I don't use near enough b/c they are surrounded by fat. Thanks.

  2. You should absolutely buy that gorgeous highboy. Do it. You'll never regret it.

  3. I think you took the shivering grand prize that morning. I was shivering pretty bad until I realized I had been standing on a sheet of ice for about 45 minutes. It only took about 2 beers for the chill to disapate. Yes it was a ridiculously good time when you drink too much and get yelled at by a hipster who refers to his sales-force as his "sales dudes". Anyway, great job on the miles, martinis and beer. Get the dresser. It looks pretty cool.

  4. That is quite the lovely dresser, but I can agree on the dilemma. Money aint cheap! Awesome running!

  5. I feel so bad that you guys were stuck in the cold, especially you, after running so far.

    And sad I didn't get to run with you Sat but get to today!!! :)


    I feel bad that it never crossed my mind to bring back a bunch of coats when Katie and I went to my apartment to get her ID while Rich held our spot in line. How did I not think of that, because I was super cold too. But not 14 miles in the cold cold, yikes.

    You could probably treat yourself to the new dresser to celebrate your new gig, right? It looks pretty nice, so it'd probably be a good investment that would last you a long time. It's so sensible, it'd be crazy to not get it.

  7. Buy that dresses! Also, I LOVE mid century modern. We have bedroom set and dining room set (table, buffet, china cabinet)!!!

  8. Have you tried good will or estate sales for a dresser like this?

  9. I loved your sunglasses- I instantly spotted you in the first picture. I have some sunglasses exactly like that I bought in Palm Springs. Hot pink rocks!

    The beer seems like a lot of fun. I would have been wasted off of my as* if I drank that much beer after 14 miles. You are awesome!

  10. I'm so bummed I missed the beer run! I am definitely trying to learn more about beer these days. It's turned into an expensive and drunk hobby.