Monday, June 11, 2012

G-foxxx summer saviors

Despite the fact the summer is still "officially" like two weeks away, its hard not to feel like we're in the thick of it with so many 80 and 90 degree days already this year!  I just wanted to call out a couple things i have discovered this far that will be helping me survive the summer!

1.  I have always been a firm believer that anything over SPF 30 is basically a marketing gimmick.  That is, until i picked up this baby The Coppertone Sport Pro Series SPF 50-
I picked it up at Walgreens the night before the Rockford marathon because i forgot to bring sunblock to the 90 degree no shade marathon (who lets me pack my own bag??)  any way, i got this because i like the spray better than the lotion, and i figured that "Sport: PRO series" was obviously targeting me.  This stuff is awesome.  I was in full burning sun at rockford for like 6 hours, dumping water on my head and sweating like a whore in church, and i was STILL completely sunburn free, except for one little spot on my arm where i very obviously missed.  I used it again at Sunburst, (although only the second half was super sunny) but still - no burn.  This is a gingers best friend.

2.  Legends of my ability to both consume martinis and run marathons has spread far and wide.  The nice folks at Rebootizer sent some of the Sweat Pink ladies this to try, and i was a little afraid of it to be honest - it looks super hi-tech.  

But once i tried it, it was awesome.  Its basically like a super-duper vitamin detox drink.  So lets say I drank a few beers friday night and then had to run a half-marathon in the morning. You take one of these before bed, and wake up feeling fresh as a daisy.  Obviously, these are intended to be part of a healthy lifestyle and aren't miracle workers.  (you can't stay up all night taking tequila shots and then run a BQ in morning.  Well, maybe you can.  I can't.  Yet.)  I also took one every day after Rockford to help keep me from getting the post marathon sickies, because i knew i would have a revenge marathon in the following weeks.  You can get it online, but i just found out you can also get them at 7-11 too, so you can multi-task and just pick some up when you run in to pick up a case of Miller high life and a few bags of gummy bears (wait, am i the only one doing this at 7-11??)

3.  Salt Stick!  Oh how i love you salt stick.  

They actually have tons of salt replacement products available, and i am sure they all work fine.  I like the salt stick because you can buy a little pack of three at REI, and then just take the pack of three with you for a marathon.  I just wist the material of the little pack was more water resistant, because it always starts to disintegrate in my pocket.  They definitely have helped me with the heat though, and are much easier on my stomach than gatorade.

4.  Mission anti-chafe cream
I know a lot of people swear by body glide, but i like this better because it is thicker.  Its like vaseline only creamier and not so "globby"  I love this stuff, and it works.  I usually don't have many problems with chafing anyway, but in the summer when i start dumping water on myself sometimes things start to rub.  This is a summer staple for me!  I bought mine at Dicks Sporting Goods.  

I still haven't figured everything out- i have a handheld water bottle that i despise with a passion.  And i still am having trouble finding gel flavors that don't make me gag, so if anyone has some awesome summer staples, please feel free to contribute!!

Happy Summer Running!


  1. Ohh good to read about the rebooterizer. I haven't tried it yet, I actually forgot about it till you mentioned it. Guess that's an excuse for me to drink a bottle of wine by myself tonight and try it out.

  2. I used my Coppertone Sport (older series, "no pro" but still SPF 50) for the Ragnar Volunteering when I was out in the sun for 15 hours. I only am burned on one small spot on my wrist where I missed. Other than that, I am not sunburned. I felt like I was getting roasted out there so it is nice to know that I wasn't! :)

    I've moved on from Gu after many, many, many attempts to make it work. My stomach despises it no matter the flavor or type, especially in the heat. My new friend are the Honey Stinger chews. They are organic and lacking many of the weird chemicals that are found in most other energy supplement stuff. Also, I found if I suck on the chews a little first before swallowing them, it seems to allow my stomach get used to the flavor or something. I did this on my 10 mile run last night. Just another suggestion! And what great tips for everyone!

  3. Nice info on that sunscreen - I'm going to be checking that one out for sure. I get burned pretty easily and so I usually spend races thinking "I'm going to be so sunburned after this..."

  4. Love the tips...and I too have a water bottle I LOATH. I'd rather be thirsty I think, LOL...

  5. I have a handheld Amphipod water bottle I love! It's really tiny, but it's just enough. I will send you the link!

    Or, I can show you in person!!! :)

  6. have you tried honey stingers? I love them, they are gummy and much easier to get down than the clif block shots (I think that is the name of them)

  7. I recently found the Salomon soft flask. I think it was originally meant for gel, so the largest size is 8oz. But one in each hand and you can still have 16oz with you. Now I normally hate running with anything (no watch, no music, not even always shoes) but it's really easy to forget they're there in your hands.

  8. I LOVE the coppertone pro sport. I agree, it is a ginger's best friend! Although, I didn't put enough on this weekend, apparently. I am fried. :(