Friday, June 22, 2012

You googled what??

Every friday, Kelsey @ Ready Set Feast does the most hilarious post on things people googled to end up at her blog.  Sadly, i get no where near enough awesome random searches to do a post every friday, but here are a few of my favorite things people have searched that somehow landed them on the gingerfoxxx blog.  I will do my best to provide you the answers you seek.

1. Rockford Marathon ginger.
Am i really that notorious??? Was i the only ginger that finished?  Does that qualify me for an award??
2.  6 mo old costume peeps
ummmm, that is an awesome idea.  I don't have a baby, and i don't know what kind of costumes are currently available for babies, but dressing them as a giant marshmallow bird is 100% approved by me.

3. Do Dogs have belly buttons?
NO!  and don't let anyone tell you different...

4. Chances for gingers to survive a zombie apacolpse
I would assume that you mean apocalypse, but just to confirm, those chances are good, my friend, very good indeed.
5.  Do you wear athletic capris with underwear?
I do, but i think we determined that either way is acceptable.

6. First World Problems - champagne
If you have champagne, i find it hard to believe you are having any problems.  Unless maybe you are out of the aforementioned champagne....

7. Men freeballing in a car
I think i am actually more concerned that you actually spent considerable time on my blog.  You seem a little strange, but thanks for reading, i guess?

8.  Teenage mutant ninja turtles drown.
You are a sick bastard.

9. Wearing toms with long socks
totally acceptable in my book!  I do it all the time! Just expect people to make fun of you.

10. Ebola virus protection
My best advice is to stay far away from the ebola virus in the first place....but i'm not a doctor.

And, my all time favorite:

11. Where do raccoons come from?

They come from larger raccoons, friends.  If you need further explanation, then you should ask your parents.


  1. D Y I N G.
    my two faves: . Men freeballing in a car and where do raccoon come from. Seriously cracking up.

    I knew you wanted to be just like me....

  2. Where DO raccoons come from?!?! I gots to know...

  3. I just googled freeballing. I learn something new here almost every day!

  4. Geesh...I too had to google freeballing...such a sad state I am in when I didn't know what that was. ;-)

  5. Hahaha I have to do a post to share mine. I don't get that many great ones but sometimes...well they are weird.

  6. Hahaha! "where do raccoons come from?" larger raccoons! Hahahahanaha

  7. "Rockford Marathon ginger" - the other ones are weird but this one cracks me up the most. It makes me think someone saw a ginger running the marathon and was like, "What? I gotta google this later to verify it. Ginger running a marathon? Can't be real."