Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Seven things about me.

Amanda over at TooTallFritz was nice enough to nominate me for the beautiful blogger award, so i get to share seven fun facts with you!
If you haven't been to Amanda's blog, check it out!  There are few people in this world as sassy as i am, but she is one of them.  Us sassy girls have to stick together!

So, wait no further, here are some random things about me you probably didn't care to know!

1.  I am allergic to asparagus.  No, seriously.  We didn't figure this out until my early 20's because i had just never had it before.  Whenever i eat it, i break out in hives on my arms and legs.

2.  In the next few years, i would like to drive the entirety of Route 66 for a vacation. I've been on many segments, but never followed it from start to finish.  I'm a sucker for nostalgia.

3.  I have no religion (raised in an athiest/wiccan household) But i have been to services for all the following religions: Catholic, Lutheran, Pentacostal, Judaism, Sikh, Buddhism, Bahai, Zoroastrian, and Hinduism.  I think religion is incredibly interesting, and i think as someone raised outside of religion, it gives me a unique perspective and respect for all of them.  If there are any local religious groups you know of in Chicago that welcomes the public, let me know!  

4.  I never played any sports.  Shocking right?  I mean, i am such an awesome runner, i must have been a track star.  I hate to disappoint, but i spent my high school years waxing philosophy and literature with the intellectuals.  I passed gym class only because i aced the written exam (seriously - there was a written exam)  I couldn't even complete the mile.  (which you had to be able to run in 12 minutes.  Yes, i failed this.  One 12 minute mile.)  It was interesting to run past that high school in the marathon. (which i later collapsed in - some things never change?)

5.  I don't eat meat, but for no other reason than i don't like it.  Every once in a while, i do crave chicken soup though, and that is one of the only acceptable forms of meat (to me).  I have nothing against meat, and it doesn't bother me if other people eat it, or if it touched my food.  I will try anything though.  I just most likely won't like it.  :)  Which brings me to-

6.  Once time, i ate chicken feet for breakfast.  It was interesting.  I was staying with a friend, and his family took me out for dim sum, which is like a chinese small plate brunch.  Obviously, as they were very gracious hosts, i was going to eat anything they put in front of me.  The chicken feet were a little rough though.  So many bones.

7.  I have a masters degree in Industrial Design (an artistic extension of engineering) and my brother is a high school dropout.  That kid is so much better than me at math that it is EMBARRASSING.  He can do complex division in his head, and i would die without a calculator.  It goes to show that you don't have to be super smart to be successful, you don't have to be athletic to run marathons, and you don't have to be able to spell to have a blog.

It never hurts to be a smartass though.

Now for a few people i want to know more about. (technically, i want to know more about ALL of you!)

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    Thanks for being interesting, and being bloggers, so that i have something to do while i eat my lunch at my desk like a weirdo. :D         


  1. I'm sorry about your allergy to asparagus. It's one of my favorite foods in the world! Even my kids will eat it when it's roasted.

    So don't take this wrong. I honestly don't judge on this kid of stuff but since you are raised with out religion, do you still believe in God?? Or do you believe in something else entirely? I'm intrigued.

    I will do my seven things later today :) Thanks for the tag!

    1. Its super embarrassing saying you are allergic to asparagus at a restaurant!

      I'm not sure how to classify what i believe, but i definitely think that if you put good in the world, you receive good back, and if you put bad in the world, it will bite you in the ass. So i suppose someone HAS to be overseeing that :D

    2. I like your way of thinking. I think pretty much the same way :) Karma...totally.

  2. Good stuff! I went to a dim sum thing but passed on the chicken feet. So do you pick the 'meat' off the bones then? Or just eat it all...

    1. apparently the correct way is to grab it with chopsticks, and bite the toes off, and spit out the bone. It's very graceful to eat.

  3. I would love to be allergic to asparagus. I really don't like to eat it, but I do because someone said it was all healthy and stuff.

  4. I think some times all you need to succeed in this crazy world is determination, confidence, a plan and it does not hurt to be a smartass!! (oh, and it helps to "know" the right people)

    Since I am lacking a few of those skills myself *except for the smartass part...my hubby would actually say I have that one perfected at times* I remain a part time employee at the local Y and continue to try to figure it all out.

    ;-0 7 things about me????? I better think about that one and post it later....thanks!

  5. I think it's pretty awesome that you've been exposed to so many religions. I find some of them to be just fascinating.

  6. Love learning new things about my fellow bloggers! You are amazing lady!

  7. I'm actually allergic to mushrooms and people always give me a look that says they don't believe me so I can understand about the asparagus allergy.

  8. I have never eaten Chix feet..and I am assuming that would be enough to make me a Vegan

  9. At least your pee doesn't smell funny! or does it?

  10. You win with "chicken feet for breakfast". Flipp'n awesome.

  11. You win with "chicken feet for breakfast". Flipp'n awesome.

  12. Thanks for nominating me! My heart kind of skipped a beat when I saw :) (pathetic?)

    I was never into sports either. I gave volleyball, basketball, and softball a chance in 8th grade for a season but quickly realized my lack of skills. Come high school I gave up on athleticism and hit the books instead. I also couldn't run the mile but I sure did have mad calculus skills!

  13. You're the first person I've heard that is allergic to asparagus.

    I dunno about the chicken feet. I doubt I could eat those :)

    When we moved to Chicago from San Francisco, we drove almost the entirety of rte 66. It was cool- especially meteor crater and the giant jack rabbit- but there were also some pretty dull stretches.

    Thanks for tagging me. I'll put something together soon :)