Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Winning.

This was a really great weekend for me.  Other than my sweet, sweet revenge on marathoning, i had these  "winning" experiences to make my weekend one of the best ever!

1. Guess who is now a puppy school graduate!
Obviously, Waffles is thrilled.  This photo is actually a little misleading - Waffles really loved puppy class because she loves being around dogs, people, and aisles full of toys.  She just loathes being forced into little hats, and other comical accessories.  
I seriously hate you guys.
2.  I now own this amazing mid-century modern starburst clock.
My last roommate Jessica had a clock like this, and i loved it and have wanted one ever since.  Our clock guy (Yes, we have a clock guy) Had this one and thought of us!  I am now one step closer to making my apartment look like the set of Madmen.

3.  Months ago (literally) i made reservations for Matt and I for The Girl and the Goat.  (Its a super hard to get into restaurant that i have been dying to try.) At the time, i thought i would make the reservations for a post-marathon celebratory dinner.  Only it was already mid March, so they had no openings until June.  So i just made the reservation for June 5th instead.  Little did i know i would have just run a revenge marathon!  Meant to be!
4.  We had to stop and Target for a couple things, and while there, i saw a line of packaging I designed!  I was the lead designer on the project, and saw it the whole way through!  Of course my vision was destroyed somewhere between here and China, but nearly as much as normal!
It's like validation for the past two years at my job!

All in all, i had a great weekend, and i am definitely looking forward to summer.  Did you have any amazing successes this weekend??


  1. you are a rock star!

    i made reservations at girl and the goat months ago too!!!! we are going on June 20 at 4:45! siked! are you guys going at a more reasonable time than us old people?

    1. haha, worse! 8:30pm! I will be asleep at the table before dessert arrives! :D

  2. That does sound like a great weekend!

    How does one get a "clock guy"?

    And I now live within walking distance of Girl and the Goat. I guess I should make reservations now before our lease expires, huh?

  3. I guess I missed your last post....but I went back and read it just now...great job on the marathon! And I know you know you are not a slow marathoner but a MARATHONER! Super Ginger!

    And the grandma use to have one like that ...forever ago...funny how every thing comes back around again. ;-)

  4. Haha it's pretty awesome that you saw something you designed in stores! I would totally consider that a validation of my life (overly dramatic but you know what I mean :) )

    I've heard great things about Girl and the Goat but had no idea it was so difficult to get a reservation. I guess I should start planning...

  5. That is an awesome weekend! I wish I got to see some of my finished built spaces. Our system is such that someone else sees it built out... I have no idea what even gets changed!

    My amazing success was not throwing up on any roller coasters. Boo yeah!!!

  6. Holy moly, you had to make a reservation for a restaurant months in advance?! Now I must google this restaurant, what is the hype? It must be like heaven or something?!
    Congrats to Miss Waffles and her proud mommy! We put our first pup through puppy school and she graduated at the top of her class. I was such a proud momma. I even framed her diploma. :0

  7. Ummmm, let's not talk about my weekend, maybe more about yours? Oh, and pass the wine please. :o)

  8. i can't wait to hear about Girl an the Goat!