Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kindred Spirits

Have you ever seen people that look like their pets?  I have had a few people at work comment that Waffles kind of looks like me.  The main reason being that she has an auburn colored coat, and i have red hair.  We also both have long narrow noses, and skinny, underdeveloped arms.  (I like to think that i have ears that are much more proportional to my head though...)  There are a few good examples out there, but other than maybe matching hair colors, it's hard to find a dog to be your doppleganger.  

While i may not really look like my dog, it is becoming more and more apparent that we have similar personalities and living styles.  It might be because i have raised her since she was a pup, but we definitely act alike.

We are both hating winter.  We just have no tolerance for the cold.  It's nice for running, but pretty much nothing else.  Our daily walks have been shortened because we are both miserable, and salt burns the pups feet.  I usually end up having to carry her home.  We are waiting for summer!  A 90 degree day SUCKS for running, but is awesome for everything else.  We are anxiously awaiting the warmth.  We both are picky about our food (Hey!  We're classy gals that deserve the best!) and love our sleep.  We radically sway from running/playing tirelessly for two hours straight, to napping on the couch all afternoon.  We are super active and super lazy simultaneously.  We also both get overwhelmed in social situations.  Too many people/dogs make us uncomfortable, and i deal with it by drinking and saying awkward things, and she deals with it by snapping at unfamiliar bigger dogs that approach her.  We're like two peas in a pod!

Hooray for running and watching TV after running - our two favorite activities!

Do you share any traits with your pets?  Would you seek out a pet that matches your lifestyle?


  1. Also, if I remember correctly, Waffles prefers running over swimming just like you! As for traits I share with my dog: He loves to snack (a lot), run, swim and hanging around outside just like me.

  2. I often think that my two dogs are mirror images of my husband and me. For example my husband loves to eat and will eat anything you put in front of him. Tia just so happens to be the same way. Maisy is athletic and loves to run so we share that in common. Tia is kind of chubby (I won't say who she gets that from) and Maisy is lean and skinny (like me?). They are both sweet and little snuggle bugs and I kind of am too.

    I am glad that I am not the only person who has thought I have a lot in common with my pups.

  3. My dog is similar to me in that we are both brats. We both like to get our way. My husband laughs and makes comments that he doesn't know who is the bigger brat, me or the dog. We are both also tall and slender... and like to runnnn!!! I hope to meet Waffles some day!

  4. My cat and I both like to lounge around and be lazy :) I have heard that people are like their animals, though. And that many people marry someone with similar features. I've been told that Travis and I look like brother and sister.

  5. The BFs cat, Latte is a lot like him. 80% white hair. A hairy beast that sheds a lot. A total wuss- Shes a real scaredy cat. Hes just a wuss ;-)

  6. I don't have any pets right now (my husband is allergic). But my parents have cats and they are just like my parents (always wanting to be social, but enjoying their rest when they get it). It is so true that pets and their owners are just like each other!!!

  7. OK..then I need to ditch my current dogs and find one that....

    a. Doesn't like to eat its own poo
    b. Doesn't care about other people and dogs walking by our house.
    c. likes to sleep in at least til 6AM
    d. doesn't lick themselves constantly
    b/c the last time I thought about it I don't do these things and I want a dog that doesn't do these things too!!!

  8. My husband and I, as runners, totally match our dogs. He takes our dog Jude out for several miles, because they both have boundless energy and just love it! And my other dog, Meko, and I kind of labor through it. She perks up when we take a picture on our run, and when it's time to go home and eat and go to bed, which is just like me. But as I type this, she's passed out next to me and farting pretty loudly in her sleep... so we're not totally alike :)

  9. My dog's a greasy bitch...i wash my hair as little as posssible...does that count?

  10. My husband often refers to me + Olive as his "two rotten kitties." He'll even try to antagonize me like he antagonizes Olive, and I often respond the same (with a whiney noise as I bat him away). Looks wise, I think Olive and I have the same color eyes and moody expression but she's much fatter (proportionally).