Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Taco Tuesday.

Ok, before i say anything, i am still REELING from having that nightmare where all your teeth fall out.  Dang that nightmare is scary.  Why is having your teeth fall out so terrifying?  I mean, i have dental insurance.  They could replace my teeth.  Probably with better ones, actually... Regardless, even in the dream, i was trying to wake myself up by screaming "i have dental insurance, I HAVE DENTAL INSURANCE!"  I sure hope i don't talk in my sleep.

Moving on.

Last night i made TACOS!  It's really not that big of a deal, but i needed a boost after so many pizza failures.  I even made the tortillas from scratch!  It's not like fresh tortillas are hard to come by here - If i really want, there is a tortilla factory a few miles down the road, and they deliver fresh tortillas to the grocery stores daily.  But, i like to know how to make things.  Plus, what if something happens to that tortilla factory someday??  In a post-apocalyptic tortilla-less world, i will have nothing to worry about.

Also, my grocery store is stupidly crowded, and just going there makes me want to punch people.
Seriously.  It's easier to just make the tortillas.
I love tacos because you can just put whatever you have on them.  Matt made a seasoned chicken to put on the tacos that was tasty, but i don't really like chicken, so i tend to favor pinto beans and avocado.  
The tortillas were pretty easy actually.  The only downside was that i made them a little small, so the tacos were tiny.  But that just means eat more of them, right?
It's like a hand fruit!

Anywhose, they were delicious!  Matt and i totally pigged out.  Here is how to make tortillas!

2 c. Masa Harina flour
1/2 t. salt
1.5 c. warm water

Mix the salt and flour together, and slowly add the water.  Stir it up with a spoon, or just use your hands.  I ended up adding about 2T. extra corn flour because my dough was a little sticky.  I should probably try harder to measure things.  Make the dough into a giant ball.  (if its dry and cracking, add water.  If it is sticking to your hands and the bowl, add flour.  It should feel spongey.)  Place it in its bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let it sit for an hour.  This allows you to watch exactly one rerun of Lost while someone chops your veggies for you. 

After an hour passes, divide the dough into 12-16 little balls.  I did 16, but they were small.  Then, pop them in your tortilla press.  Oh wait - you don't have a tortilla press?  Neither do i.  I covered a cutting board and frying pan with plastic wrap and squashed those tortillas the cartoon way - smashing them with the frying pan.  It worked surprisingly well - there were only one or two that stuck and had to be re-rolled and re-squashed.  You only cook the tortillas for a few minutes, flipping half way through.  i stacked them on a plate with a paper towel over them and they stayed warm surprisingly longer than store tortillas.  

They were tasty, and nothing was set on fire.  Happy days!


  1. UGH, I used to have the teeth-falling-out dream all the time and it is oddly scary. Haven't been having it as much lately, wonder why?

    How do you cook the tortillas? In a fry pan or in the oven?

    1. We have one of those square griddle things, but a frying pan works too! Medium-ish heat. I should have timed how long i cooked them. I think it was 3-4 minutes, but i totally just based it on when they "smelled like a tortilla" they were done, haha.

    2. I have never had that dream, but now that I know other people have it, I will probably have it too! Your homemade tacos look delicious and I like corn tortillas. I have never made my own tortillas. In the rare instance I actually make Mexican at home (instead of getting take-out tacos), it's just too easy to buy some Old El Paso hard shells! :-)

  2. I have that dream all the time too. I am very afraid of losing my teeth. Sigh.

    Homemade tortillas sound so damn good. Man. I am really hungry and every post I read is about food.

  3. I actually chipped a tooth eating tacos once, not to scare you even more!!

    Tacos are my favorite because they are so easy to personalize. I am going to attempt making bread on my own because why not try at least, someday I need that talent :) I may have to attempt the tortillas now too.

    1. OMG - i once chipped a tooth eating a Jimmy John's sandwich. it made NO sense.

  4. Mouth.is.watering.

    Speaking of mouths, I've never had the teeth dream but my best friend from college sure did! All the time.

  5. Tacos are a favorite around here too...

    Never had the dream of losing my teeth...I'm always losing my husband or children for some reason...although, I have never yelled...I have life insurance in a dream...haha!

  6. I haven't had tacos in light years. Now I want some. I go to the same store, except you know out here in the boonies. It WAS SO stupidly crowded. Outrageous!

  7. I am way too lazy to make my own tortillas, but then again I have never had someone share a recipe with me. Now with a margarita or two I might have to try this. Thanks! :D

  8. My tooth dream is the tooth crumbling apart -- it doesn't just fall out but crumbles :(

    Mmmm.... Tacos.

  9. I used to have the tooth dream, like, all of the time! I feel your pain.

  10. Wow, I'm impressed! I may totally try this. Can't wait to do the pressing part.

    I've been having the MOST messed up dreams this week. Last night I had a dream there was a demon living in our toilet and Rich made me go see what it wanted. HOW RUDE!

    After I told him this morning, he called me on his way to work to ask me if it was a demon or a ghost. It was really important that he knew that before starting his work day.

  11. I am impressed. I failed HARD making my own tortillas. So, you totally win this one.