Monday, January 21, 2013

Marathon Training: week 4.

Shits about to get real.

Miles: 26
Martinis: 3 (plus a few caipirinhas, or brazilian martinis, as i called them.)
Overall outlook: This week was another fail, but i have high hopes from here on out.

Whats my deal?  A huge factor has been air quality. I had two runs end in asthma attacks last week, which is scary.  Even with the inhaler, you aren't going to finish a run once that happens.  I have also been waking up with bloody noses, whatever that means, other than that i am just too cool for words sometimes.  I'm not sure what i can do other than just carry on and deal with it.  I failed on a lot of levels last week in that i totally let stress interfere with training.  However, in the midst of that stress, i made some awesome plans to keep myself on track.  We'll see how they pan out this week.

I also excited to attempt speed work again.  Pete was finally able to break it down for me in an understandable way (i.e. drinking.)  I'm gonna be all fast.

Either way, my marathon is in 14 weeks, so it's business time.  

During this weekends long run, which was 13.1 miles, i realized how glad i am that i didn't sign up for any races in January or February.  I'm just not up for it right now.  And those 13.1 miles were painful.  So have fun out there, suckers.  (I'm just kidding, good luck to everyone running F^3 this weekend, i will be out there training, and running much slower than all of you.  It's how i like to roll.)

This weekend i also took waffles to the dog part before the deep freeze.  
She is the curly tailed one that is head butting all the other dogs trying to get them to chase her.  She ran around for 2 hours!  Thank goodness, because with a wind chill of negative 9 night now, its too cold for her to even go on walks.  She goes potty and then sprints back to the door.  

We also did a major cleaning on Sunday, but Matt took it way too far when he decided to scrub the grill in the sub freezing temps.  Obviously, all the water just froze to it instantly, so now we have a quarter inch of ice on the grill.  

I  got really excited this weekend because i found a Le Creuset ceramic pie pan marked down to $7 at home goods.  
I mean $7?  Thats a steal!  only upon further research, i found out that while not labeled or publicly communicated, Le Creuset started outsourcing in recent years to:  You guessed it, China.  Only their cast iron is still made in France.  I wanted to throw the damn thing off the balcony in protest, but Matt intervened due to his love of potato and gruyere gallete.  So, the stupid dish will stay with us, but i am writing an angry letter to Le Creuset just the same.  

Today is a little too cold for me to run outside until i get this asthma situation in check, so sadly, i will be vanquished to the treadmill.  I really don't mind though - i mean days these cold days are few and far between.  My only real complaint about the cold is spontaneously needing to pee.  The second the cold air hits you, it's like BOOM!  and very few bathrooms are available on the outdoor running paths.  
I foresee many humorous public urination incidents in the near future......

Are you weirdly affected by cold?  


  1. Maybe you need to get a humidifier for your place? Aren't bloody noses sometimes caused by breathing in too much dry air?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Or, time to quit your coke habit. Whatevs. I mean, marathon training is all about sacrifice.

    2. hahaha. zing! i was totally thinking that too. Only if i was a coke addict, shouldn't i be thinner and have way more energy? I think i will have to break down and live a humidified life. Why am i such a pansy when it comes to breathing???

    3. Definitely in need of a humidifier, we ended up getting a new one this year as our others plain suck.

  2. I absolutely HATE the cold. I am one big baby and refuse to run outside. Dreadmill, it is!

  3. We recently got a new thermostat and the air is all messed up in our house - really dry and colder, so I have been feeling oddly cold too. No bloody noises yet though. I was going to say the same thing about the humidifier.

    Love the vid of Waffles! Happy you got to take her out before the temp drop!

    That really sucks about the dish :(

  4. Really? Le Creuset from China? Now I'm kind of glad I bought the knock off Martha Stewart french oven.

  5. It's temps like these that make me think I should take better care of my vehicle. I mean NOW is when I do not want it to fail me. ;-)

  6. I am sorry that your asthma is still giving you troubles. I would panic if I woke up to a bloody noise. It sounds scary to me. I have never experienced a bloody nose before, but since I am a drama queen about everything people would probably think that I was dying.

    I signed up for a 1/2 marathon at the end of February. I am trying to decide why I did that to myself. It won't be pretty, however, it is in wine tasting country so it could be fun AFTER the race. :-)

  7. Le Creuset china made in China? Say it ain't so. When you write a letter to a company do you use snail mail or electronic mail?