Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Would you?

Are you working your hardest to lose weight and not seeing results?? FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS!

How much dough are you willing to spend to try and be the fittest of them all?

How much would you be willing to spend for a product that would make you lose weight?
Especially when the science behind it is to make you hotter?  Why not just wear two pairs of existing pants? Or, i dunno, work twice as hard?  Following in the footsteps of shape-ups (or whatever those toning shoes were called, i don't freaking remember)(also, pun intended.) Comes the newest fad in fit.  Clothing that makes you burn more calories by making you hotter.  

What. the.  f***.

Granted, i am 90% certain these are not geared towards serious athletes, marathoners in general, or mediocre quasi-runners like myself, but i spend every single minute that i am running trying not to be hot.  It is really my only goal.  Don't be uncomfortably hot. They even state that they are targeting moms and casual fitness people, so props on knowing their market.  I am actually not trying to be snarky, (i am just really, super grouchy and stressed this week, sorry i'm not sorry.), and i saw this new company on yahoo articles, and i thought i would put this one up for discussion:

Does being hotter burn more calories?  (are there any science savvy people out there?)
Would you pay extra for something that burned more calories if the science actually confirmed it?

Either way good luck to them and anyone trying to get in shape.  And you have very cute colors, so you have that going for you.

Also, i may or may not be quitting blogging to start my own clothing line - DoublePants (patent pending).  Its two pairs of pants, sewn together.  I will test out a prototype as soon as i acquire a second pair of pants with which to create the aforementioned prototype. 



  1. I'm with you, I try to stay as cool as possible when exercising. Hence my desire to run in cooler temps rather than at noon in the middle of August, or my preference of air conditioned yoga instead of bikram. I think I would rather eat one less Oreo per day to save the extra calories that I would probably burn doing a full workout in those heat generating fabrics. By the way, is there any real science behind this? Sounds like the weight loss would be mostly water weight. Anyway, I think your line of clothing is a great idea. Hope you really are applying for a patent on "DoublePants", I bet it would sell like hotcakes. :-)

    1. I am curious about the science too (as i also just assumed any loss would be water...) I am hoping that scientists TOTALLY read my blog and might have some informative input.

      at the very least, DoublePants will guarantee you water weight loss!

  2. I hear ya, I never did get the people in the gym that would run with a hat and full sweats on trying to sweat more. Seems that it would just effect your water weight which would come back anyways like most of those fad diets.

    I will be tester for your DoublePants!

  3. Isn't this the same reason why boxers (I don't know any other athletes that do this) wear hooded sweatshirts while running in the ungodly hot days of summer? I have heard that this is an old wives tale and not actually true, but I can't find (and haven't even looked) an article that verifies this.

    1. I always though they did that to make weight for matches, because the weight classes are so strict? I don't know. I would run naked if it was socially acceptable....

    2. I've heard this is a myth also. I don't know.
      I try to be as comfortable as possible!

  4. I think it's the difference between the person whose goal is to lose weight and the person whose goal is to get better at their sport of choice. Of course being hot makes your body work harder to regulate its temp and therefore burns more calories.

    But it also makes me hate the universe and suck at everything, including my sport of choice.

    So, no thanks.

  5. I have issues....more clothes will not be the answer. ;-)

  6. Bahahaha this is so strange haha. What the heck?! I already sweat enough!

  7. My husband has an actual plastic "sweat suit" as well as a waist trimmer belt. Like this:

    I think the only reason he uses them is to shed water weight before weigh-ins with the Navy. These do not make you lose actual weight, you are just sweating out water weight. Drink a glass of water and you "gain" the weight right back.

    It's similar to the idea that you only want to lose 2-3 lbs (or less) during a run - lose any more and it's a sign of dehydration.

    1. This topic is so interesting I have read a few articles on this and from that I've learned a couple of things. 1)There is no science (at least in the articles I read) to support that hot exercise more makes you burn more calories than cool exercise, and more importantly 2) Wearing these heat retaining clothes while exercising can be dangerous. Just ask Martin Lawrence who was in a coma for 3 days after running in a "sauna suit". 3) If anything exercising in cold temps burns more calories because you shiver! So, maybe GF should develop ultra thin clothes, maybe "HalfPants" For winter exercise?

    2. Total coincidence, but I was just reading this article which says you burn MORE energy when you're cold: So if you want to lose pounds, you should wear less clothing, not more?

    3. Not a coincidence at all, i read the same article! I was also thinking of the energy used to warm cold water being greater than the energy used to cool warm water. I think i did an experiment in HS physics. But i also got a C, so don't take my word for anything...

    4. And Pete, you are now the CRB science person. I like your initiative. I am googling the sauna suit right now. You will also be a shareholder in my spinoff HalfPants clothing line!

    5. OMG! the sauna suit is like a torture device! I would die in that thing!!!!

    6. I just looked at some images, and some of them do look like torture devices (especially the PVC one). Ironically, in reading the description, I found out that a sauna suit is not recommended for use in a sauna! Anyway, If by "CRB science person", you mean a blogger who googles a couple of articles once in awhile, I humbly accept my position. I would gladly accept shares the HalfPants spin-off venture as payment for my "research!"

  8. OMG this is the 21st century version of those silver plastic 'space suits' you were meant to sweat off the pounds in. Show me where the ice vests are please.

  9. Ugh to sweat! It gets in my eyes and BLINDS me! Forget it.

    I love your blog! Following!

  10. I melt in the heat. I'm German. Apparently my body hasn't yet acclimated to this climate, even though my family has been here for generations? Average temp in Germany is 48 degrees. Perfect TTF running temp is 48 degrees. Correlation? Hmmmm.... not sure but this makes me want to move to Germany.

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