Thursday, January 31, 2013

A week of fretting.

Are you a fretter? 

1. fume, rage. 6. worry, harass, goad, tease. 7. erode, gnaw, corrode, abrade, grind, rub, rust. 10.harassment, agitation, worry.

When i start to worry about something, it takes over my life.  I've been this way every since i was a little, and as a 6 year old, i would express concern over the way my parents were managing the household.  I was that kid.  Some people have perfected the art of "going with the flow" but not me.
Neither the weather or I can get our shit together this week....

I might be looking at some major changes on the horizon, (or maybe i won't? I'm just fretting after all!)  But regardless, worrying about potential change is eating at my insides.  And any possibility for change in my routine has my whole week out of sorts.  Normally i have all my meals prepared so i can just grab them and go, my running bag is packed, my blog posts are typed.  This week?  No.  I am running in wool socks and eating stale jelly beans for breakfast.

What is the most horrible feeling your feet have ever experienced?  Because until you try running on a treadmill in thick wool walking socks, you do not know pain....

As i was running out my door this morning, late, disheveled, and shooting reddi-wip into my mouth justifying it as breakfast (it's like the cousin of yogurt, right??) It occurred to me that i might not be the only one who falls apart in the face of change.

So, before my car keys end up in the freezer, and my feet end up chafing down to the bone, Do you also worry needlessly??  How do you snap yourself out of it?


  1. I am very anxious and tend to overthink things a lot... I actually used to take medication to help me with it. Ha... so there you go... meds. JK ;)

    Talking it out with friends helps me, or writing about things, when I can.

    I hope your week gets less cray cray!

  2. I'd start a change with the SOCKS! Bahahaha! Stale jelly beans are okay though. A cupcake (or ten) couldn't hurt.

  3. Reddi Whip? Nice breakfast. :-) I worry needlessly. Cure: Bloody Marys.

  4. I tend to get like you when I get stressed out and I just can't handle it!! Usually just end up screaming at whoever happens to walk by me next and I'm all good :)

  5. I'm a total worrier. And a perfectionist. It's not a good combination. Alcohol and sarcasm usually work, but I don't have to tell you that twice.

  6. I like to think that I'm very go-with-the-flow, and maybe sometimes I am, but I overthink EVERYTHING. And I get all ahead of myself and stress out about stuff that may not even happen. It's exhausting.

  7. I am a complete worry wart about everything. I keep reminding myself that sometimes change is for the better. Everything happens for a reason. TGIF :-)

  8. I'm a total over-thinker (aka fretter!)...and yes, it does consume my life! When you find the solution, please let me know!! But also, if it's something I can't control (like the weather before the marathon) I try to stop fretting...nothing i can do will change it! Love the reddi-wip. I mean...LOVE the reddi-wip.

  9. I am very much a fretter. I try to remind myself that almost everything I worry about doesn't happen, so no use worrying about it until it happens, right? (Much easier said than done, of course!)