Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Woe is me.

My beautiful laptop has died.

Actually, just the screen died.  And i totally 100% blame Matt.

I'm just kidding, it's not his fault at all.  He just happened to be the unlucky one using it when it went out.  Which is ironic seeing as the dog has knocked it off the couch at least 3 times.  Regardless, the cost to fix the screen is $300, which i am finding hard to justify for a 5 year old macbook.  I really only use it these days to read people's blogs, hold my itunes and pictures, and check the weather.  I used to use it to do all my design work, but now i have a great computer at work, and we have a nice tower computer at home as well for work projects.  

I'm debating getting an iPad.  Does anyone have one?  If i am going to spend a chunk of money, i would almost rather get something more suited for my needs, rather than fix a 5 year old lap top that is probably on its last leg.  How long do these things kick around for, anyway??

Anyway, I will probably be somewhat quiet this week, as i have no computer, and they frown on me reading blogs at work.  Don't take it personally -it's all Matt's fault.

Looks like my lucky streak has officially ended! C'est la vie!


  1. Booo about your laptop! Did they say what was wrong with the screen?

    My husband has an iPad (as does my stepdad, my stepbrother and my stepsister) and they all seem to love them. I have one for work and I hardly ever use it. I guess it just depends on what you want to do it with. It sounds from your description that you'd be fine with one as long as you don't mind typing with the touchpad for emails, commenting, etc.

  2. My husband says you can sell the computer for parts and get a couple hundred for it.

  3. Yikes...Matt sure has done it this time! ;)

    Anyway, I have heard nothing but amazing things re iPads.

  4. I don't get it....you're blaming Matt, but it seems like Waffles is really to blame here? I'm just sayin'...........

    Sorry your 'puter got broke......btw, your annual mileage is HUGE!!!

  5. Bummer about your laptop! I would go with the ipad. I wished I had one, they seem so convenient.

  6. The ipad is great for limited use. If you want to do serious typing (or blogging), then I would recommend also purchasing the wireless keyboard which is super cool and very convenient for traveling and storing. However, in my opinion it is still not as good as a laptop specifically because I like my word processing, document management and data anaysis software that a laptop can support. Its a great toy though and easy to browse the net and read things, just does not have as many capabilities as a laptop. It's also very fragile, like if you drop it, light a match to $1000. There used to be a 1 year warrenty on drops/accidents but as soon as Jobs passed,I heard they eliminated that warranty on units purchased after that date.

  7. Oh noooooo so sorry to hear about that!!! I would die if mine died! Your post just made me think that I should update the files on my external harddrive!

  8. RIP laptop. I have an iPad and I love it, but I don't blog from it. There's probably a way to but I haven't discovered it, not that I've tried very hard.