Monday, August 20, 2012

Arlo & Me

I do not know where the heck this weekend went, all i know is that i am more tired than when the weekend started, and that i plan to be at HAPPY VILLAGE tonight drinking for a cure, so please stop by if your in the neighborhood!!

I actually managed to stay on track with running this weekend.  I couldn't deal with the thought of trying to park anywhere along the lakefront with the Air and Water show going on all weekend (I have so many talents, but parking is admittedly not one of them.) So instead, i skipped the CARA training run, and went and ran with the Zooma race series ambassadors!
It was the most perfect day for running, and i had a blast.  Even though Zooma did not choose me to be an ambassador *tiny violin playing* I can still tag along, and this is a super fun group to run with!  Plus we got to run in Busse woods - i have only run there once before, and it was when i had my complete breakdown at the Schaumburg Turkey Trot half marathon, so i had been too busy crying to notice they have real live elk there!!
Good times.

On Sunday, Rachel and I got to go to Ravinia on behalf of Team Run for HD!  Arlo Guthrie was playing for the Woody Guthrie centennial, and they let us set up a table and fundraise.

I know i have been extra grouchy lately about the whole fundraising thing.  And i think we all know how hard fundraising is.  And trying to direct a group of fundraisers is like herding cats.  But while we were out there, a woman came up and said her sister in law died of huntingtons disease, and that she had never known any one else with it, or how to access resources/information.  I told her i sympathized with what she had gone through, and she started tearing up, and telling me how awful it had been.  I just asked her if i could giver her a hug, and told her this is why we were here.

And then it hit me.  This is why we were there.  No matter how much the day to day logistics annoy me, it's important for me to be out there.  And i was really glad i was there.

And, as a bonus, Rachel and I got to meet Arlo Guthrie!!
He is the nicest guy ever, especially considering Rachel and I just walked onto his bus and said hello.  Unfortunately, no one under 50 knows who Arlo Guthrie is apparently, so my bragging isn't getting me very far at all.  

Anyone else have a celebrity sighting this weekend??


  1. you and Arlo look so in love in that picture. i love it.

  2. Aww, I love that you were there for that woman. :) And I hope she donated. LOL. How did it go?

    Thanks for coming to our ZOOMA run! :) It was a lot of fun to run with you. I had a bit of Busse Woods redemption that day too! :)

    I wish I could go to Happy Village tonight. I could use a drink.

  3. SO MUCH FUN running with you, even if my legs wished they were doing ANYTHING but running. And probably my only good run ever in Busse woods. So, winning!

    You made me tear all up about fundraising. Thanks for being strong enough and organized enough and determined enough to make a difference. You are amazing :)

    Awesome pic with Arlo, and I hope you had a blast tonight!

  4. I am glad that you had a such a great weekend with your run and your fundraiser. Keep it up chica!

  5. Sorry, no celebrity sightings at all! Sounds like you had a good time though!