Wednesday, December 14, 2011

11 days!

Until christmas!  Don't mistake my exclamation points for excitement, i stand beside by belief that christmas is horrible.  But it does mean time off from work,  YEA!  It also means that i should be done with Xmas shopping.  Which i am NOT. ANYWHERE. NEAR.  I made a considerable dent in it last night though, so i am feeling good.  I got to leave work early to get some in store photos for a project, and since i was out and about, i decided to take the plunge and cross some gifts off the list.  

I was going to get some additional gifts today after work, but apparently i left both my purse and my phone at home!  I have no credit cards, no cash, no DRIVERS LICENSE, and no phone!  How do i do these things???

It is also raining.  and 50 degrees.  IN CHICAGO.  IN DECEMBER! I can't remember a winter this mild actually.  I don't mind the 50 degrees, but this rain needs to go.  I still can't bring myself to run in the rain.  I just can't do it.  Maybe that could be a new years resolution?  So despite my whole, "oh if the weather was warmer i would totally run outside" rant, i am still running on the treadmill for now.  A huge part of that is just how busy i have become with holiday things.  December is just a nightmare for me trying to run and cook healthy meals.  Bring on the January!

Part of what has me scurrying about is that i am hosting a christmas gathering at my place this weekend.  All my friends are as busy as i am, and it has been damn near impossible even trying to meet up for a drink.  (one factor in that is that i go to bed at 10:30, so no one really wants to hang out with me)  So, i am stocking the house with food and booze, and making everyone come to me!  When Matt's parents came to town, his mom brought us this beautiful centerpiece that i had a vision of:
Mother-in-laws, they are even better than us at being us.
I have always wanted giant hurricane globes that i could fill with ornaments, or pine cones, or whatever, and she found these beautiful ones and filled then with limes and cranberries, and even got those battery powered fake candles that look super real from restoration hardware.  I was stoked.  Now everyone will come to my party and think "Man, she really has it together."  The only thing standing in my way now is Matt.  He keeps EATING MY CENTERPIECE.  He can't walk by the damn thing without grabbing a handful of cranberries, like it's his own personal candy dish!  This concerns me for multiple reasons:
1.  My centerpiece will be gone by the time the party rolls around!
2.  It sounds really weird when you have to yell at your significant other to stop eating the decorations
3.  Who the heck just sits around and eats raw cranberries????

Happy Holidays....


  1. Normally I would say "hell no" to running in weather like this. Maybe if it were in the 70s I wouldn't let the rain stop me. But my running club was planning on meeting at 5pm today, and most of them are all "I'll be there even if it's raining" and I don't want to be one of the losers who wusses out. Decisions, decisions. I have no problem with the cold. I just don't like being wet.

  2. yeah, i tend to be a baby about both, but i am trying my best to slowly acclimate (or at least hide my discontent)

  3. I ended up skipping the run and going to the gym for spin class. May as well get my money's worth and do some cross training, right?