Wednesday, December 7, 2011


That client i have beating myself stupid over trying to please them fired us monday.  Thats basically the equivelant of the "cue music to end speech" as far as my job is concerned.  I would like to think i won't lose my job before christmas, but these are the people that laid off half the company for Thanksgiving last year.

Basically i am screwed.  and DEPRESSED!

I have that constant pain that comes from not caring about life.  and binge drinking.  I have moped for the past two days (and tried to hide myself from anyone of power at work)  But it is time to embrace this.

Step one:  Make a bunch of doctors appointments because i probably wont have health insurance soon.
Step three:  Consider a new career.  It would appear that i have failed at this whole design thing.  So unless anyone is in desperate need of an industrial designer in the greater chicago area, i have prepared this list of possible future careers i could go into:
Since i created this, i also came up with "motivational speaker" (HA!)  and marrying prince Harry and becoming british royalty.  

I also need to further research all positions associated with "Chinese Death Vans".  My coworker told me to put that one there, and swears they are a real thing, but if this is false, it would not be the first time he had bamboozled me.

I wonder if there is a job for looking up funny images on pintrest, because i do EXCEL at that....

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