Saturday, December 31, 2011


Because so much has happened in the past week, and so much of it is uninteresting, i have decided to break it down into three sections, and series of bulletpoints.  Because i have OCD and organization makes me very happy.  Then i am going to catch up on other peoples blogs.  I have got my work cut out for me!

To begin with Pre-Christmas!

1. On one of the last days of work, my coworker and i decided to run to the local mall to get a few last minute gifts.  Bad idea.  real bad.
This is my worst nightmare.
Turns out, they had a christmas present to the world, and the entire team of the Chicago Bulls were at the mall to sign autographs.  It was horrifying how many people were there, and it looked like they had been there since the mall opened, and there were no bulls in sight.  YIKES.  The only person i would stand in line like that to meet would be Matt Damon.  because i love him.

2.  I was going to "work from home" friday, but then the head honcho scheduled a meeting for friday AM.  Lame!

3.  That aforementioned meeting kept getting pushed back an hour until it was at 1!  It's like he knew i intended to skate out of there the minute it was done.

4.  I then drove to Rockford to see my mama.  I camped out on the couch and watched every version of "A Christmas Carol" i could find.  God i love that story!  My favorite is the ghost of Christmas present. I want to BE him.  The best version i watched was the Patrick Stuart version.  Its not necessarily the best, but he is just SO good at being Scrooge!
Christmas??  BA HUMBUG!
5.  I was up way to late (like 11:30pm!  ha)  because both my mom and brother are night shift workers, so midnight is basically their lunch time.  We ended in a midnight blitz to locate the "duck tales christmas carol" per my demand.  It has to exist, i swear!
Duck Tales..... A WOO OO!
The closest we could find via internet research was that Scrooge McDuck was Ebenezer Scrooge in Mickey's christmas carol.  That mickey gets credit for EVERYTHING.  My mom then swore she had a copy of it on VHS from back in the day when she would record shows off of public television for us to rewatch.  (we were that family) She located it, popped it in, and the VCR promptly ate the tape.  BA HUMBUG!

6.  Believe it or not, i ran.
Like, outside and shit.
It was ok.  I am back to being really slow and lame.  Wait - that statement implies that there was a time that i wasn't slow and lame.  I actually signed up for CARA marathon training to help with my recent motivational issues.  I am going to embarrass myself next weekend.  BAD.

7.  I helped my brother wrap presents.  That within itself is an adventure.....
This shot where the ribbon has rolled away from his control best sums up the situation.

Oh well, i love the kid anyway.

8. Lastly, I love my family, i really do.  But my mom has 4 cats.  FOUR.
What am i allergic to?  CATS.  And it's not like she is vacuuming everyday after them either, so everytime i visit home, it is entering a furball nightmare.  This shit is my eyes, in my mouth, in my food.  Needless to say, it is a death-punch to my immune system.


  1. hey! too funny, i work in deerfield and also ran to that very same local mall over lunch for a quick errand. omg people, it was insane. I didn't even see the bulls either and i don't think i'd stand in that line for anyone! hopefully in the new year we can all do that blogger/twitter meet up we were emailing about.

  2. I sure hope so too! it would be great to have people to run with, or even people to judge me over the internets if i fail to run!! :D