Monday, December 5, 2011

What i have been doing for the past week.

WORKING!  and binge eating.  Things have been a little outta control for my professional self.  I actually had to pull an "almost" all-nighter last week  (i squeezed in a three hour power nap).  We had a huge "make it or break it" presentation, and i had just decided to to commit to working my ass off instead of faking my own tragic death.  (a decision i am still questioning).  Things turned out great for my job, in that i still have one, and thats pretty cool, but i definitely became a lame, grouchy, miserable person with nothing to blog about.  I am 90% sure i no longer have any friends either, because after you turn down people a certain number of times, they just start to hate you.   I didn't run, i didn't cook,  i didn't talk to anyone, and i didn't get the neccessary sleep to prevent a snark outbreak.  Basically, if i would of blogged, the post would have gone something like this:


So you can thank me later for sparing you.  I also ran a brutal half-marathon last weekend which i will blog about after this.  

So, a brief summary of my week:
This happened at about midnight on Thursday.
This is my mom's cat scruffles.  I don't remember when i did this, but i am sure getting a kick out of it now...
These were purchased on black monday: (50% off at Ann taylor! DANG!)

Looking like a boss!  with sparkles.
I am liking that Banana republic has a model with hips all of a sudden.  Now i can actually gauge what something might look like on me, rather than keep buying bullshit outfits that only look good on pre-pubescent waifs.

I saw this ornament, and suddenly my outlook on life became very, very bleak:

Despite hating Christmas with a passion, i sucked it up, and for the first time, put up a tree.  and a real one at that.
not bad for an amateur, right?
I also made this bow to go on top, because i didn't want an angel, and all the stars looked lame:
Its a nice change to not totally suck at something.
I also had a fancy date night with Matt this weekend, since i worked like 80 hours this week, and then came home friday and slept for a day.  We got oysters!  We had a groupon for the fish market and decided to splurge.  It turns out that while i am mediocre and design and running, i am PHENOM at schuckin oysters.  
It might be time to consider a career change.

If christmas means oysters and martinis, i could be down with that.
So that was my week.  I am still feeling run down, but i only get about 3 more weeks of moping, and then i start training for the rockford marathon!

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