Monday, December 19, 2011

cookies and other drugs.

I am enjoying my break from running a littttttttle too much.  I am definitely starting to feel the repercussions, especially in the pants area.  I think my return to running next week is going to painful, but not as painful as the hangover i have today.  For someone who rarely drinks (more than one drink a night) And is usually in bed by 10:30, it was a pretty long weekend with many glasses of wine, and even more glasses of champagne; and not to mention going to bed at 2am every night.  I basically feel like hell, but it was 100% worth it.  I had my work party on friday, and managed to not drink too much and embarrass myself (always a good thing), finished my christmas shopping on saturday and wrapped all the presents, and then spent a solid 8 hours in the kitchen sunday baking and preparing food for a holiday friends get-together i hosted Sunday night.  

Because i am a crazy over-achiever, here are pictures of my party (which was obviously sponsored by pintrest)!  I say over-achiever only because i could have easily put out a basket of tater tots, and everyone would have been just as happy and festive.  I love my friends!!

The three types of cookies i made - pine nut cookies (bottom), Saltine toffee (middle) and cake batter truffles (top)
my beautiful, yet completely dying, tree in the background
Had to get a picture of my living room being clean, because i assure this never happens.

These are the hurricanes that were filled with cranberries that Matt kept eating.  I decided to fill them with something harder for him to eat, like glass ornaments.

I made tortellini and antipasto skewers, and spinach and artichoke dip, and i had bread and cheese.  It seemed to go over well, and i would like to think no one left hungry.

Cranberries in the champagne to be festive.  Yes, Matt ate them right out of my glass.
Happy Holidays, you crazy kids!

My posting will be sporadic until after new years because i will be traveling alot, but until then, i hope everyone has safe travels, good food, great times, and is able to squeak in a run so we don't all end up looking Santa.


  1. haha pinterst.

    so true. I'm so addicted.

  2. Those skewers look good. Bring me some now. See you soon.