Monday, December 12, 2011

A fresh start!

I just moved my desk to a different spot in the building, and it is doing wonders for my general attitude about my job and life.  

This is my view now:
Is that sunlight???
Its still not exactly breath-taking, but its a huge improvement over the last view, which was of an empty desk.  on either side of me.  The new view is so inspiring, that i am going to stop being depressed about my completely chaotic and unstable job, and start drinking sunshine and sparkles for breakfast.  It's also time to stop feeling run down, and start running again.  My two week trip to frown town has ended!  A couple notes on my new fresh start:

1.  I'm going to start eating better.  I am not one to diet, and i will never say no to a piece of candy, but since the weather has gotten cold, and all the healthy foods are out of season, i have been going for long stretches of time without eating any fruit or veggies.  So i am going to actively try to eat a piece of fruit every single morning, and a salad every day.  

2.  I have to stop eating sooooo much candy.  i need to prioritize and only eat the really, really good candy.  My first step towards this was today i bought the healthy trail mix to snack on all week that is all fruit and nuts, rather than the one that is all white chocolate chips and peanut butter chips.  Less candy, and more fruit in an EASY TO TRANSPORT BAG!

3.  Drink more water.  I have just gotten really lazy lately with walking my butt to a source of water and drinking it.  Therefore i will just sit and be thirsty rather than walk across the office.  Today, that changes.  Mostly because i moved my desk next to the water cooler.

4.  And lastly, running.  It's been two weeks, and if i laze any longer, its going to be a really brutal slap in the face when i start training for the rockford marathon next month.  Brutal.  This weekend i walked alll day sunday shopping with the inlaws (which is alllllmost as good as running)  I also went to the doctor on friday and got an inhaler:
My nerd points just went through the roof.

Now i have no excuse for being slow other than the fact that i am actually quite slow.  I had been having an increasingly horrible time breathing as the weather got colder, so now this will help, coupled with the fact that it is going to be in the low 40's all week (which now seems like a frickin heat wave) I think this is the perfect week to get back on the wagon.  or off the wagon....  I never quite understood that saying anyway...

Tis the season!

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  1. "I need to prioritize and only eat the really, really good candy."

    Yes! That is my version of "dieting."