Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The NON-running streak has ended

Although i was still a Lame-o and ran inside.  

my ineptitude can be exacerbating....
Somehow i forgot a hair tie.  AMAZING, i am.  I ran a little over 2.5 miles at an easy 10 min pace.  It actually didn't totally suck.  It's still a little annoying just being on a treadmill, but seeing as how its unseasonably warm right now (it's supposed to be 50 degrees tomorrow!) I can't really whine about how it is way too cold to run... I am currently stuck debating on running during my lunch break and looking like a nerd (freeing me up to do some xmas shopping after work) and running afterwork, but cutting into my shopping time.  My life is full of hard decisions.  

Although in the process of trying to write this, i have been interrupted multiple times, and decided to run after work.  I just hate being all sweaty at my desk, and for some reason, whenever i run, i continue to sweat for about 3 hours afterwards.  


  1. Running without a hair tie?? say whattt?

    The background of this photo is just beautiful. <3 restrooms

  2. With an inspirational environment like the creepy basement of my office building, you would think i would be running 6 minute miles!