Saturday, December 31, 2011

A message to all runners and walkers.

We pushed back our trip to rock vegas until tomorrow, so instead, i went for a nice freezing cold run.
I seriously hate being cold so, so much.

On a serious note though, I have a rule for runners and pedestrians alike that i feel i must remind everyone of.

Under no, and i mean NO circumstances do you EVER cross in front of a moving funeral procession.  EVER.
I don't care if you are in a hurry, or have stay reved up, or about to miss your bus.  just. don't. do it.

I actually witnessed a girl, walk in front of a moving funeral procession and GIVE A CAR THE FINGER because she had the little walking man light.  My jaw literally hit the sidewalk.  I have never seen something so horrifyingly offensive in my entire life.  And to add insult to injury, i say at least 3 other people run in between the cars of the procession.  Not only is that a crime against humanity, i am pretty sure its the equivalent of smashing a mirror over a black cat underneath a ladder.  Consider yourself doomed.  And for everyone else, JUST STOP FOR FIVE MINUTES and think about those poor people who are on their ways to bury a loved one.


  1. Wow, that's terrible. Do you think there is any chance they didn't realize it was a funeral procession? Once I was trying to drive through terrible Chicago gridlocked traffic and I didn't realize right away it was because of a funeral procession. And I had a feeling a lot of the other cars around me didn't realize it either.

  2. Well, they had to have seen it, because they had the orange flags, but i suppose they could have just not known what that meant. I could see how younger people might never have been to a funeral before. On a side note though, how horrible to be a funeral procession in traffic!